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The Highest Position is to be a Tool.

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A lot of people want to be proactive, engaged, involved, doing good works, somehow, someway, somewhere. People want to make a difference, act out in the world and have an effect on the conditions that we find ourselves in and that many another seems completely lost in, the key thought there is to 'find ourselves'. Maybe that should be the focus, period; finding ourselves. Presently, all of us are operating with some version of what we imagine we are and what composes us. This is the OS and avatar we bring to the particular reality world that we consider to be real. This is whatever it is, at whatever level it is at, that affects and is affected by the bump and grind of the Grand Guignol, strip tease show. We're in the audience. We're serving drinks. We're working in the kitchen or doing security at the front door. We're working on the performers in the back. We play in the band. We are the MC or we're doing the dance on the stage or the mirrored tables and runways where you can see the private parts or simply observe them in their mirror image if you are shy. Don't lose the mystery of it all though because that is the main enjoyment feature of the whole shebang. Once the mystery is gone you'd better be looking elsewhere and soon will in any case. That begs the question; “How much mystery is there in a strip tease parlor”?

A great scientist from former times said, “Fortune favors the prepared mind”. Some of us learned what we think we know at schools of one sort or another, some of us learned it as 'on the job training' and some of us did both. Some of us didn't learn anything in school but got papers to indicate that we did and then we went on to become experts in the field because those are the only experts being entertained these days in positions of power and influence. It begs the question of, “Is that the kind of expert you want to be”? There's no shortage of candidates so you won't be missed if you demur.

What this all comes down to is that if you want to change the world, you have to change yourself. The world then changes automatically. Here's an example that anyone who meditates will be aware of. Meditation, prior to setting out on your day, once you have progressed to a particular groove so that you would notice, has a pretty amazing tendency to elevate you above the roll and tumble of ordinary engagement. Let's say that, for whatever reason, you miss your meditation on a given day, all of a sudden you notice that conditions have reverted to something less than what you have become used to. Things don't go as well as they had been going. Continue to miss your meditations and your mindset integrates at a certain level and stays there, until trauma or some unpleasant condition intrudes and shakes up your long or short running circumstance.

Meditation and other spiritual practice, alters your position and perception in respect of the world. Things improve and improve, depending upon how authentic and effective your practices are. You don't always notice the improvements. They are gradual. I remember driving up the Haleakala Highway on Maui one day. It's a very gradual incline when you are running from the turnout off on Hana Highway to Pukalani. After even a few miles, if you pull off of the highway by the side of the road and get out of the car, as I did, you find yourself amazed at how high up you are. It doesn't seem possible that it could happen. That is how meditation and companion spiritual practices work.

Think of your spiritual practices as being a kind of generator where the machinery transforms according to the continued use of it. The generator, the storage battery and other features morph in the process of application. The generator becomes more and more powerful. The regular battery turns into a marine battery. The other components upgrade automatically too. Soon there are two marine batteries because, components reproduce as well, if the need is there. This is how an ordinary human being one day becomes a star in the heavens and do not doubt that this occurs, given that it does occur over a very long time.

Here's an example of that; Lord Surya is the regent of The Sun. That is the name of The Sun King for perpetuity but various entities come and go under that name sake. Presently, the personage acting as Lord Surya is Vivasvan. He continues as the sun regent for around four hundred million years and then is replaced by the next person who has earned that position. You might think that is a long time. It's not. That's all relative. Consider The Amitabha Buddha who is known for having taken a vow to eschew enlightenment until every other sentient being has gone through the door before him. He engaged in many, many kalpas of austerity and varieties of effort to come to that place. There's more to the tale of The Amitabha but you can look that up on your own, if it interests you.

I'm trying to give you a feel for the level of commitment necessary to get certain places, which amount to no more than greater service. You can get to no place of greater service, nor can you be of any great service until you transform who you are. Can you accomplish this on your own? No. You have to have a teacher, a master, a guru, however your label that facility which makes this possible. You already have one who is, in most cases, unknown and invisible to you. You have to cry out within and do what you can on your own to attract such a one.

