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Clarity, Certitude and the Confusion of Opposites.

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Readers of these blogs may get the erroneous impression that the author is opposed to certain lifestyle choices that are relatively, recently emergent in the culture. The author has no real opinion on these things per se. The author reacts to the immense social and legal pressure being brought to bear by the agenda driven machinations of a small group of powerful manipulators of materialism, for the purpose of the destruction of the culture and economy of the west. What goes on behind closed doors is one thing. What goes on in public for the purpose of control and the shaping of the minds of new generations is another. One could spend days presenting the intricacies of what is taking place but the reader is advised to make their own inquires in respect of motive and intent, as well as intrinsic meaning.

One of the reasons for the presence of certain behaviors and life style choices is the arrival of the divine feminine into greater power and presence in the coming age. The tyranny of the patriarchy is passing and the divine feminine is taking her rightful place as co ruler of the consciousness of this new age. We are in a time of material darkness, so the force of the feminine is often expressing itself in physical terms. Since the force of sexual magnetism is the basic force of manifest existence, it is easy to see what is presenting itself when the higher arc of the divine feminine is not actualizing, due to the state of the times. What we get is a physical acting out of something otherwise intended but which takes the definition of its expression from the state and conditions of the world it is operating in.

The higher arc of the divine feminine possesses the powers of intuition, empathy, compassion and other virtues. When the kundalini is permitted to operate above the bottom 3 chakras you see these virtues in action. When the kundalini is trapped in the lower chakras you see it being expressed in survival paranoia, sexual engagements and the pursuit of personal power. Above these states is a whole other series of worlds. Both the above and the below meet at the Anahata heart chakra and that area is either persecuted from the states and forces below or inspired by the states and forces above.

Observe the powers of advertising and the general atmosphere of media in respect of the human condition at this time. It is all about appetites and desires and the pandering to them as if they were the true expression of what we are; a herd of feeding and rutting beasts, dressed in the garments of something higher, who have made a religion of something lower. “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.”

The motivation of those pressing certain states and conditions upon the rest of us, is for the general enslavement of the masses, in areas of activity where they can be most easily entrapped and devoured by the Venus flytrap plant of contemporary mores. Sexual fluid is a very powerful force and also a highway to all sorts of places. Mikhail Aivanov said, more or less, ‘if you could see who shows up to dine while you are having sex, you would be a lot more careful about what you do and how you do it (I’m paraphrasing)’. Few people have written more lucidly over recent years about so many important things.

I see all sexual modalities as something we pass through; none of them are static. I see all races and religions as something we pass through; none of them are static. I see all states of economic prosperity and desperation as something we pass through; none of them are static. I see all states of physical well being and dis-ease as something we pass through; none of them are static. I see all states of learning and growth as something we pass through and all of them are attended by pain because pain is a significator of growth and learning, like a child whose teeth are coming in. Cancer is growth as well, though we don’t tend to think of that as a positive development.

There are metaphysical reasons why one is born black or white, red or yellow. There are metaphysical reasons why one is born a Hindu, a Moslem, a Christian or a Jew. Certain experiences and responsibilities attend each of them for the purpose of learning and experience and so long as one is identifying with any of these as something real and enduring, one is trapped and confined by that definition in a host of ways. I’m not going to get into some of the meanings for these things because the chances are that what I say may not be complete and comprehensive in this limited format and that can prove misleading. I can say that the perception of differences, even when they seem to be conclusive and inarguable, is misleading. It’s the differences that we are meant to rise above, just like the lower chakras, which are critical to the whole interrelationship of our being but dangerous to regard as permanent, personal dwelling spaces. Each of these chakras is an entire world and some predominate depending on the times.

Our electricity is all messed up and so the polarities are out of sync. When polarities get out of sync, balance will be forced upon you, unless you are accommodating to its imperatives. Given the state of the culture and the relative compararatives of intelligence and ignorance in the general mindset, it goes without saying that delusion is the prevalent consciousness. Change, as well as wide spread destruction of temporarily pervasive illusions is inevitable. This isn’t a bad thing unless your attachment is great.

You are the Crown of Creation

"You are the Crown of Creation
and you've got no place to go.

Soon you'll attain the stability you strive for
in the only way that it's granted
in a place among the fossils of our time.

In loyalty to their kind
they cannot tolerate our minds.
In loyalty to our kind we cannot tolerate their obstruction.

Life is Change
How it differs from the rocks
I've seen their ways too often for my liking
New worlds to gain
My life is to survive
and be alive
for you.”

The tumult of the ‘60s and ‘70s was the announcement of the age as the heralds proclaimed what was to come and which was all too soon buried in the force of reaction by the temporal powers, with their death grip upon the levers and dials of our moments. All of this is a test and testing is tempering.

I want all of us to prosper and find that true expression of our being that most exemplifies the greatest good for the greatest number of people and anyone who does not see this should be the penultimate, righteous drive of any who would call themselves enlightened, does not know very much about the personality of the divine, insofar as we are permitted to know what small parts are made possible for the inner heart to intuit and realize.

I’ll close with a general version of the prayer which I offer every day, at least once;

Lord, remove the obstacles to my self realization and set no further snares upon me. Lord, remove my shortcomings and grant me possession of your qualities. Lord, grant me your presence, activate my awareness of your presence and grant me that divine intoxication which can attend it. Lord, grant me your favor and name me your friend. Lord, awaken the great love in my heart so that it may rule, motivate and inspire my every thought, word and deed. Lord, heal my sexual nature and bring the goddess kundalini to her highest point in my being; accomplish the alchemical marriage in me, complete the great work and the operation of the sun. Grant me the Pearl of Great Price and the Philosopher’s Stone. Lord, awaken the deity in each chakra in your service; awaken my super sensory powers in your service. Grant me the knowledge and conversation of the holy guardian angel and protect me from the ignorance and injury of my kind.

There’s more to all of that but that will do for the moment. I hope I’m not asking for too much (grin).

If you do not cry out you will not be heard. The mother does not know the location and condition of the child unless it cries out. There are so many children to attend to. The mother may not want the child to run off in the pursuit of its own self interests but the mother is wise as eternity is long and knows that the child will return on its own when it is finally weary of everything the world has to offer. Then she will clean the murk away and grant what has been missing and cannot be found in the swamps and sewers of the material world that is all tarted up to look like everything it cannot provide. It’s all for a reason and it’s all under control. Time is short in this closing cycle. Wiser minds are about the important business of the moment.

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