Monday, October 18, 2010

The Wobble Factor in the Inferior Realms

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I’d like to talk about something today that has plagued me throughout my life and which, I suspect, has been a concern for a great many of you as well; consistency. I’m the kind of guy who is capable of intense focus for periods of time but who can go off the rails now and again because of misleading signals concerning the destination or object of endeavor.

Sometimes I’ve maintained consistency for a period of years, only to find that some unfortunate event or some inexplicable pressure has tossed me into the soup; not the sort of soup you’d be inclined to serve your guests unless you didn’t want them staying around afterwards.

A few weeks ago I had a series of events that catapulted me beyond anywhere I’d been before and stripped away a parasite darkness that had attached itself to me at some point in the past. It might not even have been in this lifetime. The removal of this entity granted me a clarity I hadn’t been able to lock on to with any ‘consistency’ for quite some time. I made a decision at that point to do away with some number of things that I had previously allowed into my life. All of these things seemed to be a fair tradeoff in the face of relentless pressures, which would increase to a near unbearable state every time I decided to make deeper changes in myself.

You could think of these tradeoffs as release valves that bled away the pressure but still allowed me to limp along in the direction I was headed. I knew I would succeed, maybe not at the speed I was capable of, but sooner or later and without spectacular highway incidents that tended to occur when I got that ‘all or nothing at all’ thing into my heart and my head.

So... there I was in this state of clarity and I said to myself that I just didn’t want any more escape valves but that I would allow myself whatever I thought I needed if it were something I could command and direct in the direction I was going. That’s been consistent since the event. What have also been consistent are the reactions of the external world, both internally and externally, at this outrage of non-conformity on my part. I decided it just wasn’t in my interest or consistent with my true nature to ‘go along to get along’ any longer. It had always been some kind of misty concept in my imagined future that I would walk away from the familiar into the unknown,  in as real a sense as it gets. I’d been doing this more or less through my life but always retaining a foothold in the shit loop of the manifest.

I realize now that every life on this planet is justified or compromised by its degree of consistency. Time is engaged dependent on the degree of consistency. At the basest level are the lives that are purely automatic and elevated only by the force of evolution. At the most rarified level is the most assisted evolution, free of any and all attachment to the surroundings through which it passes.

I was talking with Guru Bawa once and expressing the desire to achieve at the most rapid rate. He told me not to polish the pot so hard that I break it. I got the point. There’s also the danger of extreme self-righteousness and sanctimony where there isn’t enough virtue to sustain an extraordinary state. It seemed sensible to me not to press too hard because I was already moving with speed through relationships and environments so that there was no life except for constant motion in the direction of what lay beyond.

There is a point to the triumph of trivia in the world of the present. There is a motive to the dominance of the superficial over the profound. It has to do with dispersing the ability to concentrate. Along with the will, concentration is one of the keys to the magical art of transformation by self-realization. When the forces of darkness are employing their wiles upon the common mind, it is a necessary element to destroy the capacity for adequate defense in those being preyed upon. Due to the psychopaths engaged in control of the entertainment and media industries, all focus is upon the lower chakras in order to bleed the strength of the people into cisterns that empty into Hell. These fluids and excrescences are turned upon those providing them to the tune of their enslavement.

Take a look at the content and character of any film or TV series. Counterpoint it with the basic attraction utilized in every commercial from the side of a bus to halftime at the Super Bowl. It’s all about sex and the promise of your receipt of it, which results in you being bent over a rail for perpetuity. The promise of being in charge of all available pleasure, results in you becoming the plaything of demons. One’s objective reasoning and higher facilities of reason and intuition are blinded by the smoke of desires focused upon sounds and images constructed by those who intend to enslave you.

One can pass harmoniously through this, if one has the consistency to be unwavering in the passage. Few possess this capacity. One can pass with a great deal of conflict with everything one encounters and eventually win through by the force of assisted will. One can just walk away from it entirely, keeping in mind that you carry some portion of it with you wherever you go. Not even a cave in the Himalayas is safe, if the internal mechanism has not been stilled to the point that the voice of the silence can be heard.

There’s no flexibility in me now, concerning my turning to the rest stops and off ramps of possibility, on this highway out of the shadowland. This has provoked a relentless response on the part of many things external, whether they are conscious of it or not. The saving grace for me is that I’m not fighting with it. It’s just going to happen until the lack of attention to the temporary relief mechanisms causes it to starve to death. There seems to be no other way around it except through it. The inspiration for continuance is fed by the reduced capacity and strength of the force opposing liberation.

One should keep in mind that if one can imagine the victory, it is possible. However the conditions may be at the inception, they can only improve from that moment, because the opposition can never be stronger than it is at that time. Appearances may tell a different tale but appearances are a lie; not only because they are a temporary concealment of the eternal upon which they rest and flower but because our perception of their meaning is subjective. This is the key reason to not knowing. This is the freedom road out of the bondage of false knowledge; I don’t know.

My favorite phrase from the Bhagavad-Gita is, “success is speedy for the energetic”. I’ve seen the truth of that recently in a way that impressively blew my mind. I now believe that it is possible to achieve as much in a single day as one might achieve in any number of lifetimes. One has to come to an understanding of the meaning of this, on ones own terms, in ones own mind and being. The force which accomplishes liberation is not our own, though the two are engaged with each other. The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus talks about ‘the operation of the sun’. The principal point of it all is that it is an operation preformed by the sun which you ‘allow’ to take place.

You can think of a guardian angel who stands behind and above you and who tempers and adjusts everything to the degree that you permit it. The general reaction of most everyone is to resist because the perception is that it is inimical rather than friendly; that is opposes what we think we desire, instead of being directed toward what we truly desire. The truth concerning what we think we desire can be read in the tears and sorrow of the lives that surround us and which go on in a state of endless wanting, counterpointed by regret.

Krishna stands behind Arjuna, the same way as the angel I mentioned. Every single moment of our lives and every event, no matter how insignificant it may seem, has a special connection to our relationship with the divine. Nothing else is taking place except this, although we see it differently than it is, which accounts for the extent and duration of our suffering, which can be transformed at any time, once we ‘allow’ it to take place. The whole experience can be conducted in Nature apart from the artificial constructs of the world of time. It can also take place within our own nature in the midst of the constructs.

In times of darkness... and this surely qualifies as one, devotion, or the path of Bhakti is the only sure and certain way. Everything else ties you up in the machinations of the monkey mind. I’m done with my own efforts. They have failed me. The only effort worthy of us is the effort to permit the presence of the divine, which should involve no effort at all. There is a jewel concealed within the darkness of this mystery that will reward an earnest search. I hope this proves useful and an inspiration toward consistency.

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