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The Witchburners from Troll Central

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A couple of weeks ago, one of an increasing number of a bizarre personality type showed up here. Of course he was anonymous; not for any of the useful reasons we sometimes get around here but simply because of the troll factor, that can attend anonymity and which often does. His premeditated intention was to catch me out about being a Rosicrucian. I had said I was one, meaning in spirit; “may the roses bloom on your cross”. I'm also a Hindu and a Buddhist in spirit and a Sufi as well. I believe all 'legitimate' religions emerge from the same source and I like to celebrate that feature because most people celebrate the differences and exclusiveness that makes dogma and cant such attractive bookends for ignorance and intolerance.

After a short interplay of fatuous gaming, this anonymous troll went off to another web site, where he proclaimed that I was a member of that Satanic organization (implied) known as The Rosicrucians and ergo, I am working for the dark side and probably have several small children duct taped in my basement, for the occasional ritual and recreation period.

I didn't begin this posting today, simply to call attention to the nits and mosquitoes that come around now and then but to address a serious misconception that has taken firm root in the minds of those resident in the alternative culture. There is one fellow who considers himself an expert on women and what's good for them. I won't mention his name but I do know that he sends some of his minions around occasionally, or so I've been told. This fellow is one of the principle individuals slandering any and every esoteric organization that exists or ever has existed. How he manages to tie in The Rosicrucians with his usual nonsense is beyond me. I have studied The Rosicrucians in some depth; meaning I have read just about any book one can find on the matter and also inquired within, where most of my answers come from. When there is corroboration between the inner and outer, I tend to take that as a sort of verification, although, there is little that is certain in this world is there?

I'm going to state something that I have stated before in various ways and which has been misinterpreted in several ways and that is because, people hear what they want to hear and adjust their data and findings to support their preconceived conclusions, instead of the other way around. This is what turns people into witchburners and what also makes social reformers the biggest mass murderers the world has ever seen. We are going to explore the warp and woof of this matter here today. It won't mean anything to the self deluded and those who match their research (whatever there may be of it) to suit their conclusions. This is of no great concern to me. People can and will believe what they like. So long as that matches up with the truth, they will be okay. When it does not meet up with the truth, the truth will, at some point, meet up with them, in some degree of severity, depending on the point that needs to be made and how lasting the impact needs to be.

First, a little background on me. Many of you may be familiar with some of the elements and maybe this will be new to you but it needs to be said. I have studied in the area of the Hermetic and Occult Sciences, as well in the area of spiritual inquiry for over 45 years and certainly in preceding lifetimes. This has been no casual practice. It has been, in some permutation, a part of my every day. I have also been the beneficiary of certain events and revelations that are the natural outgrowth of this sort of engagement. Anyone who devotes themselves to anything, finds that it will eventually speak to them in ways different to what they find on paper or in a classroom. Of course we are in a classroom the whole of our lives. Many of us don't learn very much and there are reasons for that.

Democracy is a system. If it is properly set up, it will function well for some time before the usual corruptions come into play. Yoga is a system. Esoteric fellowships are a system. They are neutral in composition and given a good or evil state of operation, DEPENDING on who is administrating the system. We very clearly can see, in these days, what has become of a former democracy and we can see why and how it happened. It is so clear and apparent that I don't even have to delineate it. If you don't already know this, you're not reading this anyway.

I will use Tantric Yoga as a template. There is no yoga more complicated and that is why you've got all these people running around teaching it, when it takes decades under the tutelage of a bonafide master to make any significant progress. In Tantra there is the right and left hand path. They are both considered legitimate, within the boundaries of their performance. Some things go beyond good and evil. The people so engaged on either side have explained it all to themselves, sufficiently enough to satisfy them.

The Rosicrucians, the real ones, don't wear any kind of an outfit. You can't tell them from anyone else. They have one predominant power; the power to heal. If these things make them evil then many of us considered good are also evil. Paul Foster Case and Arthur Edward Waite both have books out on The Rosicrucians; no doubt both of these men are evil, according to Troll Central. Those already mentioned but not named, say that The Order of the Golden Dawn was evil. Paul Foster Case was a member as was, William Butler Yeats. These same people consider Alice Bailey evil, Annie Besant evil, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky evil and George Gurdjieff evil. As a point of fact they consider all such people evil. They are witchburners and inquisitors.

I am not saying that any or all of these people are evil, or good. I don't think it can be made that cut and dried. I'm of the order of, “By their works ye shall know them”. That's my yardstick, that's my litmus test.

I have a truly extensive, virtual library of Hermetic and Occult treatises and teachings, as well as many spiritual books. Occult history (quite different from our general revisionist history) is one of my passions.

Here is the jist of the matter. This is Kali Yuga. This is Kali Yuga. It stands to reason that esoteric fellowships and organizations, would tend toward corruption in these times because that is the observable drive of humanity in these times. It also stands to reason that, within these fellowships and organizations there are some very good people as well. These witchburners and divine feminine oppressors think Manly Palmer Hall was evil; what a load of horseshit. I'm not buying this crap. It's noted that, toward the end, the Tibetan traditions were somewhat corrupted and if you look into their treatment of lesser fellows there is an argument to be made but this does not discount the ageless wisdom and deep, deep awareness of so many who were exponents of this tradition and all things will be renewed at some point.

We got witchburners tilting at windmills. We got social reformers stoking up new inquisitions. I don't buy into these things because my life's studies, inquiries and research tell a different tale. I figure if God wants me to know something, he will tell me and he has done this, or he has pointed me to areas of comparative interest that somehow lights up the original. There are a lot of things I can't say because I don't know how to say them but I can tell you that things are not what they seem because APPEARANCES ARE DECEIVING. What you see is not what there is, as it is. This is the work of Maya. This is the explanation of the dreamscape. This is a main key to bondage, on the wheel of death and rebirth; the wheel of fire, the wheel of desire.

There are visible and invisible orders that do magnificent work. They operate below and above the radar. We don't usually hear about them because they are not resident in the usual courses of this world of darkness, of useless and harmful informations and products, all the tinsel and tragedy of this temporary world. The sacrifices and consistent efforts of individuals in these groups, is a reflection of their integrity and sincerity. Those who are fixated on the Cliff Notes versions, or agenda bent versions of things, not as they actually are, have no difficulty stating what actually isn't and indicting and slandering what they do not comprehend and have no real and valid information concerning. This never stops any of them because their intent is not about the truth but more about spreading dissension, confusion, which is all to the end result of self promotion and varieties of personal acquisition and this should be immediately clear to anyone who is not shanghaied by these motivations and clear as mud to everyone who is.

It's one thing to read a few articles here and there about one group or another, written from a vested perspective. It is quite another to study the tenets and teachings of a group in depth and to consider where advancement can lead and in how many directions. One should always keep in mind the tenor and times of the age in which things are extant and operative and always remember that something pure on one hand can be perverted on the other. This is the case concerning the Kabala and how we come to have a reverse Kabala. This is the case with The Kundalini and why we have a reversed Kundalini. Our culture is corrupt, our institutions are corrupt, the people are corrupt, in general, it stands to reason that organizations and teachings have been corrupted but they are also not corrupted for people who are not corrupting them.

I don't belong to any organizations. I did once belong to The Builders of the Adytum but I never took any of the tests for advancement or sought to rise in the order. All I wanted to do was learn. I have been informed that I belong to an invisible brotherhood but I don't know what it is. I suppose one day I will. I serve nothing and no one besides that which receives my prayers and private conversations and those whom I serve as a matter of course according to the will of the one who receives my prayers. That's it. That's all there is.

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