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The Costumed Self in the Temporary World of Time.

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Let’s carry on with some of what I was talking about on last night’s radio show, which, last time I looked, wasn’t available for download yet but... it will be. Everything your senses report as a tangible item that your senses recognize as having weight, consistency, dimension and all the things that make something appear to be real in the temporary, kingdom of time came out of the mind. They are all thoughts in extension, having precipitated down from the realm of ideas into the realm of designs; shapes and types through the world of physical processes and finally it’s there in front of you, under you, above you or wherever it is in this place we call ‘here’.

Senses have a bandwidth and, as I have mentioned before, you can learn a great deal by studying bandwidths. There’s a chart around somewhere that shows the bandwidth of different rays; x-rays, gamma rays and a whole lot of other rays with the exception of sting rays and James Earl Ray. This bandwidth limitation of the senses is a big problem for a lot of people because it limits them to what can be perceived in that bandwidth of the senses. It closes out an awareness of the metaphysical and, when it doesn’t, it leaves it in the hands of the imagination, which is too often untrained, false self serving and fanciful, to say the least.

Self proclaimed rational people, which generally include those people who think they know a lot, have some pretty strong and concrete ideas about what they can’t see. They damn well know it doesn’t exist or they damn well know that it’s whatever they say it is, based on something they read or heard, which justifies and proves their world view, without justifying or proving anything.

Due to many years of working with and studying in occult (that means ‘hidden’ and doesn’t spell “Hail Satan” backwards) disciplines, I have developed what are called super sensory capabilities. What this means is that atop every ordinary physical sense are higher senses that open when they are stimulated, according to certain processes and applications of focus, concentration and effort. I’m not the Lone Ranger here. Many Hermetic scientists, yogis, mystics and the like, have accomplished this too and to a much greater degree that myself. Out of this come powers like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and telepathy, to name a few.

My efforts in this area have been assisted by psychedelic voyages and states of externally enforced and self-enforced periods of confinement and removal from the normal world of whatever it is you people call normal. So, like it says in one of my recent, as yet unrecorded tunes, “How do I know that this is the truth; because I am living proof?”

There are two types of people on this planet; of course there are many types but for the sake of my present argument in progress, there are two. There are people who believe that they possess a separated mind that is their own (in a world of millions of other separated minds) and who may have an intellectual awareness that there really is only one mind and... there are those who have a visceral awareness that there is only one mind.

Every one of us is a creator, a magician of sorts, who manifests things in the same way that masters of the art do. It may be slower in manifestation and it may not look like what they thought they were going to get but the methodology is the same. Most people don’t believe any of this because they are really bad at it. Others don’t believe it because they do not have the patience to await the natural pace of the outcome. Others move on to something else and when it shows up they don’t recognize it or don’t want it any more; too bad about that part of it.

I’ve said it many times, “Adam translated means, ‘namer of things’. As you identify something and attribute value and terms like ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to it, so it becomes in your universe. You made it what it is and now you own it. This is another reason why, “I don’t know” is one of the best mantras you can ever apply to your life. Unknowing eventually removes your erroneous labels to the things you identified in states of former ignorance and which now imprison you in a false world that runs counter to the eternal verities of the real world.

Take yourself to the point that it dawns on you that you really do not know, period ...and see what happens. Once again we are talking about visceral apprehension, as opposed to intellectual understanding. The power that is to be gained from achieving a visceral awareness that you do not know is immeasurable and the freedom is beyond anything you can presently imagine. You also get the force and awareness of the one mind solidly behind you in all things. This is the real meaning of that Biblical phrase, “You must become as a little child”.

The more you think you know and the more solidly rooted you are in being definite about being wrong; the more weight time has on you. Under certain circumstances you can find yourself in an actual prison or in any of the variety of prisons people inhabit all around you every day. You could wind up working for the government or masquerading as a priest of some sort or another. Take a deep and penetrating look around you and see how many of your fellows are locked in a prison, alone, or in a shared proximity. Next, perhaps you should go by a playground and watch for awhile. Be aware of the possible implications of this if you do (grin).

I don’t know’ will inevitably lead to a visceral awareness of the presence of a single, all encompassing mind. This is what is also known as Buddha mind. It pays a huge dividend to study the concepts and state of being called, ‘Christ Consciousness’ and ‘Buddha Mind’. It also pays off to note that Christ is a state and Jesus was a man who merged into, realized it and became the ‘first fruit of those who slept’. Buddha Mind is also a state whereas Gautama was a man. It’s good to remember (or be aware of) that there have been Buddha’s around for an enormous length of time. Consider the case of the Amitabha Buddha and how long it took him to get to where he can be what he is today.

Read, Jesus the Son of Man by Kahlil Gibran for some real illumination on the master, presented in a profound and telling way. Here is the book, free online. Tell me if you didn’t learn something and weren’t extremely grateful for having the opportunity to do so.

I should point out here that just as there are these rays on the chart I spoke about, there are seven rays that manifest, when white light is shot through a prism and each of you are residents of one of those rays and that determines your affinity toward any of the main seven paths of temporarily enduring faiths, all corrupted and veiled in their truth by those telling you how it is and what it means. They don’t know either. You don’t have to stay on a ray and once you get back through the prism you will find no difference between any of the paths except how they present themselves for particular identity types. I’m speaking from experience here. Ramakrishna, the great Hindu saint, entered into every major religion in the world and experienced enlightenment in each one. This kind of thing is one of the perks of an activated Kundalini. You don’t get the most dramatic reality of this by trying to manipulate the process. Intense yearning and desire for union with the one will make it happen.

Last night on the radio show, I mentioned how no one knows. This grants you a tremendous power if you know how to access and use it. If no one knows then everyone is giving you their version. Truth is at right angles to everything else. It cannot actually be seen. It can be intuited and it can be encountered but that is for another day. “Those who tell do not know and those who know do not tell.” So what is it that I’m doing here? I’m giving you my version. Think of what it means to viscerally understand that everyone is giving you their version. They are describing and defining themselves to you. Depending on your level of attention, which depends on the level of true self awareness, you can find out just about anything about anyone just by watching them. I should point out that, in certain cases, if you are more deeply rooted in the real self, they will be compelled to reveal themselves to you whether they want to or not.

Being in the presence of a real master is unmistakable. There is a presence there, which is the presence of the one mind, either as an identity housed in the person of that master or an awareness of the thing itself made manifest in that master. You might think of it as the difference between an avatar and a maha-avatar. People’s versions vary and so does the sense of what you get from being in their presence. Walk into a large car showroom and talk to a car salesman; talk to a banker, talk to a lawyer, talk to a cop, talk to a hippie and a red neck. Of course they will vary widely within types but you will see as deeply as you are capable that there are things that define us and ways that we define ourselves and this is something everyone should think about, especially at this time of the conclusion of a 26,000 year cycle.

Well, I hope some of this proves as useful to you as it has been to me. It opened an enormous treasure chest that I will never see the bottom of, because no life, not even that of the sun is long enough to exhaust what can be found there.

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