Friday, September 17, 2010

When you're Cool the Sun is Always Shining.

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Someone once asked me why I was wearing my sunglasses at night. I said, “When you’re cool, the sun is always shining”.

The weird is starting folks. I apologize for linking to one of the media organs of the master race but the presentation of the article paints a picture that should be serious evidence to anyone paying attention, which means very few of us. Apparently the radio interview went pretty well and as usual it happened on one of those days following three or four nights with no sleep. I’m surprised I didn’t sound as loony as I felt (grin).

The New Shangri-la is pushing up on 700 members. Good grief, there are 30 new members since I checked this morning! We’ll have a thousand members pretty soon at this rate and that means the community is seriously forming in the ethers and about to come down into a location. I’ve opened my house (a very small house) in Italy to all intrepid souls who want to become involved in this. We might as well start with a place I already have and if you build something you are there. My suggestion is tree houses in the olive trees. I have 86 of them, I think. You bolt it together and it is considered ‘temporary’ and so no permissions are required. There’s no rent and the utilities are easier the more people there are sharing them. I’ve got most of what anyone might need including fast wireless internet. I don’t have a sauna but someone will build one (grin).

As you have noticed I have engaged some of you in negative (but with positive intention) meditation on BP, Monsanto and much earlier, Zionism. This was done with a certain calculation for the future, just as setting up the New Shangri-La with the help of Phil R. and Nina and somebody else (forgive me for forgetting) and then leaving it there for a year. It wasn’t time but it needed to be up. I suppose some people were not entirely happy with my absence and the absence of everyone else (grin). Sturm is champing at the bit but he’s going to be satisfied soon, I promise.

I seldom forget what I have been a part of initiating. It’s just that my sense of time operates according to a personal mystery; as mysterious to me as it probably is to you. I have long been intending a proper demonstration of what is possible for all of us but one needs to be in the Tao of their Nature to have Nature accommodate you. You can push the river but that is ultimately counterproductive. Someone said recently that the evidence of my posting so often was a sign that the end is near. Sure it is, so is the beginning.

Anyway, The New Shangri-La starts in Italy this fall and whatever seasons follow. What will happen is that the money will show up once we’ve gotten going and passed a few tests of faith. These tests will be pro forma because the river is on our side and so is the rest of Nature and nothing would please our lady more than to see us coming together in the way she most approves of. We will purchase, possibly ten hectares in Italy near my place and that can be had for as little as 15,000 to 50,000 Euros, depending on what we want. This will be an ancillary location that will be run from the primary location that is my house or, our house actually.

My personal intention is not even the community itself but a demonstration of what is possible for all of us, which I already said but want to say again. I’m putting my reputation on the line here, even though I have no idea what my reputation is. I want to prove something to you so that you can have the evidence necessary to apply the same principles to your own life.

The first thing I would like to ask those readers, who are interested in a community, that involves common meals together and kick ass work and recreational periods that can be outstanding, when you’ve got a group of people working together for a common end is to believe The New Shangri-La already exists.

Let’s compare the enjoyment feature to sex with yourself and sex with another person (grin). Somehow the latter is always more satisfying because there’s someone else involved. Given that people take me literally, as in the recent spate of people contacting me with surprise that I was communicating with Saddam Hussein and translating his poetry (big grin) and missing the fact that it was satire, let me emphatically state that I am not putting together or working with others to put together some kind of free love experiment, except insofar as we all want to share our love, because that is the purpose of love and how we got here to begin with …but does not require the horizontal hula as an imprimatur of our love. Love is, for me, the act of setting others free from one’s own personal desires. Love is, in my understanding, the power that compels us to sacrifice what we think we want in order for another to receive what everyone wants.

So, please assume that The New Shangri-La exists and you can go there any time you want and, in fact, you can. Some of you cannot come to Italy so that is why it is necessary to demonstrate what I am certain will occur, so that you can do it in your neighborhood. Please make it clear to your mind that we already have this and we’ll talk about what to do in your neck of the woods, once the proof is hard-wired into Gaia’s’ loving embrace.

The other thing I am going to personally guarantee is a beautiful spot on the Bodensee with Hobie Cats and canoes for those ‘sailing on moonlight bay’ moments; even if you are using paddles. I’m going to make it a two year window, though I expect it to be fully operational earlier than that.

Some of you have money and resources. Some of you have talents and some of you have willing industry and the power of your dreams. Everyone brings what they’ve got and… except for the actual purchase of the locations, anyone can back out with no loss, one way or another.

I’ve long had an idea for a place called The Tofu Factory. It’s a food production operation with an attached restaurant and it’s also a teaching environment. We’d be turning tofu into all the meat substitutes, spreads, dressings and you name it, which would be sold in stores and supermarkets, with a deli case on site and all kinds of experiments served up for the willing eaters. There are all sorts of possibilities. We will have a house band that does gigs wherever. We will have a teaching hall where all sorts of things can be learned. I might teach Shiatsu. Someone else might teach whatever they know. There will be publishing and various cottage industries. We’ll do well. When the right people pool their resources, they can do nearly anything; “where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them”. No religions; I’m talking about a principle of the universe, expressed in scripture.

These things will happen, are happening and have always been possible. Once you see it manifest you are going to say, “Well, this could work for anything.” The most important and dynamic source of power is not to be doing it for yourself. You get taken care of in ways beyond what you may have originally wanted and in ways you weren’t even aware of when your focus is on assisting others.

Okay, The New Shangri-La is a reality. You can go there now. You can drive down there with me if you show up (one person only) around the time I am leaving which is toward the end of the first week of October. The cardinal rule to remember is to ‘give way’. You can defeat any argument or opposition by giving way. That may make no sense but believe me it works. We’ll be sipping a Campari on my deck before you know it or… some other comestible. Gardeners can garden. Builder can build and dreamers can dream so long as they act on them.

Those of you who can’t make it to this portion of our program; already in progress (grin) can look around where they are and think about where they want it to happen too. The time is here and the sun is rising and shining upon our efforts in a way that is not common. Lord Surya is a friend of mine. I was in a difficult state this morning, so I went to him and had a chat. He said, “All you have to do is think about me and it will all happen effortlessly. I got into the car for a long drive to pick up Susanne at the airport and while I was driving I was talking to Lord Surya. During the conversation he suddenly filled my world with light and then laughed. Since then I’ve been up and down the street singing and not sotto voce, nor sub rosa either and people have been smiling at me as if it were the proper thing to do. Let’s see, I was singing, “Rock Steady” by Bad Company and Freddie Mercury’s, “I want it All”. It’s been great fun.

This isn’t about me. It’s about you and it’s about time. Let each of us, in our own way, investigate what we want and make the clear and irrefutable assumption that it is already ours. The future is now.

End Transmission....... (and check the oil too)

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