Monday, August 01, 2011

As we Come to The Changing Line.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well now. It is something to see isn’t it? But I had a point in mind when I did it because I wanted to get it out of the way for myself ahead of time. I have certain gifts, I don’t think they are all that remarkable and I don’t actually possess them anyway because they belong to the true author and I wanted to demonstrate for the benefit of myself and everyone else what it is that happens when you get high in the interest of seeking higher things but sometimes, even often, you compromise your intent.

I am putting aside the use of all those comestibles I have used in my journey to get here. They have been a tremendous help and a source of great personal tragedy too. I think all of us do this to some degree because that is what the world imposes upon us and we want to be ‘with it’ and we want to discover things and for me that time of discovery is over and no longer necessary.

I did my radio show last night about nothing at all and talked about nothing at all because that is what we get up to so much of the time in our frolic of purpose and pursuit. I did it also because of confusion about an incident a month or so ago and confusion about life anyway. A lot of what we get from the world is garbage and we are the world and we have our own garbage and I delivered some of mine in the radio show. I said nothing we didn’t already know and I took fifteen minutes of your time to ramble and give you garbage so you could see that.

Sometimes we have something to say and sometimes we don’t and most of the time we talk about useless shit that means nothing to anyone because a lot of life is going through the motions. I was amused that Barbra Streisand was playing on the TV downstairs at the same time doing her lukewarm and meaningless back and forth’s and Johnny Winter was playing upstairs, thankfully, but you couldn’t hear either of them on the show from what I could tell.

I’m not going to be doing anything like that again but it needed to be done and I apologize for any disappointment that might have come to any of you because of my need to make a point. It will prove useful.

I will try to continue with what I am doing and there may be new media on the way soon as well but things are going to change now. Things are changing for me and for you and let us rise to meet these things and become the better part of what we can make from it.

Susanne and I have had the longest and most important conversations we have ever had recently and I could not be more pleased. We get along better than most people I think but the dynamics now are truly fine.

Everything is working better than it ever did and we have hope that it will continue. I think you will find that what we have been waiting on is now at the doorstep and we shall all do what we have to in that matter.

It’s going to be short and sweet today because I have nothing more to say and we shall see what the morrow brings. Life can be really amazing and over these recent months I have come to see how great the potential is in so many ways. Maybe most will not notice the difference from here on but some will and I surely will so be well and we shall meet again soon.

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