Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Someone's Tossing Ice Cubes into the Devil's Coffee.

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When you go to the major alternative news sites these days, you can see the atmosphere of the planet is all turmoil, chaos and confusion. When you travel through the mainstream media, you get a soporific hum of everything getting better for the Teletubbies and Schmoos who believe that sort of thing.

Every single day there were announcements about ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ being repealed. This is one of the engines of the Zionist empire, in its efforts to destroy the United States. Concern about 2% of the population being allowed to camp it up in uniform, translates into another 2-3% percent of specially abled world rulers, gussied up and camping it up in victim suits.

We’re in the final days of frantic insanity, as those causing all the problems migrate into the role of problem solvers. They’re going to sacrifice some number of their fellows, while deploring the need for it and then seek to become prominent in emergent movements and slots opening up in political; economic, media, entertainment and religious spheres. They’re being groomed and having their past waxed or created at this moment.

It’s a difficult place for us to be in, given the helplessness of our state. That’s only because we think we’re supposed to do something. We’re supposed to do what’s in front of us and have faith and confidence in the absolute power of that force which is going to handle even the smallest detail, in this real time summing up. It’s happening right now. Enormous pressures are being badly handled, by all of the agencies whose reason for being is to retard, seek to pervert and generally suppress the truth at all times. It’s going to get worse and worse and worse for them and the payback is going to increase relative to the resistance.

Iceland is a fine example of what every country should do now and you may be sure this is occurring to those in Ireland and other places, who are not in the pay of the ones seeking to enslave their country. Iceland is also a sanctuary for anyone being pursued by temporal forces for practicing journalistic integrity. It’s also not as cold there as it is in England, where they turned off the heat in the terminals because people wouldn’t leave when they commanded them to, even thought there was no mass transit or taxis operating to take them away. This is a big news story and we’ll have to see how that plays out and who ordered it. London is a main capital of the international satanic cabal. Iceland is not. Someone is tossing ice-cubes into the devil’s coffee.

Slowly but surely and immediately in some cases, the power is being turned down or off and rerouted to those who are supposed to have it now. There’s no reprieve or appeal for this transfer of power. If you’ve abused it, you will lose it. We are coming into an age of brotherhood around the world. It’s a mini Golden Age, before the lights go off again. It’s also a fabulous opportunity for those who can spot and interpret the opportunity.

The major dramas are going to be played out in the highly populated cities; some more than others. It’s going to look Biblical to those so inclined and also match up with whatever corresponding lens might otherwise be in use. Most of the time when things transform, people do not interpret what is happening correctly, because their value system is all messed up and their desire bodies are firing like mad off the top of dead adrenals. That’s a good way to burn out the starter.

The worth of a large TV screen is only as great as what is being watched. You can have a small picture of a huge load of garbage or a big picture of a huge load of garbage. It’s still a huge load of garbage.

We have reached a significant nadir in human development and in the state of our civilizations. We are drowning in experts and glib prevaricators, who get paid a lot more to lie than they ever will to tell the truth. It’s a common event now for most professionals to sacrifice their comrades and the linchpins of their character, for self advancement and personal profit. They don’t figure they’ll need their character once they get where they want to go. At that point they can fake the virtues and who will care? Certainly not any of the other people who did the same and now compose their associates.

We see this happening right in front of us. We see the most egregious offenses of the bankers, day after day. We see the politicians bending over, in whatever position those paying them for the privilege, want them in. We see the Pope watching oiled down, young male gymnasts and Billy Graham – so called friend of God- talking about his great friendship with the Bushes. Exactly which Jesus Christ does this guy work for?

The degree of off the charts absurdity should be all the evidence anyone needs but most people believe its all real and justifiable, because they are being told it is. Even while being mercilessly reamed out by those who are supposed to be serving them, they still go along with the program. They fully believe Muslims are the danger and support the real monsters behind it all. They send their children to die in wars for profit, engineered by bankers.

You would think, that with so much power and such a level of routine and epidemic corruption in the human state, that there is no possibility of freedom or salvation up ahead. This is all meant to test you and the results are not good in the wider sense. This is why catastrophe and tragedy must be introduced, in order that awakening can occur. Slowly but surely it is. Ten years ago there were no large groups of professionals declaring 9/11 to be an inside job and the official explanation to be all lies. Ten years ago there were no large groups of people rioting, because the banks are doing what banks always do.

Critical mass is a funny thing. A huge infrastructure can be held in place by a few strategic nuts and bolts. An immense complexity of dominoes can tremble and remain static until, that long waited turn of a particular wrench, or the last, unrightable tremble occurs and that’s it. That’s it. Suddenly everything is in hyper drive. A moment ago it was all kinda, sorta normal and then normality is running for its life along with everyone else.

Well, if you know the source of your life to begin with and what it depends on, you don’t have to run. There’s plenty of historical precedence for that too. You’re going to be given the opportunity to depend on what you are used to depending on. You’re going to be able to see how strong and how real, what you thought was real, actually is. You’re going to be able to see how everything stacks up against everything else. You’ve been given a lot of time up to this point. Things have moved in a certain direction and you’ve been able to watch it happen. You’ve adjusted to and embraced each new outrage, or you’ve stepped further and further away. You’ve looked at things and said, “Well, it must be true if they say so” or “That has got to be a lie”. Step by step and day by day, the claims of what must be real have become increasingly outrageous, as the history and excuses used to defend them have become more fragile, ridiculous and indefensible.

Everything that has been happening has been happening to bring you to a place, where you can more clearly see what is happening and understand why. You can only see and understand to the degree that you can personally detach from it. Just as it has always been, most people attach more securely to the framework of illusion, because that’s all they know and all they want to know, which is why some people can say, “I don’t care if 9/11 was an inside job, I’m not going to believe it anyway”. Unfortunately for most people, appetite and material desires are not lifesaving applications.

My heart goes out to everyone, while it also stays in my chest. In the end, people make their choices and they live or cease to live with or because of the results. Merry Christmas to you all in this season and may you receive some truly valuable gifts, instead of the usual crap people feel compelled to buy, so that they can feel good about themselves for a short time.

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