Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In the Garden, the Quiet Morning, Alone with the Speaking Heart.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

A few years ago, the holiday season might be approaching a couple of months from now and you could be looking forward to some amount of celebration with loved ones, in warm rooms, with bright lights and seasonal cheer. Life might feel good. Maybe you had a job and some money in the bank. You were probably hopeful for the future. I'm sure some amount of us were, if we lived in a First World country which most of the readers here did. The world has changed in stages since that time. It has become, increasingly more hostile, rude, insecure and a whole bunch of other things I don't have to list because we already know what those are. It was such a different world. After the Mossad/CIA attack on New York City everything changed. Now... holidays are those times when something bad might happen. Elections are bad times too; like the one coming up. The tide has turned but like all major changes in the life cycles of the cultures of the world, change comes slowly for the most part, except in those times when it comes swifter than anyone can imagine. Possibly both of those conditions exist in this present time.

There is no consistency in these times, except for the steady march into perdition of everything that seemed so solid and stable not so long ago. Many things seemed to be other than what they have turned out to be. So... maybe it was only illusions that we had, similar to the illusions upon which so many holidays are based. This is not to say that there was no truth at all in the supposed occurrences upon which these holidays were based, only to say that the reality was, no doubt, very different from the official stories. When one considers that events of mere days and hours passed are already circulated round the world as poorly constructed lies, does it not stand to reason that events of centuries and millennium passed would be largely untrue and horribly exaggerated?

Well, we have heard it often enough, even though we may be too hard headed to fully accept it; whatever there may be of truth, it is only to be found within. Looking for it outside yourself is going to result in a series of disappointments that will, eventually bottom out and drive one, willing or not, internally, in search of what cannot be discovered out here... or, as is usually the case, one simply stops looking and gets weeded out.

I have a good friend. He's one of the most solid and decent people I know. He's incredibly talented and gifted with a true understanding and generous heart. Lately he's taken a lot of hits to the gut. After all of this bad luck, the love of his life just walked out on him. Suffice to say, he doesn't know if he's coming or going. He will survive this and come out stronger than he went in because that is how he is made.

My last guest, in an act of malicious spite that had no motivation for happening, stole Susanne's car and house keys along with some amount of money from me. You look at things like this, things that happen without provocation and you have to shake your head and ask, “Why? Why?” Surely there is a 'why' but most of the time we don't know what it is.

I'm here when I wanted to be somewhere else. My body hurts most of the time because the weather has changed and Man! I am noticing it (grin). I am getting up every morning at 6:00 AM to drive 40 K to sit in a classroom for 4 hours of very intense immersion studies. I've got two months to go. It will get colder and no doubt, more painful but I'll just put my head down and continue. I could already be where I'm headed and not be feeling as I do. Sometimes I feel so incredibly tired and I don't know why. This is something new. Do I think about it? Stick it with a fork or hook it up to wires connected to a battery to see if it will come to life like a dead frog and explain to me why it is as it is? Nah.

When things are going heavy; when they move with a sluggish recalcitrance that mocks your every effort, those are the times when you find out what you are made of. These are the things that put steel in your spine. Surely pain is proof that you are alive and no matter how long and twisted may be the road, or how far past the point of what you thought you were able to bear it continues and continues then... you must continue too. If your heart is broken and the world has irreparably failed you... so what? Like Thomas said, “rage against the dying of the light!”

I have long been a student of true history and biographies so I know what others have endured and I find my concerns petty by comparison with many. As I linked at the Petri Dish comments, use this to measure your vain accomplishments by.

My poor injured friend will find his way. I am certain of this. I will find my way too and many of you against all odds will do the same. In the end it all comes down to what and whom we rely upon. If our faith is based on something sure and eternal, be it ever so unseen, our life will shine like a brilliant and radiant light, which no encroaching darkness can dim. It is no ordinary wind that fills my sails and that can be true of anyone. To the extent that your sincerity is true, to that extent so will be the love that bears you.

Every morning now, as I have begun to train myself, in the darkness of the morning, I rise into a conversation with my guardian and guide. I maintain this conversation for the whole time I am here and preparing to go. I enter my car and it continues the whole way to my class. At my class I let my thoughts rise over and over to an interplay with the one who shepherds my course. Then I am in my car again and the conversation continues. I return to my temporary home and all through the day to this point that conversation continues. I persist. I force it. I run out of things to say so I talk about nonsense and very ordinary things... ANYTHING to keep the conversation going. When I lay in my bed tonight, that conversation will continue. I will awaken every hour in the night. This has been the rule for awhile now and the conversation will continue. It is incredibly wearying to press and be consistent in this, far past any effort previously made by me. When the heart and mind compete against the usurpation of new things and habitual patterns want to bring back the forgetfulness of interlocking moments, it can be so very, very tiring but one goes on regardless.

I talk fairly often about my conversations with my invisible friends. Perhaps ,many people believe I have always had this interaction; not so. It has only been in the last decade that this has been happening with any regularity. Prior to that, I could count on it happening should I consume psychedelic substances or in successful meditations but otherwise, no... It has only been through a gradual persistence, regardless of misfortune, opposition and occasional calamity that I have been able to realize a recurrent connection. All I can think is that maybe my misfortunes have been due to a lack of intensity on my part to reach the indwelling. Certainly I will now find out if this is the case.

Sooner or later, each and every one of us, will at some point, find ourselves asking (should we survive to that point), “what have I done with my life?” Sooner or later the time will come when we will wake up in the middle of the night or in the hours before dawn and find a constant flow of images moving through our mind that present themselves like the movie of the life we have lived. In some cases this will lead to bouts of terrible regret... despair and remorse as we view our lives of quiet desperation.

One day follows the next. Perhaps we think that our moment of service will simply appear at the appropriate interval. Maybe we think it's all Karma. Maybe we think it's all unimportant and you're only here the once and after that... nothing. Mr. Bent out of Shape, Steven Hawkings just declared thatthere is no god. My first thought is, “How can someone supposedly so smart be so arrogant and stupid?” I'm not saying he should or shouldn't believe. What I am saying is that a truly intelligent person knows when to say, “I don't know.” Now... I personally know there is a divine being. I know this. Many things I do not know. This, I KNOW and I have had it proven over and over and over again. I am a very very lucky man. I am one of the luckiest men on Earth. It is how I am able to bear everything that comes at me. There are NO RICHES on Earth, nor do all the riches on Earth put together, compare to simply knowing there is a divine being and more importantly, knowing the utter insignificance of your own being in respect of it, which, leads to that beautiful humility that is possessed only by the wise.

Let the winds of ill fortune blow! Let all matter of calamity come and go! Let loss be piled upon loss! You will not take from me the one thing of value and that is my love of the one who brought me to the point where I can in abject awe, contemplate the shining and eternal existence of the inexplicable and inexpressible... there is no one of this whole planet that has more than I while appearing to have nothing at all.

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