Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moonwalking into the Dimensional Shift

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Well, here we are at Origami and each of us is a type of origami. We are either bent and folded, according to our resistance to the divine or shaped by the master’s hand, having discovered the mystery of conscious and willing surrender to the subtle pressure of Love in precipitation. All of us here are seeking that and each of us has some degree of success in it. I like to think of myself as a horse that is being ridden by The One. Sometimes I am in the chariot with Krishna behind me. My master told me, “everything is under control, take the reins”. That time approaches, as it will for all of us.

I cried out in frustration this morning because something I had put some time into wound up causing my browser to disappear. Of course, this meant that all the information I had been typing was lost and I would have to start again. I rebooted the browser and there it was, unchanged. This does not happen. I was being shown that I am still resistant now and again to the more perfect fulfillment of my relationship with the one. I have never had a browser come up with everything intact before in this way. It’s just one more curious episode in a journey that becomes more curious and wondrous by the moment.

The first thing that would come into most of our minds is guilt and disappointment in ourselves for having prejudged an outcome. Some of us fear that the divine is now angry with us. That is not the case and I can say that I never feel that particular thing myself. I’ve come to understand that the divine is not a larger version of me. It is my idea of myself that stands between me and a closer union and thankfully that does wear away with each incident of this kind. Near the end of our travels on this path, what remains are the most intransigent and deeply rooted aspects of our false self.

The time for our community to take actual shape is now here. I have, possibly, several people coming to my place in Italy this fall and winter. I know Imron comes for a visit but some others are coming to build tree houses in the alberi di ulivo. There are a number of options and the beauty of my situation is that you can build anything you want as long as it can be taken down; meaning, use bolts. You don’t need any permission at all. There’s electric and all the usual amenities, as well as wireless DSL. I’m going to build a sauna also and who knows just what can and will take place? Given the willingness of the environment to host extra dimensional experiences, I approach my visits now with a tingly trepidation that has nothing to do with fear but a lot to do with excitement. The New Shangri-La website now has near 600 members. At this rate there will be a thousand in the near future.

My intention is to have the place in Italy as a working retreat and center for self introspection. It’s where you go when you want to be outside of the world inasmuch as that is possible these days. Then there will be another place that will be the main center and where the efforts to finance and maintain the experiment will take place. I see that as a very easy thing once the property has been bought outright.

Regardless of where the world goes or how nuts the self-empowered overlords get, we still have to go on living and continuing on our individual paths toward a common state of self-realization. The self remains the same in all cases. I cannot stress too often the defining truth that all power comes from one source. If you need an example then you can consider the physical sun, which is the source of everything that occurs on this planet at the base level. The temperatures and climatic conditions, everything that grows, all life as we know it, takes its sustenance from the single power of our indefatigable sun. There is a conscious entity that lives within the sun and his name is Lord Surya. He’s a friend of mine and I try to say hello to him every day. He’s been a big help to me in times of trouble and could probably be a much greater help if I weren’t so dense, as often as I am. He rules from that location for around 400 million years. He controls ‘The Great Work”, also known as The Operation of the Sun and is a good friend to have. Those who think you cannot make friends with entities like this are uninformed and I know this from personal experience and take walks and have chats with various invisible friends on a regular basis.

As I have said many times, I don’t have to convince others, I only have to convince myself. I have done so numerous times. The part of Italy I live in is a magical location that has ties to some of the oldest civilizations on Earth. Being where it is in betwixt the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean Seas, it was a natural stopping off place for most of the ancient cultures with sea travel. There are some really beautiful locations down there.

Lord Surya is also known as Lord Vivasvan. Those who have not studied in the Hindu tradition probably don’t know what a rich tradition is contained there. It is the oldest of all of the traditions and all of the others, including Christianity come out of it. Christianity operated from its Eastern roots, until it was hijacked by those forces who believe in the false bible that is often promoted in the comments section of these blogs by fundamentalist lunatics screaming for blood.

The Eastern leaders of Christianity were assassinated at some point centuries ago and I expect certain of the readers who are familiar with the story to comment on it when they have time. There’s some connection to Thomasine Christianity but these things are not part of my data bank. I’m mostly connected to and influenced by the intuitional end. Please, whoever has the story of how the west took over the interpretation and control of the Christian religion; please add it to the comments section.

As Christianity became more and more corrupt we have been more and more plagued by hysterical fundamentalists, who by their speech and intolerance declare themselves to be agents of the dark lord. It takes very little interaction before vile insults and mocking travesties on the behavior and teachings of Jesus Christ start to surface. All of them remind me of Oliver Cromwell. When people like this get temporal power they always wind up torturing and killing people in the name of Jesus. How they justify this in their minds I cannot fathom but it is what they do. I suspect some mind parasite takes them over and they just can’t see at all.

No one that I know wants to go to the sort of heaven that would contain the sort of people that show up here and threaten the reader with Hell fire if we don’t bow down to their version of Jesus Christ. Since the Jesus Christ I know bears no resemblance to their Jesus Christ, I have to accept that their Jesus Christ doesn’t exist (grin) but they don’t know that. They mock up a god with names like Yahweh and Jehovah and don’t even know where those names came from or the numerical associations that compose the name. It’s pointless to inform them that Jehovah is a catchall for Tetragramaton= Yod He Vah Heh. All of this comes about after the Hebrew hijacking of the Christian bible for the purpose of gentile control. This god these fundies worship is a bloodthirsty brute and no doubt a relative of Moloch and Baal. This fundie god is a demon masquerading as a good guy while murdering millions. The Jesus they associate with him is also a demon and history has well recorded what these Christians have done. They’re in for a surprise when they meet the real thing.

A reader mentioned today that everything is upside down. It’s not only upside down, it’s backwards too. He said if you want to know how things really are then just turn them upside down because usually the opposite is the truth. That is why I find myself moonwalking on the ceiling most of the time. You have to go against the crowd without running into it. You have to “walk in all things contrary to the world” and the world includes organized religion and the kind of dogma, cant and intolerance we have seen at these sites lately by bombastic loons who set themselves up as a spokesman for god. The only time God actually uses people like this is to make an example.

I think the reader will have an easier time of it if he/she acknowledges that everything is upside down and backwards and accepts and recognizes the protection that comes to those with the courage to see things as they are. When you were born you saw things upside down and overcoming this was the major feat you had to accomplish in order to walk. Once you’d gotten turned around it wasn’t long for the tragic integration to take place. It’s time to recognize that your present view on most things is upside down and let go of everything you think you know so that what is real and true can surface.

I know I was all over the place today in this posting but I hope there was some useful information for someone. Useful is what I aspire to.

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