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Bypassing the Lands of Curmudgeon and Chronic Compulsion.

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Last week I was struggling to find a way to explain something. As is most often the case, it's usually something that happened or is happening to me and if it is something I perceive as useful, I pass it on. So... I was thinking, imagine the mind as an apartment with a lot of rooms, or a few rooms, depending on the personality and these walls are all on sliders and they can be pushed out and they merge with the walls they come up against so, theoretically, you can turn any mental apartment into a single room of variable dimensions. Imagine, as is the case with most people, this apartment is cluttered with artifacts and there are many shelves upon which are stored all manner of objects that made an imprint on the consciousness and so they remain there, resonating from the point of their relevance and time of impact.

Of course there are three floors to the apartment but one seldom has access to either the one above or below. The bottom floor is reached through dreams in sleep and sometimes in meditation. The upper floor is reached through states of exalted consciousness or via the engine of sacred comestibles and even in these cases, most often, only a certain level of the top floor is accessible. It should be noted that when people move out of the apartment (AND should they return, at a later date), they will not be coming back to the same apartment and when they vacate, they exit through the bottom floor OR the top floor. This is a critical piece of information but not something that most people pay any attention to, unfortunately.

Okay... let's say that one pushes the walls of all the rooms outward until there is only a single room and let's say that one empties the room of every single object and piece of furniture; keeping in mind that there are some objects and features that are a part of the room and they will not be removed. That isn't something you worry about. It's part of you.

So, now... you have an empty room; a single empty room and you have RSVP'd this room. An occupant is coming. You know an occupant is coming but you don't know when. The sense of arrival is a sense of imminence, so you are in a state of anticipation. You have been waiting on this occupant for some time but the occupant was not going to come when the apartment was in such a cluttered state, or composed of so many rooms. As long as there were so many spaces and objects of so many kinds competing for your attention, the occupant has no interest in being resident in such a confusing environment.

As you are waiting for this occupant, it starts to dawn upon you that the occupant has actually arrived but has been so quiet and near invisible that you didn't notice the arrival. Even though you know the occupant is now in residence, you can't, for some reason, get the sense of it. You know he's there, by some means but he is so elusive. It's something you kind of have to take on faith and that is part of the point of the whole affair. Everything you go through on your way to recognizing the resident is a part of the process, because in order to recognize and interact with the resident you have to grow in certain ways. Everything in life happens in stages and all of those stages are critical because they connect and if you come into the next stage at a level below what you should have, then the challenges placed upon you can be more onerous than they might have been. This is why so many people plateau out at a certain point and don't evolve or improve beyond that state and then chronic behavior comes in to play and the Land of Curmudgeon awaits down the line.

One has to recognize the indwelling occupant and operate in a state of joy and excitement at the newly arrived presence (which may not be newly arrived at all). Despite being generally unaware of the occupant; meaning you can't see or hear the occupant, you know the occupant is there and you go through your every day with as much focus upon this truth as is possible for you. You engage the occupant in conversation as often as you can remember to. You take the occupant with you everywhere you go. You make it a point to convince yourself that the occupant is more real than anything else in your life. You know that nothing in your life has any importance unless its importance is reflected in association with the occupant.

You stand there in that empty room and you remind yourself over and over that the room is not empty. You have made the room empty by casting out every though that enters in and by discarding everything you thought and believed before, knowing that if any of it was real it won't be going anywhere. With a gentle toss of the head and a short burst of expelled breath, you send every arriving thought packing. If you are committed to this and possessed of the requisite certitude, you will experience success pretty rapidly.

What I was trying to convey in the last Origami is the sense of expectation that one must carry about with them as one functions out of this empty room. One has to come into each day with an assurance that at any moment, this occupant will announce itself. One has to go through their day with the certainty that this occupant is already present and is watching, watching and waiting. One has to know that when their attention upon the occupant is greater than it is on anything else that one has reached a particular critical mass and success is then certain. It might come that very day and it might come later but come it will.

I'm still not able to convey exactly what I want to say. It has everything to do with how one feels about all of this. It has to do with the ability to engage in waiting expectation. It's something to do with ones emotional state and the direction of ones mental intention. In other words, I've been able to say everything I said here for some time but what I am actually feeling is altogether new. It's much more powerful powerful and consistent than it ever was and I attribute some of that to the tenor of the times and the arrival of certain graces upon the being of everyone so disposed to the reception of them. It has something to do with the direction of focus being maintained through stages. It's part of a natural progression that has been moving through time for a great deal longer than any of us have been here (this time anyway).

I don't know all the details of the lives of the rest of you. I've heard things here and there and so I know that some portion of you have had difficult passage and especially so in recent years. There is, obviously, a reason that so many of us, who are in pursuit of higher states of consciousness and reunion with the one, have been put through so much. It certainly must have seemed like is was never going to end and then... heh heh... in some cases, it got worse. Well... there are things you can laugh about later on and things that never will make you smile upon reflection. I wouldn't know what to think if somehow everything turned all positive on me. I do know that at some point it will because that's how it works. EVEN... even if it only comes in on your way out the door... come it will.

I'm sure that many of us are astounded that we have actually been able to come to this point, more or less, in one piece. I was laying in bed last night and thinking about how I was some years ago, looking forward in life and thinking,”well, it has to improve sooner or later. Everyone has these rough patches.” I hardly anticipated that it would continue to be bad highway all along the route. A lot of it has to do with the state of the times and the brutal blanketing of materialism on all sides. If you were a stone cold materialist then you did pretty well and probably still are doing pretty well; materially that is. If you were someone seeking an 'authentic' haven of spiritual being, it's been slim pickings, especially since most of the spiritual communities in these times are material communities, also filled with plotting and intrigues, backbiting and what have you. I was pretty stunned to find so many ashrams and similar to be hotbeds of political jockeying. So it is that these days there are all kinds of westerners who insinuated themselves into these situations, got themselves an oriental name and prance about in performance role, lacking any connection whatsoever to whatever it is they are supposed to be representative of. I remember being told that Papaji, in the aftermath of creating a whole lineup up instant gurus, was said to be laughing about it, thinking it was all some kind of big joke that he had played on the wider community of genuflecting dilettantes.

I'm guessing there must be some communities out there that are decent and stable aggregations of good people going about whatever it is their business amounts to but... most of them are business operations and nothing more. I've come to believe that the idea of community is something for others to consider and think about. I don't want any part of it myself any more. I figure it's all where it is when it is as it should be and the same applies to me. Nothing beats having lots of private time when you've got the occupant in residence. There's a reason that so many people of a certain type become hermits. Nothing wrong with having people come by now and then but... that celebrity circuit? You wind up waving your hands in the air around your head all day long cause of all the mosquitoes and deer flies that invariably show up.

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