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In the Saucer Pod on the way Somewhere

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

As you may know, we are putting out 6 books this year; two are novels, one is a spiritual primer and the other 3 are a ‘best of’ collection from Smoking Mirrors, Visible Origami and Reflection’s in a Petri Dish. We’re putting the Patrick Willis Collection together as well as music and some ‘off the rails’ TV shows from New York and Hawaii. These are being brought about by the efforts of some sterling individuals, whose capacity for endurance rivals my own (grin). We might even have a few t-shirts but I think it stops there. Next thing you know, you’ve got coffee cups and tea cozies and self help Tarot Cards; just a few steps from the casino and down the way, you’ve got Hallmark and after that you turn into everything else, as if you never had any other intention. Ergo; one needs limits and boundaries.

I’ve been temporarily successful at all kinds of things; restaurants, bookstores, painting and roofing companies, resort management. It’s the kind of thing you do while you are trying to finance what you really do and which, inexplicably, goes south half the time. A lot of that has been caused by the courses of the stars and planets but those are changing. Since they are changing, things long denied are going to be dragged out into the unforgiving light.

I was temporarily successful at any number of things because I temporarily believed in them. Take resorts management for instance. I could go into a condo complex and assess the situation. I’d be given a nice salary, a free apartment, all utilities paid and bonus bucks every day for checking people in that the rental offices didn’t want to have personnel on hand for because of the expense. So, depending on what hour the guests got in, I would get 10, 15 or 20 bucks for giving some people keys.

I would have a staff of a couple of secretaries, some landscape workers and a maintenance assistant. Usually what I would do was find the right people and put them in place. I had no say in the secretaries, though they assisted me, I didn’t hire and fire them. Everyone else, I did. I was good at it and the Board of Directors that runs the place knew that and would give me praise and raises frequently. I was good for 6 months, 12 months or 18 months depending on the quality of the resident owners. It took me two months or more to get the right people working for me and then I didn’t even have to be around. No one cared as long as the place functioned. I could phone it at We are different places. It always came down to how much of the politics and push or resident owners I could put up with. I was only doing it to finance what I really do. My biggest problem was the people who had retired from running some operation somewhere else and now had free time to tell me how to do my job, when I was running the place like a Swiss watch. Eventually I would manipulate a scenario that would result in six months of high end unemployment benefits and go live in the jungle. My friend Bob Lowe knows about this because he was a property manager and he hired me for one of those jobs and he can speak to how amusing the scenario is.. He now lives in the jungle with his wife and his parrots, just like I do with dogs in Europe.

It’s been a ride. I do things for as long as they are fun, then I move on to what attracts me more. I’ll see through what I’m doing now, because I really would like to finance a community, not necessarily with me present (grin). We are eating each other up and we should enjoy it. That’s why you should bless your food. You are your food, one way or another and that explains my dietary preferences.

There are two things you need to be familiar with, whenever you are getting into a project. You need to know what you are composed of and capable of and then will come the people you are doing it with; you need to know those same things about them.

In the last 48 hours, I have learned more about myself than I have discovered in some, many years. I’m beginning to see where I am the problem and the solution is the simplest thing in the world. You come to a certain point, where you have to just take your hands off the rudder and let God sail you into the port. Year’s ago, God told me, “Everything’s under control, take the reins”. I never quite understood that. If everything is under control, why should I take the reins? Susanne is going through the same things. Her whole life is suddenly opening up. We’ve both been held back by restraints and shortcomings for some time. Mine were probably larger; we are accompanied by angels, unaware.

I mean to tell you that The Apocalypse is a dead certain reality because I am going through it. Scales are falling away from my own eyes, in a number of areas. I’m not nearly as bad as I thought I was or as good either. I think many of us are strangling ourselves with our own intestines or ambushing our hearts. I know that a lot of this is karma neh? (Passage to India) and some of it is the confusion of the times and the circumstances but the ineffable is actually tearing away the veils. In my own life we have gone far beyond smoking gun proof.

No matter, yesterday I found out that a date, which I thought was confirmed, turns out to be off by a week, which affects the travel plans of any number of people, based on one person’s indifference to the needs of another. My life has been plagued by such events and on occasion I’ve been responsible myself. This time it cut pretty deep but it didn’t hurt at all, because I realized that it isn’t where people get together that counts, as much as the fact that they get together at all. I’m willing and grateful to take the lesser results just to see people that I love. I don’t care if something I thought important gets missed, as long as I don’t miss what’s important. The result of that is that none of us will be attending a certain event (grin) and that is perfectly okay.

I’ve spent my life knowing certain things to be true, yet missing the boat in terms of performing them. Arguably I had massive tests and traps set against me and meeting the former and evading the latter was a full time job along with everything else. I understand you don’t get more than you can handle except when you do but cowabunga! I had some slick, uphill ice, real and virtual.

As much as I believe what I’ve been saying I have to admit to an amount of doubt but what I am seeing now is beyond question and though I do not know what it portends, it is certainly cosmic, supernatural and all the proof anyone would need, concerning things like, divine intervention and so forth. I could tell you tales but I will demur for the moment.

What I am saying and what I suspect some of the rest of you already know is that this is the real deal. Something is absolutely taking place right now and the full measure of blessings and punishments are taking place, front row center, along with the tearing away of concealments. All this faux killing of Osama accomplished, was to expose the governments hand, simultaneous crashing and burning and rising and soaring, are taking place in a remarkable way. It has to be the hand of the divine. Right in the middle of Will and Kate’s marriage and the 60 year anniversary of the richest man in town, who lives next door, I was taken away to the hospital last week for a few days and no one even noticed.

I walked out of there in pajamas and my bare feet and drove away, when I felt like that was the thing to do. You can’t make this stuff up. The tide turned and I couldn’t be happier about that. I expect the tide is turning for you too because you read here and that makes you like me only different by degrees. We can’t all be Kevin Bacon, nor want to be.

The simplest things that I should have known a long time ago are suddenly becoming perceptible to me. Maybe I should have just been a good yogi and not used drugs and the like but I was in a hurry and this is the Kali Yuga. I think I can truly say that today I forgive everyone who ever meant me harm and I forgive myself for being things too numerous to list. What was imagined and desired, dreamed and sought has now come into presence and I can only look upon it in awe. We have no greater enemy than ourselves and the right hand man for that is the fear of our own possibilities.

Today I’m going to cook up a pot of eggplant parmigiana with salad and garlic bread and have a fine dinner with the ones I love. I might even slip some to the dogs. I tend to do that when no one is looking. Help is indeed on the way. I can’t think of a more critical and profitable time to do the right thing that there would be anywhere but now and I hope some small part of what I am trying to say is coming through. I look forward to your greater good and many meetings and greetings to come but for the moment, Ahrooooooooooooo!

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