Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Testing of Chaos before the Opening of the Portal.

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The times they are compressing. They are densifying, if I can say that. They are pressing down, grinding in, vibrating wrath upon the centers of resistance within. In my case it is approaching the comical and absurd and we’ll get to that. In other cases it has entered the realm of the tragic and incomprehensible. In this latter case I am speaking of our good friend Bholanath who has had his closest associate taken from him by one of the numberless security teams that work for the insecurity network, which seeks dominion upon the globe. The original post is gone so I’ve nothing to link to. I hope all is well.

I do not know the details of this misadventure but I do know its appearance is serious from the tone of the words that treat with the situation. It has the ominous seeming of being extremely long term; the sort of thing these world security, terror rings get up to when they want to kill the human spirit. The reason that TPTB keep harping on terror as some ultimate threat against all that is decent is because their policies are designed to drive humanity into resistance against the state. This is why they have to set up the whole scenario as being something generated by an anarchist madness against all that is good and decent. They are neither good nor decent and to paint themselves so, they have to paint someone else as the bad guy.

Janet Napolitano, like her precursor, Skull Chertoff and the international ring of Satanists to which they belong, are stoking the boiler of the demon ship, which they seek to sail through the heart of humanity in the hopes that it will be divided and convinced that its other half is its enemy.

There are only two states of mind in which we can exist. One is that everything is uncertain and independent of an overarching authority. The other state is that everything is certain, whether we can see this or not and completely under the control of an overarching, interpenetrating authority. You can argue that there are other positions that one can hold but I maintain those are only degrees within either state of mind. Think about it.

Two weeks ago, my car and house keys went missing. I had no spare car key because that was hidden, not my me, so that it could be found again which, so far it has not. An acquaintance here, offered to drive me to Volkswagen to sort it out. She took me to a car dealership. I pointed out that it did not say Volkswagen on the storefront and it had no Volkswagen's in the showroom. She insisted this was it and we went in and one of those cardsharp Italians, the sales manager, immediately assured us that, “this is the place”. He was all smiles and hearty bonhomie. Half an hour later we were across town at a garage where he arranged for a mechanic to come up to my house and open my car so that he could free the steering wheel so that it could be loaded on to a lorry and driven down into town.

This Neanderthal broke into the car and also busted up the ignition making it impossible for me to simply pay 40 Euro to get a replacement key from Volkswagen. He must have realized he had done something wrong because he said he would be back that afternoon and never returned. A couple of days later, this acquaintance called to say that a lorry was coming and she would be bringing it up. The lorry arrived and we followed it into town where it took us to the actual Volkswagen repair shop up around the corner from the car dealer. We were confused and went to the car dealer who was very much on the phone when he saw us coming and kept waving his arms and saying that we should go back to the new site.  The new site was one of those contemporary Volkswagen repair sites that look like an operating theater to justify the fees of allopathic physicians. They had me sign all sorts of things agreeing to estimates and so forth. I knew we were looking at some expense and got a little wack. My acquaintance didn’t care for my state of mind. She felt, regardless of screwups and the certainty of everyone but me being perfectly right that I should bend over and take it.

A couple of days later I got the estimate of 300 Euro to replace the locks. This later had the cost of a new ignition switch added in. It was a week after when we finally arrived yesterday to retrieve the car. I was so glad to get it. I had been shopping for food just once in nearly two weeks because no one had the time to assist me in such matters and I don’t really have any friends down here, just acquaintances. It was all very friendly until I checked the trunk and it wouldn’t open and the tech said they didn’t replace it because it was on a different system. I cracked up with laughter, crying out “Jesus Christ”, over and over. Then I checked the passenger door and that hadn’t been replaced either. It clearly says on the estimate that these locks would be replaced. My acquaintance was quietly furious with me for not bending over and went driving away.

My computer went down several days before and I had no communication with the world. I managed to get this Nokia E-90 Commander on to the internet through my wireless connection. That was a feat I am still impressed by. I had my computer in her car and transferred it into mine before she rode off in a constant state of adjusting to the whip of the overlords. I took the computer to the computer store and then went to get my post. There was a new sign saying I had to come after ten and when I tried to get in they told me so. I came back after ten and they told me I still could not get my mail but if I came back today at ten I could. I am recounting only a very small amount of recent events that were epic examples of potential frustration and ever growing financial expense that advertised, ‘no end in sight’.

I tried to get a new, ‘local’ SIM card for the phone. I nearly had to give blood for DNA and still did not get the card because the home office never called back. I am on my way in today to see about that again and, of course, the post at ten (grin).

Today the internet is gone (for how long?). It’s been gone all night; possibly the main tower was affected by the winds. I’ve had months of bizarre circumstance and this recent spate has been remarkable. I built a warm and enduring fire in the Franklin stove and spent my days in the lamia with books and meditation. God told me all was well and that he wanted certain things from me which I am not going to itemize because they are too strange. He said, “You’ve found me and I’ve found you. Forget everything you know about right and wrong and anything else. None of these rules apply anymore. Once you find me, everything changes and there are no rules whatsoever except what I determine according to my whim. Interesting.

I’m watching all of this with amusement and occasional outbursts of confrontation with the invisible which leads to more amusement. I can’t do anything I’m not allowed to do and I can do everything I am allowed to do. Nothing, absolutely nothing is in my hands. Ganesha takes walks with me and Poncho. He’s wearing a tuxedo and a top hat and doing acrobatics and soft shoe, all down the dirt roads that wind in uncharitable confusions around this rural expanse of olive and almond trees. He tells me everything is better than fine and I hear that from all of my not so invisible friends. I’m told that everything I waited for is now happening. Yesterday I was told over Voice of the Theater speakers that ‘it’ has officially begun; whatever it is.

I think about Bholanath and his rage, frustration and sorrow of loss and I don’t know what to say except what I have been saying all along. Perhaps Lord Ayahuasca will show up today (nope) and I will have some answers and you will hear about that. I think about all of you in circumstances like Bholanath’s, but adjusted to your personal destinies. I can only say what I have been saying, “It’s all under control and we can only acknowledge this or refuse to do so.

The Duke and Duchess of Excess got pelted with paint and detritus on their way to one of the privileged zones and the terror teams of official security hammered the so called anarchists into bloody heaps at the temerity of assaulting these pompous asses, as a prelude to revolution, that may soon find them swinging from lampposts along with a surfeit of bankers and political hacks and those attending.

I’ve no idea about where it’s going and no idea of when they will all be stopped dead in their tracks for that moment of frightening awe, when they see what they have led themselves to. If ever we should be mindful of the absolute control of the greater authority that is in control of all of it, despite appearances, that time is now.

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