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The Group Consciousness, Telepathic Resonance.

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About a week ago, I was sitting at this computer and I started to sing the song from the movie, “The Bodyguard”; “I will Always Love You”. I'm sure there are any number of people who think that song is a piece of sanitized, denatured shit, like “Feelings” and “Mammaries” (from the corner of my eye). It may be, I suppose. It's one of those songs that will surface every now and then in my head and I will sing it because it's a gas to hit those high notes with my falsetto. Anyway, I had heard a snatch of it somewhere, a commercial, a rendition, or in my head and I was singing it and then I decided I had to see the movie so I got it and watched it; that was just a few days ago.

Late last night, or early this morning; take your pick, I learned that Whitney Houston, who sang the song and appeared in the movie, was dead. This posting isn't about Whitney Houston, who had one of the finest voices to come down the pike in a long time. This posting is about something I talk about in the radio show tonight. It's tied in to my recent trip and something Robert Phoenix mentioned to me on his radio show, Friday (please do not cue Rebecca Black).

Mitt Romney and George W. Bush are cousins. Holy Dickwad, Batshit! (this is Petri Dish- nope, it's now going to be Origami, sorry about that). There's no connection that I know of between this and today's posting but I thought you ought to know. It's one of those interesting things, like Bush being related to the Queen of England.

Back to the theme of this commentary. During my interview with Robert, he said, “I think you went through an initiation during your trip”. I didn't get that at all, although I was told before I left that something like that was going to happen and that I was going to meet someone who would change my life. I took this to mean, at any point in my travels; should I at some point still go to South Africa or a couple of other places that are tentatively on my list.

While I was doing my radio show yesterday, I suddenly started talking about something that was new to me, right while I was talking about it. It was something I knew but didn't know, if that makes any sense and it made perfect sense to me. As I said in the interview, I am a little ahead of the curve, due to my awakened Kundalini. I'm not saying this to attach any exclusivity to myself but simply because it is true. I get things ahead of the general population. Of course, I am not the only one that this applies to. There are others, some are engaged in a manner similar to my own and some are sub rosa.

Regular readers of these blogs are familiar with how often a reader will say, “I was just thinking about that this morning”, or an hour ago, or yesterday. Or they will say, “You just articulated what has been in my head for a long time”. This happens with a frequency that borders on the supernatural. I often refer to it as 'resonance'. We have sympathetic strings, our vibrations are tuned to each other or, things pass from you into me and then back out to you.

One of the things that happened to me when I had my first Kundalini experience, which lasted at a high pitch for 3 years, was that I instantly became telepathic. The Kundalini fire burned away my sense of a personal self and there were no longer any boundaries between me and another person. I was with John Hall (who played with Orleans and recently was a congressman from New York) and several other musicians. When my Kundalini rose and did its number, I was immediately right inside John's mind and I could read his thoughts. He reacted with shock and horror and pushed hard against me in my mind to drive me away. That didn't work though because there is only one mind and once the barrier or boundary of your own mind is gone, access to other minds is pretty automatic. You might ask, what about the barriers in other people's minds? Well, there really aren't any barriers. We are reading each others minds on a certain level all the time but most people don't cue into this. That was pretty much the end of my relationship with John and also the end of whoever I thought I was before this. Later on, I understood the connection between this happening to me and the terrible abuse I suffered at the hands of my earthly father. The false self was being rigorously pummeled out of me. This did not mean the end of the ego, or other features that compose the schematic of human personality. This meant that the stratified identity was gone. Since that happened, I often feel people's faces in my own when I am near them and I can look in the mirror, when I am psychedelicized, and see faces from other times and places morphing in and out of my features.

I'm talking about what I am talking about today, with the intent of giving you a strong boost in terms of your confidence and hopes for the future. This came to me, as I have already said, right while I was doing the radio show for tonight. Very often my mind can be thinking along a particular train of thought, while I am speaking about another train of thought at the same time. We all have some degree of this.

I was thinking about the bad guys and the good guys and the various ways in which whatever is coming could go down and it was then that the telepathy and resonance factor came together in my mind and I saw what was coming. This whole transition process, which is coming by degrees of force and intensity and which has to do with awakening, is bringing with it a collective telepathy. We are already seeing how that works at these blogs. You can look at flash mobs and the Occupy movements as having a similar core unification expression.

We who are being awakened, are moving into a group consciousness state of being. This will facilitate too many wonders to enumerate. It will not only be unifying but it will be a source for a tremendous power of expression and reaction to an entrenched darkness that is on it's way out. Neptune is bringing it in because it is Neptune that dispels boundaries. Neptune was doing a serious number on me right up to the point where I suddenly understood what was happening and now? Now and as soon as this whole understanding became known to me, everything evened out. Amazing, from my end of the spectrum. This descending force, coming down from the inner planes, is bringing two states of mind; clarity and confusion. How this impacts on you depends on what you are up to. The high and mighty oppressors of humanity have no defense against what is soon to happen inside their own minds, nor have they any idea of the power of the unified minds of the other side of the equation.

It is said that God is Love. It is understood that Love expresses itself in unity and one can see the arriving avatar as a unification of consciousness in the minds of those susceptible to the force of his arrival. His energy mistress will be the awakening into the experience of the divine feminine, expressed in the powers that are resident in her. You can kind of see that bride and bridegroom thing that is also expressed in the alchemical marriage.

If what I am saying is true then that is a positive consideration indeed, because, as the speed and force of the descent increases, so will the relative outworking of conditions and phenomena, as they apply to oppressor and recently oppressed. Occultists, Wicca enthusiasts and tribal peoples have long known about the power of collective focus on a common end. Just imagine when this same thing become exponential, in the minds of thousands and tens of thousands ...and who knows? Who knows to what an extent this may occur?

I've been experiencing this over the last six weeks or more and didn't tumble to the implications. Now it seems to me that this must be so and the uncertainty that was troubling me just vanished away into the air when the full implications of this dawned on me.

It is mind blowing to me how one can walk through dark places and suddenly break out into an entirely different environment and the whole trail of movement becomes nothing more than the portions of your journey, connected in a whole cloth expression of what you are. We truly are on the verge of a great adventure, a dynamic shift in consciousness that will put paid to all the doubt and fear that has dogged our tracks for so long. I've always known that the divine was going to work it all out but I had nary a clue about how and it puzzled and troubled me now and again, when it should not have.

I now understand much more deeply the whole point about reliance. To the degree that I can be, to that degree I can become and so goes it for us all. This is the difference between excitement and terror. It's the same ride but people are having different experiences, due to their attachment to the passing familiar or their embrace of the new and arriving. Letting go is key to going. I hope I have, to some small degree, expressed what I am seeing and feeling at the moment and I sincerely hope this resonates with you.

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