Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween is a Many Fractured Thing

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It’s Halloween but is it hallowing. Do we have hallowed halls? Is it hallowed or hollow and filled with hungry ghosts? Present day religions have been grafted upon the ones which preceded them and because we are in an age of darkness it is possible we have left our enlightenment behind.

I feel like the richest man in the world today. All of my life I was beset by seemingly insurmountable troubles with a few small windows of beautiful being and possibility. It is only in recent days that I have been granted a wider field and a deeper field of vision; inwardly and outwardly. I think of finding a place in the Andes. I often thought of Australia and then New Zealand. I dream about the Himalayas but so much, practically everything, is ruled by karma. So it is for me and you, most of the time, but the apocalypse is making things possible that were not possible before. We have such an opportunity now that I could not begin to imagine the possibility of the words needed to describe it.

We have created our virtual New Shangri-La but we don’t even interact there, most of us. I left it there for a year and came back and try to check in when I can. The membership is increasing at a rapid rate but not much interplay. It’s as if we are all ready, but waiting. My invisible friends have been an enormous help to me. If I were to give any real advice that I thought was useful I would say that it is good to have invisible friends. It’s good to have friends, period.

In the hallowed halls of Congress the only friends that you have are hungry ghosts and negatively charged electric eels that suit the waters and shock into submission anyone and everyone. Most of the people looking to hang out there aren’t very good swimmers anyway. They think they are but if they were good swimmers the things that happen in the country wouldn’t be happening.

Halloween is happening in Congress all year long. Maybe on Halloween it actually reverses itself. I’m thinking today will be an unusual day (lately they all are) but I must say it is unusually good for me.  Woodmen bring me buckets of fresh pressed cider to go with my Robert Gray Holistic Horizons colon cleanses. I didn’t link it because I don’t do advertising, or maybe I do but I’m not walking through the halls of congress. I used to dress like I usually do on Halloween.  People would ask me why I didn’t have a costume and I would just be dressed normal and I said that I am coming as a serial killer who looks like everyone else.

I don’t know if you should follow my lead but I prefer to be away from staged events of cartoonist’s and clown’s performances when I can have glistening leaves in the glooming of October night. Nature is my lover and I like to think about that when my friend and lover is not well then maybe it’s not time to pony up at the well of false beliefs. There’s never a good time for that. It’s just shades of gray.

There is so much beauty but still the sectarianism. The times that I used the name of Jesus Christ in one of my songs it had more to do with the way people use it as an expletive or a reaction where you might say the most common of four letter words. Two of them come to mind, take you pick because it is all a matter of degrees.

I have only been doing these blogs for six years and it started with this one. This was my intent. The other came in the hope of widening the circulation and leading people here. Now I find that this blog which was intended for the metaphysical exchange has about one tenth of smoking mirrors which came later and reflections in a Petri dish has flown past it also and came much later.

I look at the music and some of the musicians from the times of my youthful inspirations and the purposes to which it is turned and I understand why I haven’t recorded much in several years. I have five or six albums waiting to be recorded and I can’t seem to get around to it.

I have learned more in the last few years than in the rest of my life before when I was struggling with abusive fate and my own ignorance while my substance was being spent in the lower halls of torment pushing to provoke the genii to inspire me. I don’t know what name you call your angels or demons; djinns, rakshashas, angel, devils or those forces that are defined by their actions and which can be controlled or not controlled depending on who is in the position to do either.

Well, as I am writing this it looks like they are going to pin the blame for a new terror attack on the Kurds who are Zio-bots but what do I know? I probably don’t know much but since I am near where they all stash the money I don’t expect the followup to be around here.  The reason I am pretty sure of what I am saying is that msnbc and cnn have this headlined but there is nothing on Fox which is the Zio-orge as are they all more or less by degrees.

This is Visible Origami. I guess I want to say keep your powder dry, not so that you can blow things up but so that you can snort it. I’m a little perplexed and I am on my own except for my invisible friends. Maybe its The Matrix Brothers that no one has an angle on and who is coming through.  It is Halloween in America. Somehow it all comes around to some bad serpents though.

I am drinking fresh pressed apples of Gaul cider and doing my colon cleansing thing. I don’t know about tricked out stunts using talents for the devils tool. There must be a reason that people do what they do. They want to be spooky and scare and surprise and celebrate and get trucked out in fantastic costumes. When I was in Hawaii I used to hear about locals punching out people dressed up in Halloween costumes and you can’t defend yourself that way. I didn’t have a problem cause I came as myself because I don’t want to be somebody else, especially on that day.

I’m sorry if I have misled anyone. It’s a Strider kind of thing and that is how I do Halloween, looking out for those riders and whatever it is that Sauron dishes up. It’s a game or a movie call it what you like. There are labels and names and how are we supposed to communicate? They say that the devil is in the details. I suppose that is correct and every one of those details is everyone of you dressed up in fields and halls, whether hallowed or unhallowed that is just how it goes. It’s still going to get a lesson on itself and that is what the apocalypse is all about. I wonder if those Tibetan monks can see me. I can see them. When I was a baby I saw a row of them chanting on the rafters in my room in Kyoto. They were little tiny guys in brown or ocher robes. I still don’t understand most of these things and there is so much that I don’t know.  What I do know is that Halloween is an American thing and that might be why they have their elections right afterwards. They don’t have Halloween over here, they have Fasching. There are other things in other countries and that is what gets used to trick us and we celebrate it.

I don’t know what I’m doing here (grin). Looking at the moon which I know is something else and people who celebrate Halloween by making themselves vulnerable to things that already are not what they seem to be. I guess I’ll go on doing this for as long as I do and I hope that it all goes well with you. I’m glad I have the opportunity to get my mind right while I’m “still shakin it here Boss”.

We are here now and we’ll see what we see or think we see and be handled accordingly because it is in an apocalypse that the masks come off and then we will see what we shall see and like it or not. I’ll be talking to you later on this evening. I hope you have some fresh pressed apple cider for yourself and some kind of internal cleansing going on because that’s going to be an important feature right around now.

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