Monday, October 13, 2014

Consciously Hosting the Presence of The Already Resident.

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I want to share one of my finer secrets with you today. I hesitate to do this because of the limitations of the written word. Certainly I can get the bones of it into a rough draft but can I convey the essence of the state? We shall see. I shall take some time to get around to it as I sketch out various companion features so as to also create something of a pictograph.

Most of you are familiar with that brief metaphysical exercise by Brother Lawrence called, “The Practice of the Presence of God.” Probably you are also familiar with this meditation; “Be still and know that I am God.”

For a good long while, at odd moments, as a result of my ongoing kundalini uprisings, I have been able to feel the silhouette of the deity within. How do I describe it? It is a combination of my awareness of myself within the moment and then of an awareness of a finer etheric otherness that outlines, or rather inlines my own being and I am able to sense it as if I were it and the experience is, first of all, one of timeless being. It is almost like a creature of dance in synchronized movement that expresses itself in poses and mudras. There is no speech there, nor is there a communication between me and this otherness, other than that of its being present. It is some sort of a humming resonance of being that overlays, or inlays my own. It's not really an otherness. I only call it that to distinguish between my ordinary consciousness and the superconsciousness which is connected at some point to my own, though I do not know in what manner.

Usually, over the years, over the decades, this would happen nearly all the time, only when I was in a psychedelicized state of being. There would be rare moments when it might manifest in an unaltered state; let me rephrase that, the state would, of course, be altered but it was natively altered. Somewhere and at some point in the last ten years this all changed and it began to manifest at odd and irregular moments all on its own. Of times in the past when it would occur, all by itself, it would often be the result of meditation, or during those periods when I was confined in the pits of the dark lord as a presumed enemy of the state. How anyone human could not be an enemy of the state, insofar as the state presently defines itself, is beyond me and there is ample historical tradition for any number of spiritual seekers being held in dungeons and keeps over the course of this Kali Yuga time zone.

There are few books or treatises on The Kundalini which clarify the whole thing in layman's terms. There are scholarly works like “The Serpent Power” by Arthur Avalon. Then there is Gopi Krishna's excruciating tales of his own experiences, which are not necessarily the mean for everyone. Certainly I did not have anything like this happen but I was also completely unresistant and my personal self did not react against it happening at any time along the way.

However, there are not, so far as I know, any simple literary works that delineate the phenomena. Maybe that is because there is nothing simple about it, yet... my own experiences were quite simple. It could be that there are such accounts but I am unaware of them. Possibly some reader has a resource that accomplishes this. Otherwise it can be an ordeal to wade through things like Avalon's book or other complex texts and Gopi Krishna's would not serve as a positive introduction to the affair.

This is just stuff and more stuff and not germane to what I am seeking to present but, for whatever the reason, I... or someone, feels all this intro is necessary.

The deity is within us, at some state of awakening. The man on the beach told me, “God is sleeping and this is his dream.” So it is that the ineffable 'awakens' in us and this can take all kinds of forms. We can be laden with shortcomings and yet have the divine awake within us. We can be realized and yet still required to go through various motions which is what Jivanmukti indicates, more or less.

Emmanuel means 'god within us', 'god is with us' etc. We are each splinters of the divine in search of our immortal self AND the state can be realized and accessed in every religion and anyone who thinks otherwise is a religious xenophobe or fundie elitist, as well as dead wrong. Unless one realizes that the aperture exists in every faith, one is trapped in an unfortunate loop until such time as mercy, grace or trauma intrudes.

Okay then... still reaching... still feeling my way. What I am seeking to transmit is directly relevant to the gentle snorting, empty mind technique. This is necessary as a prerequisite. Once you are in the empty mind state, you recognize that you are waiting in a state of confident expectation and that the divine will arrive and dwell in this empty space. This is what the space is prepared for. One assures themselves that they are willing to wait at every juncture where this awareness of empty mind occurs, or one is reminded of it and that one is certain that in that very moment the divine is in movement. This may occur many times in a single day, at least as far as I experience it and one has to instantly acknowledge at that point, “God is coming. I wait in expectation. I wait with a definite certitude that the divine is coming. The divine may already be here but I am unaware of it. Let me become aware of it. Let me practice the awareness of the indwelling irrespective of my being aware of it or not. Let me insist that I am aware. The divine is here. The divine is right here and that presence is not influenced to depart simply because I am unaware of it. It is here. It is here.”

You are standing somewhere. You are sitting somewhere and you are in empty mind. Instantly your consciousness tells you, “God is here.” It may be that you can feel the divine to be present, whether in motion or still. What you must do is convince yourself that the presence is present, despite no direct evidence of this. You must find yourself reaching to that consciousness of the indwelling witness.

I am not expressing this in anyway close to what I am after. It is so difficult to convey what I am trying to say. It's a state of brimming expectation and certainty that The One is imminently on the doorstep of one's being. It is as if that emptiness is proof of the ineffable and exists for no other reason than for the hosting and that the very presence of the mind in this state of readiness and anticipation is proof positive of the successful outcome of this cosmic intent. The heart swells in sympathetic accord with the KNOWING that result is imminent.

You are in that state and you know you are in that state for only one reason and that is in order to host the divine within the vehicle of your being. You know that you have no motive power and no cognitive power except as it is conferred upon you by the divine and even your own awareness of yourself would be impossible if the divine did not make it possible. You know this! This is proof. This proof blossoms into an incredible sense of confidence. You know beyond any possible doubt that you will prevail in this exercise because the burden of doing so is not yours. Your only responsibility is to not resist it happening. You are what allows and permits. You are what does not oppose. It is the divine that accomplishes the residence, just as it is the Guardian Angel who accomplishes the completion of The Great Work.

I cannot speak with absolute certainty on a particular point, whether there are individuals who can do this but USUALLY one does not directly contact the divine. It is through an intermediary, an angelic being, or realized master who does this. The divine that manifests within is our own particular godhead. This is not the same as the 'great' ineffable, yet it is. Words are not adequate to finessing this. It's one of those, “yes and no” things. “Yes... and No...” Let us put it this way. You are a kitchen light but the ineffable is the electricity that makes the light in every house in the neighborhood and beyond. You are an expression of this force and this force is in you and also everywhere else as well. Once you are cognizant of this, you become cognizant of it in everyone and everything else as well. This provides you with a sense of security and well being that few life forms are so fortunate as to possess.

Well, I have probably made a muddle of the whole affair. I kind of knew I wouldn't be able to get the sense of it across. Reading it back it doesn't appear to me that I did and for that I apologize, I'm just not equal to the task but... you never know when something that got said might trip a lever somewhere and that sends something else in motion and by diverse ways something hidden comes to light. It is to be hoped that maybe something indirect might be the means of accessing the direct. Mercury out of retrograde yet (grin)?

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