I was talking with someone on the phone last night about these things and I mentioned that angels circumnavigate the globe at all times; on the lookout for all sorts of things. If your eyes were unveiled you could see these angels. Imagery of this sort has been expressed in the art of Gustave Dore and others. When the love and aspiration in the heart of any seeker reaches a certain point it sends out a light that can be seen by these angels, or devas and they report back The One and they also trigger a sympathetic, magnetic vibration between the seeker and those who are prepared to help this seeker according to the special needs of that specific seeker. It is all perfectly organized and operated by representatives of a divine hierarchy. If you can't see it, it doesn't mean it isn't there. It is. I have personal proof of this, well beyond the point of personal doubt. In the end it is only ourselves that we need to convince (keep that in mind). Others are convinced on their own, simply by your example if you are authentic. Authenticity is born of integrity and integrity is born out of endurance and restraint. This may not be comprehensive but it will do.

Look at the greatest among us who ever walked here. They are all about service and sacrifice. Is this not so? Look at the life of Jesus Christ, The Buddha, Krishna and there are many lesser lights who have performed in similar fashion. Does this not mean that service and sacrifice are the highest order of divine and personal expression? Yes it does. What motivates these? Love does and, as you may have heard, God is Love. That is true. The highest expression of truth is Love, whereas, the highest expression of Love is service and sacrifice. Love is eternal and immortal and so are those who are employed on its behalf.

There is no greater calling than to be useful. The highest position is to be a tool. Note that all true servants of The One are at pains to say that they do nothing by themselves. This is because it is true. Some might be a little confused about Buddha in this regard. Keep in mind that Buddha is the mind and Christ is the heart. When the heart swallows the mind you have wisdom and understanding; the twin highest goalposts just below the ineffable. I take nothing away from Buddha in respect of anything I have said here. There's more to all of it than can be said and there always will be, which is why you need a teacher. You need to make the acquaintance of one connected to The One.

Many trustfunders, dilettantes and the like, travel all over the world, seeking one teacher after another. We call them guru whores. One might think they have the advantage, being either financially stable or gifted at living off of those who are but one finds the real thing based on the sincerity of their heart and that can be accomplished wherever you are. You only have to travel inwardly to make contact and I assure you that is possible and guaranteed, dependent on your enthusiasm and realization that nothing is more important and... nothing is. There is no real enjoyment or value to be found in the world, unless you know how to enjoy and measure value to begin with.

I'm not suggesting that people with money cannot make the grade; anything but. I've nothing against wealthy people or money; that's their karma and they earned it, or were cursed with it, as you prefer and as individual conditions may show. I'm just saying that you don't need it to accomplish this. Famous, wealthy and powerful people all maintain the illusion that they have something you don't. That's not so except in a certain negative context. Who is the most famous, richest and powerful of all? That would be the divine. The divine can transfer and apportion any part of itself to anyone at any time, for whatever the reason may be. Whatever it is that you think you want, there is no better font of resource than the divine. Make the understanding of this your reality. Move through your life as if the divine accompanies you everywhere you go and is alive within and without you. At some point this will become true in some indescribably remarkable ways.

Wherever you are, the highway presents itself in all directions, How can you chose a course without a guide? Isn't the best way to get anywhere, to follow someone who has been there and back?

I'll end this with a comment recently left by my good friend Homer at The Hare Krishna poem at streams of consciousness blog. I'm not saying you should become a member of this group. That may not be your path. I am not a member in the temporal sense. What I am saying is that you should see the wisdom in what follows;

Mr. Faill: If we don't make the most of this life, do we get a second chance, in another life?

Srila Prabhupada: Yes. According to your desires at the time of death, you get another body. That body is not guaranteed to be a human body, however. As I've already explained, there are 8,400,000 different forms of life. You can enter any of them, according to your mental condition at death. What we think of at the time of death depends on how we act during our life.

As long as we are in material consciousness, our actions are under the control of the material nature, which is being conducted in three modes: goodness, passion, and ignorance. These modes are like the three basic colors--yellow, red, and blue. Just as one can mix red, yellow, and blue to produce millions of colors, the modes of nature are being mixed to produce many varieties of life. To stop the repetition of birth and death in different forms of life, we must transcend the covering of material nature and come to the platform of pure consciousness. But if we do not learn the transcendental science of Krsna consciousness, then at death we must transfer to another body, either better or worse than our present one.

If we cultivate the mode of goodness, then we are promoted to the higher planetary system, where there is a better standard of life. If we cultivate the mode of passion, then we will remain at the present stage. But if out of ignorance we commit sinful activities and violate nature's laws, then we will be degraded to animal or plant life. Then again we must evolve to the human form, a process that may take millions of years.

Therefore a human being must be responsible. He must take advantage of the rare opportunity of human life by understanding his relationship with God and acting accordingly. Then he can get out of the cycle of birth and death in different forms of life and go back home, back to Godhead.

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