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Walking Like a Stroke Victim down Heart Attack Lane

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Greetings Earthlings; this should really be going into my newest and last blog, simply titled, “Les Visible” but ... it’s not. The thing is that it is a tad autobiographical, with a light seasoning of mea culpa and wakey, wakey. You will probably be able to spot which is which as we go along. Let’s face it; no matter where you get your news, it’s probably more like this than it is like the varieties of English that people are putting on the cue ball, looking for that favorable lie in a favorable light.

Well, we’ll get back to all of that, which doesn’t make any sense at the moment, a little later on.

I just saw that Eddie Murphy film, “The Distinguished Gentleman”. It didn’t win any awards, since it was mostly a bunch of snatch and grab vignettes, stitched together in lieu of a plot, while the script girl was duct taped and hidden in a closet, until the film was completed. It made a lot of sense though. That’s how business gets done in Washington D.C. and that film is about 20 years old and the situation is much worse now than what was presented in the movie.

For awhile now, I’ve been saying that major transformations and changes are on the way. Somehow, a lot of the readers got the impression that what I was trying to say is that global peace and brotherhood was just around the corner. I know, I did say that the world isn’t going to end and that it was all going to turn out alright, because it is all under control but I never got that specific about the landscape we had to pass through on our way to that desired place. I think I’ll be a little more specific now. Imagine that you are looking at the horizon and you see massive thunderheads approaching and that they rise from the ground and climb very high into the air. You can see lightning flashing in the clouds. The winds are increasing and occasional raindrops are hitting you at a near horizontal angle. There’s going to be some major Sturm und Drang. They are a foreign version of Penn and Teller and they do believe that 9/11 was an Inside Job orchestrated by Israel. That’s all going to show itself, within the power of the storm’s fury.

So far we’ve been subjected to some light erotic teasing. There’s a flash of leg and maybe the curve of a breast, or, if your interest lies in the other direction well ... there’s some bulge and blue shadow along the jaw line that’s standing out like a scene from the Starz version of Spartacus. There’s a rankness of testosterone in the air, generated by the thunderbolts and complimented by the ozone. You ever have a nightmare in which you could smell ozone strongly? I won’t be elaborating but intuitive minds should be able to glean something of what I mean.

If you’ve ever been in the Deep South or the Midwest, you’ve seen the kind of storm I’m talking about. You can get them anywhere in the US but they are more consistently dramatic in particular locales. There’s a build up to these storms. You can feel the pressure and humidity that precedes them. You can feel the tension. It can be awesome in the approach, just like a sandstorm in the desert. These things are hard to describe if you’ve never experienced them. There’s a certain turmoil in the bowels that is near inescapable when you see a wall of sand approaching, or a flash flood in a formerly dry wash, or rain so powerful that you can’t see and also can’t be heard.

All great changes upon this planet have a similar drama to them. There are changes and there are changes and the changes coming, are far greater than your regular upheavals that repeat every few centuries. This change is greater than the ordinary changing of an age. The majority of the population can’t even see it on the way and the majority of the population is concerned only with the well being of their own families, friends and associates. It’s like those striker revolts that are branching out across the country out of Wisconsin. This is all due to the thieving ways of bankers, politicians and international corporations. Some of this is coming about from within the collective hearts of the population and some of it is being generated by satanic cabals under different designations but they are all basically Satanists. Far better hidden, are the light workers who are directing the traffic of the predators, toward their own demise.

You can look at it in terms of religious prophecy and you can look at it in the form of mathematics and there are a number of perspectives that people have settled on to make hay, or sense, out of what is happening. It all adds up to the same thing. What was shall be no more and what is coming will be replacing it. What that is will be awe-making in the extreme.

Most of us are familiar with the feeling in the atmosphere after a great storm has passed. The air has a ringing clarity and freshness to it. Everything is lighter and less compressed. That’s pretty much it. There’s going to be a tremendous storm and then the air along with hearts and minds will clear. A new vision will come; a new way of seeing, based on inner changes that will be acting in concert with outer changes. That what I have been meaning to say all along. I have not meant to say that everything will be okay after some brief flurry of excitement. Everything will be okay but it will not be bringing satisfaction to the majority. They are attached to what goes on down here. They want more of it and they dream about it all the time. A good portion of them want to be like the people doing all of the horrible things to them. They may not know this but so it is.

I wanted to put together a community that would shield those inclined against the dismal procession of the same old same old. It has occurred to me of late that I need to be very careful who I become involved with in this endeavor. I’m looking for people who want to build a virtual spaceship; a doorway into other dimensions, a protected zone, a sanctuary for those who know we are just passing through. I’m reassessing things in my head and reaching for the guidance of the intuition. I want to see Love bloom like the desert after a hard rain and that’s a good image. I know the kind of work and fortitude, not to mention the surrender, which is required to be successful at this.

What I saw in that Eddie Murphy movie has been going on since the first person tried to sell something he didn’t have to someone else. The system as it is cannot be reformed and I thought it would be a good idea to have a place where those of us, disinterested in all the skullduggery and self-interest, could enjoy and celebrate each other. That’s going to happen. I’ll finance it myself or someone will lay a lot of currency on me just to see it happen but it can only be a prototype, for all the other clusters of us, scattered around the planet.

Most of us have spent our lives tied up in small intimacies of blood relation and community business that meets and greets us on the streets or anywhere we gather and pass each other. The time has come to live in a communal sense, not only because it contains the possibility for all the things we think we lack but can’t define but also because the Age of Brotherhood is upon us and a great deal of positive, supportive force is available for those who wish to live in harmony, with the archetypes seeking to live through us

How you begin such an endeavor is to live as if you were already in that community, with everyone you encounter in every place where it happens. Of course, with many people, all you can say is, “Hello”, offered with a sincere smile. With some you can exchange more words and that expands in potential, until you may actually share the heart’s mysteries with one another. It is that which we are all really seeking but we do it inconsistently and operate without awareness. That’s why Love is so important. You need to get that first and you get it from the source, which, of course, is inside you.

I’m a very big fan of Eddie Murphy. I’ve seen what he’s tried to do in his career and he’s not the only one. He’s not all that well liked by TPTW because of what he’s been trying to do and would like to do. There are a lot of us, not by comparison with the rest, but the actual number is pretty big, who are looking for ways to share the highest intimacies and engage in full time service. I’m looking for people like that and I’ve found more than a few. I’d like to believe that we will be closer to each other in the not too distant future, just as we are much closer to each other than we have been in the past.

I started writing this and it went off with a will of its own so, my earlier references are irrelevant and so it goes.

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