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Visible Resonance and Visible Dissonance.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Here it is, we're into May and the weather is cold and gray, as it has been for weeks. It appears that the mental climate on this Earth, has now commandeered the actual weather. My focus on what's been going down is pretty narrow. I look at the bankers, the politicians and the Israelis. I also look at the sleeping classes and the partially awakened classes. As for these latter, I do not exist for the one and I have some contact with the others in many, many countries around the world. I still notice, now and again, some country I had never even heard of before it showed up in the virtual Rolodex of the visitors of the moment.

Readers come and go, occasionally I will recall a name that has not crossed my mind in some time. Where did they go? I haven't seen Bholanath, Stickman or various others in awhile. For some I know the reason for their departures. For some, I do not. Occasionally, I piss someone off. It's hard not to do that for various reasons. One reason is certainly the controversial end of things, in respect of what I say. One reason is concerned with my acting out in real life, though these are few and far between, they do happen. Irrepressible urges will surface on occasion. I'm not sure what the cosmic motivation is but I suspect it has to do with my Anti-Guru 2.0 software. I'm pretty sure that's the culprit. It only surfaces under circumstances where it appears to be necessary. It never comes up at any other time.

Then there is the occasional blunt comment, lacking in diplomacy. It is under consideration that I alter my long standing policies. Some of you are aware of these and some of you are not. My policy has been to respond in kind, according to the particular blog where the comment appears. Visible Origami is supposed to have the lightest touch and Reflections in a Petri Dish, the strongest. Lately I have come to believe that some of my long standing tactics have become outdated. It can happen that you get into a groove and it turns out to be a rut. It can happen that you are frustrated and do not realize that you are frustrated. This can make one edgy.

It also happens that when one is communicating with tens of thousands of people, the thoughts of those people influence you for good and for ill. It also happens that when you are communicating controversial information and ideas about the most powerful and ruthless psychopaths on the planet that they will eventually notice you. Very strangely, Visible Origami is the site that comes up most often as as forbidden site, a dangerous site, a site that does not come up but a warning page does. It mystifies me why this would happen to Origami but I hear about it often. However, I should mention that there are many ways to react to people like me. Some of them you know about and some you may not know about. These people have people who focus various kinds of negative attention on those who cry out against them. They have chants and they have magical procedures. I've run into these. I ran into some of this in India. I haven’t talked about some number of things here. I probably should have but... there's not very much that anyone can do for me. It's all in the hands of my invisible friends and they have been, for the most part, very effective.

One thing I am aware of and which some of you may be aware of, is what goes down when you are employed by a particular force. You confer responsibility upon that force and that force takes over your life and your destiny and we are talking about the most powerful force there is. Nothing happens without the say so of this force, no matter what anyone may think about the Prince of this World. The Prince of this World works for this force. Ergo, none of his minions and those who have allegiance to the Prince of this World, are capable of acting in any way that is not permitted for them to act because ALL FORCE comes from this one force. There is no motive action of any kind that is not motivated by some portion of this force, either a direct application of this force, or a perversion of it, a permitted perversion. I mentioned earlier that servants of the darkness have chants and magical procedures that they can activate against people like some of you and I. Some amount of this is permitted. I am not totally surrendered, very few of us are. The process of existence is to bring us to that point of total surrender. This can be painful and exhausting, or it can come about in various ways. It can be painful and exhausting for a time and then turn into something else. We have to let things go ...but we often do not even know what these things are.

I have tried to serve you in the best way that I know how. I studied for many years in order to become versed in the subjects I present here. I heavily research in order to present what shows up at the other blogs. I experienced radical transformations that opened up areas of information and communication with entities from other realms. It seems that these posted efforts have been of some use to some, meaningless to others and occasionally, the back and forth between myself and some of you has led to various degrees of friendship and occasionally to estrangement and bad feeling. For this latter condition, I must say, my heart is often heavy from this, so it necessitates my mentioning it. I have pretty much an endless capacity to forgive, even those who tried to put my life in danger, or send me away to prison for life, or quite injuriously betrayed me, often for reasons I have yet to understand. I know there are people who resent me for the usual reasons of ego, vanity and not understanding where I’m coming from ...because people of this sort always measure you against themselves and see you as they subconsciously view themselves as you and they are not you. This is a peculiarity I have some degree of awareness concerning and have seen it in operation many times. I recognize that I am flawed in some ways and then there are some common flaws I don't have; jealousy, envy, vanity. They don't fit and they don't stick. Other things do and I struggle near daily with them.

