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Kali Yuga and the Brotherhood of the Golden Calf.

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The principal thing that must be kept in mind is that we are in Kali Yuga. The next thing to remember is that a golden age is on the doorstep. You can read and hear all about it from various sources with the verification of ancient scriptural texts that directly reference it.

In this age of material darkness there is a particular feature, which should be of great interest and concern, to all whose awareness is not submerged in the ocean of trivia, fabricated for that very purpose. That feature is the invisible side of the equation. In Kali Yuga, the general focus is upon the information given by the senses. In Kali Yuga, the pull of the material realm is seemingly greater than that of the spiritual realm. This accounts for the power and effectiveness of the reverse Kabala as applied upon the unwitting and unsuspecting consciousness, of the general population, by the enemy of humanity, in this particular period, going back to the last recorded evidence, following the destruction of what came before. This also accounts for the reversed kundalini of a certain part of the population, given over to the practice and performance of the type of sexual engagement that comes about when the kundalini is reversed and spiritual nature is drained into material expression.

There is a dark feminine of the type of Kali, Hecate and others, which manifests in perversions upon Nature and which can be seen in the proliferation of concentrated cities, where the signs of enduring Nature have been reduced by a great degree and replaced by centers of infernal energy from shopping malls to trading floors, to killing floors, like the meatpacking district of NYC where, ironically enough, certain sexual mores are acted out throughout the area, in empty tractor trailers and wherever opportunity might raise, or lower, it's reverse, serendipitous head. A hundred years ago only a fraction of the population lived in urban settings, now more than half of it does.

The plague of fast-food eateries and endless advertisements for items of spiritual darkness and even death, the evil of Tribe generated Monsanto, the insanities of constantly shifting fashions, in which millions celebrate their individuality and uniqueness, by doing the same thing, is commonplace. The list of toxic, material abuses upon the human spirit, could read like a dirty laundry list down the rest of the remaining pages of this post. You know what these abuses are. You encounter them every day. They account for the down syndrome of terminal distress in this benighted age.

Some may read things into this posting that are not there. Some will take exception to things said here as if they were judgments upon behaviors that they have been told are genetic predispositions, as well as being wholly legitimate expressions of a natural being. It takes no great application of imagination to make the connection between the dark feminization of the male principle, by the near overpowering effect of material culture. There is a positive feminization of the male principle that is one of the inheritances of the Aquarian Age. This has to do with the awakening of super sensory powers, within those open to them. One can find out what these powers are by investigating the gifts of the goddess upon those devoted to the expression of her secret nature, upon their extended world, as well as their internal being. Once again, the negative side is an expression of Kali Yuga. Those so seduced by one, or several, feature(s) of this power will instinctively react to what is said here because it threatens their hold on the justifications they have woven as a defense for their practices.

It should come as no surprise that Tel Aviv is the world capital of certain practices, or that members of the Brotherhood of the Golden Calf sit, often exclusively, upon the boards of directors of every alternative sexual organization the world over. Only a fool does not make the connection between this and so many other things, inspired out of the reverse Kabala, of the synagogue of Satan. These are plain and direct words and easily proven from any position on a 360 degree circumference of possible perspectives and approaches. These are all easily proven, just as is who did 9/11. These things are beyond dispute. Fools may argue, like captive flies, with human heads, in a spider's web. Their arguments and positions are meaningless and unsupportable.

We have clearly stated here that varieties of alternative sexual practice are to be expected in the course of the journey of every soul, through its progression of lifetimes. These things are learning experiences but not always pleasant; like war and want and infirmity. I have no position on the matter and no judgment on individual choice. I merely point out a particular agenda that is masquerading behind the appearance of freedom of expression. This agenda is masquerading behind all manner of movements and organizations, co-opted by the servants of the devil. It is of no consequence to me what people believe or do not believe, except in the sense that it affects my empathetic nature ...but none of these things; none of these things are in my hands, except for the capacity for reliance upon and surrender to the indwelling self. Out of that construct comes whatever the self intends, with this particular vehicle. Such is the case with us all, to the degree that we can accommodate this relationship.

One should not stand aside in puzzled surprise that the many, who are also members of that cabal of the few, who torment the greater population, do not speak out against their fellows. Their own profit lies in silent association and the hammer and horn of destiny are not deceived or amused. Silence is a crime of omission. One should not be surprised at the increasing appearance of various members of this group, suddenly coming forth to challenge every aspect of the darkness other than its main agents. This is the nature of controlled opposition. It's in your face and the subjugation, enslavement and partial elimination of the human race is the intention and agenda.

As already stated, we see the visible but we do not see the invisible. It is the figure eight, infinity symbol and it's evolutionary operation is that of a helix. At no time is the material more powerful than the spiritual, except in the hearts and minds of those given over to the former. In actual fact, this does not and cannot happen. What you rely upon, that is your source of sustenance and strength. Once again, it is where your treasures are. This is simple stuff but... we demand a greater complexity because we insist on the possession of knowledge and the presentation of ourselves as learned; 'The words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of God's creation'. “‘I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. For you say, I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing, not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked”. We need to be important, so our definitions and presentations need to be complex, how else are the people who never really pay full attention to us, going to recognize how well informed we are, while they are waiting for their turn to speak?

Psychedelics made their appearance because so much carbon had built up on our jets that the car wouldn't start. We needed a booster rocket to get outside the gravitational pull of material culture. It was effective for some of us... for the rest, mixed or negative results, along with a suit and tie and a cubicle further on.

Some special souls, because of the industry of former lives, can consider and employ Jnana and Raja yoga. However, in this time of material darkness, only Bhakti yoga is to be relied on, along with the focus of the devotion. What happened to the Hare Krishna movement was a direct expression of the effect of Kali Yuga but does not negate all of the wonderful efforts of those who did not participate in the lethal ways that Kirtanananda and others engaged in. Another facet of Kali Yuga is to provoke us to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The overwhelming atmosphere of the times, is to draw and hold our attention upon the seeming power and attraction of the negative. It's all a fantastic shadow thrown by a stunted and puny form. It's the exaggerated image born of a polluted imagination and that is why the path of Bhakti is so effective and important because it purifies the senses, illuminates the mind and opens the heart.

The demon worshiping AshkeNAZIS are a symptom of these times. They are the Brotherhood of the Golden Calf. They are mostly all atheists because that is the religion of those who worship material culture. Their most enduring expression is communism because it presents the premise that we are all on an even footing but provides the infrastructure, where the few can operate as predators upon the masses. Love consumes their darkness with an atomizing fire. The only power they have is the power of your fear and their time has come. Judgment is on the doorstep and the punisher waits in the wings. Some number of them have burrowed into every religious and spiritual movement to control and modify the followers and tenets of the same.

No worries, unless you think it's in your hands or unless you think you know something and don't mind being held hostage to what you think you know. No actual human beings were injured in the construction of this posting.

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