Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Short Coming, Long Time Going

I’m trying to remember something. I thought about it yesterday but now it isn’t coming to me and there are so many reasons to go over to ‘mirrors’ and bypass ‘origami’. I think what I wanted to talk about had to do with shortcomings. Most things do, because it is out of our shortcomings that our miseries proceed. Everything that affects us negatively comes out of our shortcomings and all that causes us to prosper comes from the higher qualities of our being.

If you want to change the world and if you want to live in a better world, then Job One starts with you. Read the Witter Bynner version of The Way of Life. It’s an operation’s manual. You put that at ground zero in your being and then... if you have to have a religion, you layer that on top. If you want to be a member of any order, if you want to operate in any profession, you read that Lao Tzu and then you put your mufti on and you go to work and you can change the world. You will never change the world until you change yourself.

All the problems that you see in the world around you are because people did not change themselves before they set out to change the world. As a result they became historical lessons. Was the cost of what you did worth what you wound up with?

I’m not a survival expert but I know people who are and... more importantly, I am aware of where the real information comes from. Real information is based on personal sacrifice because individuals can get nowhere without the cooperation of their fellows. Everything you do comes down to what purpose you serve. If you are not asking yourself questions in concern of this then you will inevitably fail and screw things up in a small or large fashion. You can think of the universe as a design on the human body. Banker mentalities are anal retentive and get colonic cancers and visit the same upon the population. Warriors attack the heart against the essential purpose of the heart and so the heart attacks them and strokes figure into that as well. The most pervading malady of the times, in times of material excess, is stress. Stress is generally manifesting out of the ‘personal will’ thing and in times of material importance, over more refined visions of operating systems, stress is what the engine produces.

Tool and die people and dreamers need to work together. This is one of the reasons that I like Jacques Fresco. People come around howling about Masons and Illuminati and connections back and forth with six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. It is the integrity of the individual that matters and ‘by their works ye shall know them’. This is why Mother Teresa doesn’t get a pass and why Wild Life Funds and Carbon Tax scams are bad news, pretending to serve the interests of the defenseless and those trapped in misfortune. I suspect there are many bankers and other material feeders, reincarnating into those roles, but our job is not to condemn or ignore these people or to say it is their karma. Our job is to show them the way.

You lead by example. Do things correctly for the greater benefit of all and you won’t go wrong. Then you come up against special interests and powerful banking and corporate lobbies who want to fashion the world into a prison camp. That is how they do business. I assure you there is enough for all of us here. Nature is abundant. However, when Nature sees you acting like a cheap sonofabitch, at the expense of your fellows, Nature has to address the imbalance. This is why the control of information is so important to the bad guys. Look at who is controlling the information and you will know who the bad guys are. What we are told is happening is for the purpose of influencing our reactive behavior and that is why stepping away is the solution.

You step away from the jobs and taxes. You refuse to fly on airplanes. You get the whole world to walk away from the constructs of what the self-chosen rulers of the manifest superimpose upon us. The result is that the machine attacks Libya, to prevent maverick activity and this extends into the drug worlds, where entrepreneurs are not wanted because they have a better product. It is the same thing with the energy companies and the entire construct of corporate domination of ordinary life.

Usually in times of darkness those who are mind controlled from fundamentalist dogma; religious or political, go down with the ship. They didn’t have the drive, intelligence and heart to sacrifice in order to survive. I live in the mix, but I have lived with the understanding that I live according to certain principles and am very adaptable to changes in circumstance. I don’t buy things that I don’t need. I have been deceived as much as any of you but I am not allowing deception to continue to order my day. It’s not going to happen anymore and this is a significant point. You can change. You can do it today.

Cut back on senseless craving and most certainly investigate the effect of alcohol and Kali Yuga diet on your life. When you hear a lie, you can respond directly or surreptitiously in your mind to it. Don’t feed it and don’t give it a home. Lies are looking for places to live. Don’t let them stay at your house. Imagine your desires as being like a gas burning stove. Turn down the flame and see to the basics of what life is about.

If food costs sky rocket and if fuel becomes hard to get well, I only need certain things to survive and I don’t have to go anywhere. That is how I am designed. I already left those places where conditions did not meet my basic requirements.

You need to ask yourself, “How much suffering am I causing”? You need to look at what it is that you do that affects the world around you negatively and change it. This change is not easy because the world is streamlined to make you continue. You have to find a place to stop and consider the road that you are on. Two worlds are in operation at this changing of the age. One world is going and one world is coming. The transition should be simple and easy. Get rid of everything you don’t need and stop acquiring more. This alone will affect the state of your physical and mental health in respect of the challenges that are coming. So many of the maladies that people suffer from did not even exist in former times, they are a product of these times. Other times had their own horrible contagions that came about through ignorance of the proper operation of living but... these conditions were not the same everywhere, because the lives being lived were not the same everywhere.

Look at the impact of Moorish culture on our world from its fabled genesis. Look at every culture that was changing according to certain dynamics. I am not suggesting this ‘example’ as a template. I am saying you need to open your eyes to the direction that life is moving in and it has to do with living a certain way. It has to do with living in harmony and not operating as a predator. Some of you believe in divine activity and some of you do not but that doesn’t change the game board. Some things work and some do not. Some things are set up to profit the few and to leave everyone else buying lottery tickets.

Wishing and hoping doesn’t get things done. It would be different if you were just starting out but you are in the middle of it, so you have to cut your losses. Do you cut your losses on the backs of others, as we see in operation at this time, by those who should not be hard to identify or define, or do we do the right thing? Here’s the important feature of this posting. Doing the right thing just might save your ass.

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