I realize I'm talking about myself but it has to do with my relationship with you. Though I have forgiven practically everyone I have had a falling out with, none of them have forgiven me. When I say practically everyone, it's possible I've simply forgotten someone. Maybe that's the same thing, sort of.

They say in the direct mail order business that you have a guaranteed 2% demographic of positive response in terms of sales. I think this carries over into many things. Predicated on this, I believe I can say that most of the people who come to these blogs have never left a comment. Some of you have been coming here for years and never left a comment. I get from a low of four thousand to a high of around 20,000 visits per posting. They tend to average out around 10,000 to 12,000 usually. That means I'm not even getting the 2% demographic. That's okay, if the general impact is positive and... years of doing this has proven that out to me then, I'm okay doing this for some mystery population from somewhere out there and... in there as well.

I guess there's something I've been trying to say through this whole post but I can't seem to get around to it. I guess I'll just say it right out and those who have any compassion for me can say what they like and those who don't care about me can say what they like too. My having to get it together after 14 years in a certain reality (if that's the word for it) and going somewhere I have never been, in what seems like a permanent fashion, where I know one fantastic person and where another seemingly decent guy has also contacted me from is... disconcerting. I'm not only having trouble getting it together, I'm having trouble getting anything together. I'm having trouble focusing on my book but... I suspect that will shortly get done by pure dint of forceful returning, over and over. I'm having trouble taking care of the things I need to take care of, before I get where I am going. There are movies playing all the time. I go through the motions of the routines I have to carry out each day.

I know God has arranged all of this, just as God arranges everything in my life, brings things into my life and takes things out of my life, brings people into my life and takes them out of my life. It's all that responsibility that God bears for however much my surrender amounts to, in terms of required oversight. God, or whomever the agent is that speaks for God, has told me he's responsible for what is happening, for transiting me out of all that has been familiar for such a length of time and into this new adventure, where new people will come into my life, to fill up the nooks and corners that will now have a vacancy sign hanging in them.

I guess I'm trying to say my hearts not in what I'm doing these days and for those of you who have been able to bear with me, I hope you will bear with me, as I attempt to sort out an avenue of passage that will make me more comfortable about it all. It's not like attachment is the big problem. I've been through so much 'catch and release' in this life, so many total transformations, that it is as if I have already lived a hundred lives. Some of them have been diametrical opposites of others.

I was told that I would be taken somewhere, that someone would come for me. Mistakenly, I thought that was meant to be India ...but it was not India, not in any way. India does not possess Visible Resonance, although it did in some regards, concerning a collection of Indians, who showed up across the time-line and then all showed up at the same time ...but nothing else really. The place I am going does possess Visible Resonance. I already know this and it is there that I am going to have many meetings of a transformative nature. I can see the land and my house. I go there in my dreams and have met people that I will meet... Some of these have been lucid dreams.

My heart isn't in anything I'm doing right now. I feel like I am behind glass and different things are talking place on either side of that window. I'm kind of shell shocked and disappearing into movies. Right now I'm watching everything with Timothy Olyphant in it. A few days ago, I was watching everything with Billy Bob Thornton in it. In a few days I will be watching everything with Guy Pearce in it and then get on to Emily Page and maybe Keanu Reeves and Aaron Eckhart. As you have probably surmised, these are my favorite actors.

I don't want to let anyone down here. I'm going to keep doing what I do because I know there is some segment of the readership that relies on me to do it and to keep this virtual community running, humming along, or limping along, as the case may be at the moment. I'm pretty resilient and I am a committed optimist-glass half full kind of a guy. For those I have pushed away, in one fashion or another, or convinced that they want nothing further to do with me, I've got nothing to say. I've said what I had to say so many times. I've apologized, sincerely. I don't have the problem with my ego that so many people have. The reality of existence is that we are all hosting someone or something. We are hosting God, or the devil, or we are hosting some version of whatever amalgam of temporary personification we have come up with and maintain as a false front, over our essential being. I get no joy or peace with anything but my essential being and no amount of self denigration, or vulnerability, even in the presence of my enemies,is too much to experience in order to hold on to my own particular resonance with myself. I hope the right people have seen some portion of themselves in all of this. I'm sure the wrong people won't (grin).

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