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Dancing with Lord Aya amidst the Wonders of the Apocalypse.

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ISISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.... Precioussssssssssss. So... I been thinking. It's a habit I picked up a long time ago and I can't seem to shake it. I know it's pretty much out of fashion these days and can even be a social liability at times. I've seen people ostracised for being caught out at it. “How come so and so doesn't come around anymore?” “What? You didn't hear? He's been thinking. He even admitted it" "What was he thinking about?" “Don't know, he wouldn't say. Remember how he used to go around with his forehead all scrunched up and we thought he might be constipated?”“Yeah...?” “turns out he was thinking... .” ”That's... that's uh... really not good news.” “Yes... it is. so you can see why he hasn't been around lately. What if the kids found out?”

Yes... you have to protect your children. There are things out there in the world ... and not only in 'this world' but elsewhere that can have a serious impact on your children. There are things that can change them forever; things that can near permanently remove them from your sphere of influence. Some of these things are deadly that will eat away at all of the things that you hold dear. One of those things is the truth. There are few that are of greater danger to the stability of a society and its essential building block, the family, than the truth. The truth is like that genie you let out of the bottle, the cat that gets let out of the bag, the skunk in the middle of the road, only it smells much worse than that.

The truth is a notorious enemy of both tradition and the established social hierarchy. If this were not true then why would it be banned from the educational system? Why would it be persona non grata in courtrooms around the world? Why would it be against the law in many countries and guaranteed political suicide for any politician foolish enough to engage in it? Why would nearly every established religion go to such lengths to conceal it?

Every color and kind of pornography the mind can imagine is readily available and none of them... none of them are considered more profane and reprehensible than is the truth. Lies are the established currency of the age. The truth... the truth will get you killed.

They say that lies will destroy a marriage but the harm the truth can do is so much greater.

Think about it (but don't get caught). When was the last time you told someone what you really thought of them? I'm talking about in a good way AND in a less favorable manner. On the one hand, the results of your vulnerability can be excruciating. On the other hand, there's no telling what the consequences might be. Consider this... how many rich and successful people do you know who are in the habit of telling the truth with any degree of consistency? Doesn't the truth actually run counter to every aspect of successful business practice?

I've had some interesting images running through my head lately and one series of them has to do with potentials for resolution to this compacted load of tens of thousands of kinds of multi colored weasel shit. Though it is not as evident to most as it may be in fact, it should be obvious to the trained observer that despite all the 'in your face' power demos being exhibited by the temporary elite, their infrastructure is cracking at the seams. It's been some while since much of anything went well for them or according to plan. This is why the looming false flag has taken so long to come about. They know they are under the microscope and should their efforts go awry, as nearly all of their efforts have in recent times, they will find themselves in the glare of the spotlights with something other than egg on their face.

If... as it appears to any competent and trained observer, their nefarious plots consistently keep going bottom up, it is to be expected that this trend will continue and it should be more than evident that something... something is messing with them. I was told in Italy a few years ago that this was going to happen. I was engaged in a four day tête-à-tête with Lord Aya and he was pretty much well past emphatic in the way it was described to me.

Let's employ some simple logic here. Simple logic isn't something that is much in favor these days because simple logic can all too often lead to simple truths that can lead to social disenfranchisement. Simple logic says that if something large and complex is falling apart; if seams of light are appearing in a formerly uniform darkness, it implies continuance of the same. Do things that are falling apart generally repair themselves? No. if they are repaired they are repaired by those with significant investment in them. What are the results of the actions of those with significant investment in the darkness of this hour; the darkness which has perpetuated for a considerable length of time? Their actions appear to be hastening the demise of the very thing they seek to prop up. If the usual policy is not questioned by those employing it, this means they are content with the ongoing status quo of their long term modus operandi.

I could add other arguments here but I am personally convinced of the hand of the ineffable in all things and in this time of the apocalypse, all that is contrary to the good of all is turning on both the competition and itself because all things work for good for those who love the ineffable. Meanwhile we see a steady continuance on the part of the workers of light. Though there are many who choose to remain asleep, there is a noticeable increase in the power and presence of those engaged in causing awakening and awakening proliferates and expands as the world situation worsens. It could be... it could be that the whole jury rigged, duct taped and Krazy glued operation of the servants of the Dark Lord, simply gains an ever increasing speed in the direction of its own demise. It might just fall apart all around us and the undertow, the sucking current takes the evil and the stupid down at the same time.

Consider this... if you are fast asleep and programmed to move in accord with all of the worst possibilities that are in expression by those who are the primary deceivers, when the world changes into something indefinable by the minds of those who sleep in dreams of delusion... can there be any place for such as these in the new world to come? No. Their own internal mechanisms will not accept the emergent conditions and the emergent environments that will play host to this new world. It could well be that there will manifest apertures that lead in every direction that is possible for each and every GPS so programmed to its predictable end. Observe the process and result of any series of continuously repeated actions. If Kansas City is the logical outcome of a particular route plan, Kansas City is the unavoidable destination that occurs. If it is somewhere else, somewhere else is where you get. If you don't pay attention while crossing the street, you might skate by for some period of time but... eventually... something large and moving at impressive speed is going to interface with your unconscious crossing. It's simple math. The whole thing is simple and all it requires is an easily acquirable selection of abilities; objective reasoning, a proper value system and the right intentions. Certainly certain virtues of character are always welcome. One can gain these by loan and by grace; should you have the capacity to petition the proper authorities.

Yes... the whole wonderful one horse shay (Satan being the chief architect) could well collapse before our eyes and take with it everyone whose investment in it is greater than their capacity for change. If you can't change, you will die. Truly strange things are afoot. Russia making peace with the corrupt Kiev regime; what's that all about?

Consider all of the things that have gone wrong for the despoilers and deceivers. We are truly looking at wheels within wheels and keep in mind that there are many competing entities and each and every one of them will do whatever they can to defeat the interests of the rest of the competition. It could be that the new world, even as these words are written, is coming into flower all around us and within us, though we may not yet have the new eyes to see it with and that is why one must strive to see. One must relentlessly inquire within themselves, “Who am I? Who am I” One must study the elusive awareness within with their own awareness, such as they may understand or be aware of it.

There is nothing in this world that will bring us low unless we bend and incline toward it and sacrifice our balance as a result. There is no power in the world that is as great as the power within us, should our faith in that interior power be greater than our 'faith' or 'fear' in the permutations of the power of the world. Fear is just another form of faith. The difficulty inherent in our lives is the result of being conflicted AND what does that force, called The Devil specialize in? It specializes in division and discord, division within us and discord with the world around us. We come into conflict with the world when we are in conflict with ourselves. You might well ask here, “Well, okay, visible but what about that living in all things contrary to the world? Doesn't that lead to conflict too?” It leads to the occasional appearance of it but as has been formerly stated, there is no power in the world or in appearances that is as great as the power within you, should you be capable of sourcing it. “If god is for me, who can be against me?” Words to live by, words to live by.

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