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Separation and the Worlds of Differences and Unity

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It seems that the things we notice are the things that hold importance for us. Because something is important to us does not make it important, unless we know the purpose of our life and are living according to it. Then the relative importance that we notice, attaches itself to the cosmic importance upon which it rests, for the purpose of attracting us to the awareness of that which it rests on. Everything that the senses report, rests upon that which makes it perceptible, therefore anything of relative importance can be cosmically important, when the connection is made in the consciousness of the person to the relationship.

This is why no religion is more important or truer than any other. It is there to give evidence of what it rests on. If that is understood then its purpose has been fulfilled. Otherwise it is just a well of confusion and mischief. This is how so-called ministers of the faith are seduced by wealth, power and the attraction for carnal enterprise. They have not seen the connection between the evidence and what it gives evidence of. Having done that, none of the temporal attractions can compete with the beauty and completeness of that which rescues them from and sustains them against the duplicity of the world. It’s not the fault of the world. The world is what it is.

I noticed some years ago that when I ate fast food I was hungry again shortly after. This was not the case when I ate real food. It did not matter how much fast food I ate, I was always hungry again a short time later. It did not contain the special nutrition of real food. Similarly, trivial entertainments, superficial books that advertise deeper understandings and all of the attractions that purport to be of the deeper ocean of infinite being, are nothing more than shallow pools that lead to greater dissatisfaction and an empty existence. Everyone learns this but most do not register the import that it is evidence of. Everything is evidence of something so, wiser minds can associate everything they contact with the deeper ocean, because all water is common to itself. Otherwise, nothing of lasting meaning can be found no matter where it is being looked for.

This present world is one of complexity and differences. It is the usual state, for the mind of ordinary thinkers, to be engaged in a constant weighing of differences against each other, while learning nothing. Value is given to things of no value because of the competitive pressure of association, with those who value one chosen difference against another. There is no real difference because everything rests on the thing that gives life to temporary phenomena. Every religion and philosophy has made an intricate hell, of differences, weighed against each other, in support of the personality that weighs them. It is all a ploy to feed the importance of one personality over another.

It is such a simple thing but it eludes nearly everyone because everyone defines themselves according to the arguments they have constructed to make themselves more important than the thing they rest on. One can look right at this and not see it because it is a mortal threat to the existence of the separated beings who have devised the argument that defends their separated state. Everyone who is remembered for the possession of great wisdom has proclaimed the similarity in all traditions and teachings. Ramakrishna entered into every religion in the world and experienced enlightenment in each one. The test of whether one possesses the true hunger can be found in the delight taken to keep reading the sayings until there is no more to read of these sayings. The mastery of anything relies on the love of the medium one masters, for the expression of a unity of being. It is not the instrument that makes the music but the music the instrument makes. There are many competent musicians and very few who channel what the music is made to carry, as evidence of the reason for music in the first place. It is all about the kind and quality of the hunger and passion.

We see this in many ways, if we see it at all. One vehicle makes the message ring, while many vehicles may be stating the same message, even with the same words and has little or no impact. It is a matter of the integrity of the vehicle. Some see the differences as evidence of differences and some see them as evidence of the thing upon which they rest. This is why some make war and some make peace and often are unaware of which it is. It is why most waste their time in the pursuit of pointless gain and why some gain that which renders all of the others pointless by comparison. You know it when you find it and, not having found it, you know that you lack it, no matter how you may lie to yourself, you know there is a lack or fullness.

One who is sincere in their search will succeed in the possession of the thing that is sought. This is an unalterable law. One who is not sincere will have this revealed to them by the lack of that which they profess to obtain. We want to have the thing itself and we want to become important in the possession of it. That can’t happen. Either we or everything else is important and the thing itself is obscured or we and nothing else is important and the thing itself is revealed. The greater and more sincere the hunger, the quicker the possession of what is hungered after. It’s a no brainer but the mind and heart rebel because they are not capable of the price which is required. They prefer to pay a much greater price instead. The usual reply to anything like this is, “Yeah, but...”

This is a remarkable time. It is a time of indescribable grace for those who would take advantage of it. It is also a time of tremendous loss for those who must look upon it in the aftermath. My saying this means nothing. Each must see whether this is so or not and despite the truth of the singularity of this momentous time, a sane mind will operate as if it is always a remarkable time to be in search of the remarkable. My mind cannot think or reason except in this way because it has recognized the single thing of incomparable value and makes all of its arguments in the defense of the acquisition. This has also rendered everything else of little or no importance. Most would consider that unfortunate but that is because they are not in possession of the understanding of the real value of the thing itself. As children we possess the thing itself. When we cease to be children, we lose it, in most cases. One’s primary life drive should be the reacquisition of it, for most, senility is the result instead of regenerated innocence.

None of the differences are important. All the political systems and religious and philosophical systems are just comparative differences of something seen from one angle as opposed to another. None of the angles defines the thing itself because it is at a right angle to everything else. This might be metaphorical and it might be literal. That it is is the important thing and it is best appreciated on its own terms and not on the terms of the personal separated mind defining it, which is only defining its own separation.

Some may think that I am meandering on at length here, without saying anything but there is a critical and serious point to it. Following Jesus, or Mohammed, Buddha or Krishna is pointless, unless you are actually following them or simply a construct that has been provided by those whose purpose is to distort the actual teachings of the one you are following. Taking selective scripture, which makes your god more important than the other gods, simply leads you into a not so exclusive wasteland of the separated mind. This is the purpose of those who put divisive meaning into an original message of unity.

Terms like liberal and conservative are meaningless. They perpetuate the frustration and confusion that perceived differences are intended for, by those who divide and conquer. Terms like being and not being, Advaita and Dvaitha or Sankhya are pointless when one is mired in differences, regardless of claims to the contrary and eternal truth can be found in either. Divisions of the one into aspects necessary for the performance of universal tasks- and then opposed to the same in other faiths, are meaningless because they are all expressions of the one in their particular performance of the duty that attends it. Father, Mother and Son, as well as Brother, Sister and Friend, or what have you, are simply relationships of the one to itself and a gift of what works for you and which only works if you get that.

Now is coming a time of trial or expeditious redemption for those who cannot get past the differences being manipulated by the deceiver, with your permission and those who can. Redemption is there for those who can put aside the differences, in respect of the completeness being embodied, by the avatar who is here for that purpose ...and whom you will see distorted or in true form, dependent on your capacity for the surrender of your need for differences. Otherwise it is only to express your importance in the understanding of something you don’t get and aren’t likely to, until you surrender to the vision of the one who has returned for your great benefit and who will be obscured by your conflict in the need for definition, until you release it. It’s all as clear as mud, isn’t it?

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