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Les Visible, Lord Buckley and Whatever.

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'May your noses always be in the wind without coercion for direction.....'

I think most readers know that I prefer the truth, even if it comes back on me and I defy anyone who has evidence otherwise to prove me wrong; given that I don’t care what people think, even if they are people I care about and I am sure we could find evidence of that. Let me depart from the usual expectations and allow me to indulge myself. I suppose most people know that I prefer a metaphysical expletive to a street level curse; given that no one really knows anything to begin with but... I have my druthers. So, take an excursion with me through the things that formed me and get an eye-peek into what I found relevant and memorable over what I didn’t and won’t mention.

As you know, I prefer a spiritual explanation over an empirical box containment and that is why one of the first people I appreciated was this man and if that isn’t enough, well, I have many an example by the same. You know me as someone who has an opinion of politics but I get my take on that from the same place as well.

You know me as a person who is generous with my time regardless of the response and I also get that from similar places but these examples don’t tell the half of what has influenced me.

There are exposures that have encouraged my growth all the way from the early holy books, to Fawlty Towers and Deadwood and the living doubles on every level to the heroines of movies like this that I lived with, in the process of going through what it took and maybe I just don’t want to mention what is really true because it may prove an embarrassment to the people involved who can no longer get work in the industry because of me.

When I watch movies or listen to music, there is always a personal angle because I lived a lot of it and a great deal more that the screen does not possess the technology to render into a form recognizable to the technology of the mind, or the emotions to translate. In other words, if you haven’t been there then there is no point in describing it to you and most of the time, people like me and the people I learned it from, have no recourse but to talk around things and that is the reason certain literary devices were created for in the first place. That is where jazz came from and where all of the mystics and crazies who found the ultimate came from because we don’t fit into the holes created for the molds they tried to make of us.

I’ve never had much money, because it has run through my hands to where “I thought” it was needed, which doesn’t mean I disrespect its value or don’t know how to manage it, I do and have. I was given a couple of things to ease my passage; certain gifts having to do with dealing with human interaction, both positive and negative and the company of the goddess in her most beautiful aspects and both of those are provable at any time; on the one hand by witnesses and on the other hand by witnesses and the present tense itself, so it’s not worth arguing about and a lot more easily present and past than any of the lying histories I am exposed to every day.

Well, you have your alternatives, don't you?

I’m not a product of this world and neither are you; not if you are reading these words, in any case. If you came here to begin with then you know the river runs through it (pun intended). I’ve made it a point not to claim to be able to do or ever have been what is not provable to the extent that it would never wind up in court. The fact that that gets overlooked by those arguing to the contrary makes my case better than I ever could and the fact that I am past the age where any of this should apply and still does makes it even more concrete.

Think of me as someone picked up hitchhiking by the goddess of all things who is infinitely concerned with taking me home and attending to my every need, while being desired by everyone who comes into contact with me at any point in time. This is an easily observed and proven fact but for some reason it escapes those who would seek to diminish this real condition. That force I am speaking of has serially moved me from one state to the other into states of extremity of varying periods of short duration to make this point and still the point is not made.

I would have had this done by the original author but this is a better copy, seeking out the author you get the story behind it.

People ask and inquire of me and people who have met me, “How can he say the things he says and not even get bad words, much less actual contact” and it goes on and on and still doesn’t happen. One would think I had heaven and earth at my beck and call but the truth is that I do and so do you, if you would only get a clue about what it takes.

I have tried my damndest to get certain points across but have been unsuccessful. I’ve moved in and out of certain worlds and, in my own small way, influenced products and events in the same way that you see phrases and ideas from these blogs appear all over the place in the most unrelated locations and I’ve got no part in the actualization of these things because I am only just passing through and anything that works from me was just something passing through.

Given what is coming up now and I mean, very shortly, this is probably the best time to try to make a point that will be as routinely ignored as all of the rest of them. You get out of everything what you put into it and that is above as so below. I speak with authority on certain matters only because I actually possess it but only for the commission of the work under consideration.

It would please me no end if you would join me but your faith is not up to the task, or in some cases, perhaps it is; irrespective of that, what is required is more than people care to invest and certainly less, given that, that they have hope of reaping.

Every time I have ventured into the pits and predicaments of existence I have stepped back out of them with nary a scratch on my veneer. The real wounds are below the surface. If I thought there was a point to the ongoing demonstration on my part it would be gladly given but the truth of that, in my own experience has been slim and none. I know we have heard that these are the times that try our souls but that got said long before the time in which we presently find ourselves and still, even provable demonstrations of which I have given several today, have gone wanting because they defy the minds capacity to assimilate.

Some time ago certain powers and states of awareness were given to me and I never thought much about it and that is probably why I got them and as most of my visitors can attest, I have amply proven this but even those who believe do not actually believe which would make me tear my hair if I had any but maybe I will if that’s what it takes.

Anyway, if you can read between the lines and if you are paying attention and if you already know from your experiences here how uncanny this whole scene is and in your own lives, how unheimlich it has been, regardless of your presence here then maybe you know why I am saying this at this time.

Some part of me wants to really start telling you some tales now, especially given what happens when seeming truth comes up against actual truth and some part of me just wants to pull my lawn chair out on the furthest reaches of that new mown lawn at the periphery of whatever is about to show up on stage. We’ll see what direction that takes and soon.

End Transmission.......

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