Friday, October 10, 2014

Sticky Web Syndrome and the Dimensions of Dream.

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The ghouls, wendigos and aswangs are getting high on a combination of medical waste and surgically detached body parts but... it's all in the spirit of community service, insofar as anything can be while also serving corporate greed, yes... I'm talking about Breast Cancer Awareness month. Now... it's all pink outside too. It's a tidy little racket they got there, as they shear the public for millions and millions of dollars, under the guise of collecting money for research into the disease which, they depend on for their livelihood. Oh no... under no circumstances do they want any kind of a cure to come around and there are already solutions for cancer and some very strong proactive preventatives as well. The truth is... anyway they can make this condition more epidemic, they're all for it. Sound cynical? It is the gospel truth. Look at what they are doing with Ebola. They designed and released this to be doing what it does. YOUR government is in a very profitable (they hope) circle jerk with the pharmaceutical industry, but wait! There's more, order now and we'll send Enterovirus for your kids at no extra cost!

And... there is more. It's not just that, of course. They want to decimate various parts of Africa of human life. Few groups of people on Earth hate black people as much as the Israelis. It's not being publicized much but they're making a point of showing that with the black people, unfortunate enough to have wound up there, while looking for a place to land.

Long ago, the vile family of Rockefeller went into the business of Eugenics, pushing it... legitimizing it, laundering it, making it a desirable app for a better world. There's something about billionaires that attracts them to this; that attracts them to managing the population numbers. As you can see, Bill and Melinda Gates are hard at work in that area. God knows how many children they have killed with their vaccines. Little Georgie Sorrows (Soros) has his own version, where he goes around sparking and financing revolutions and lots and lots and lots of people get killed. Though this blogger is uninformed, or indifferent to certain historical truths, he nails Little Georgie well. Ironically, he is known as a philanthropist. What do you know? Bill and Melinda are too and so are the Rockefellers.

Nearly all billionaires and very wealthy people are major league scumbags. How do I know this? Otherwise any one of them would have sent me a few million by now AND none of them have! I don't see where I should need any further proof, given the example I just laid on you.

Here's a good question. Why am I writing about these things at Visible Origami? It happens sometimes. I generally have no idea what I am going to write about until I sit down at the computer. Then, whatever happens, happens. Yeah? Yeah. Take it up with my superiors. I'm just the guy who writes it down. People often confuse me, the medium, with the source. I got nothing! This is why I engage in disturbing behavior at intervals in order to clarify this. I hope this clears that up but... I doubt it. Anyway... we have at least found ways to make the necessary disturbing behavior become more a matter of entertainment. You would think I would have thought of that before but... I'm none to bright in certain regards. For instance, I let myself get involved with some seriously flawed individuals, when I should have KNOWN there was something off about them and I did know this and irrespective of that, they went out of their way to give me example after example as I went along. How could I be, at the same time, so stupid and intransigent? Well, let's get to that in the next paragraph.

There's this quality called 'discrimination' and you pretty much have to have it. At the same time... I have been working so hard on becoming utterly reliant on my superiors, telling myself that EVERYTHING that happens works out in the end ...and that even if I can't see something at the time, later on, hindsight reveals it to me. This is true but... where I have gone wrong is in mistakenly believing that everyone who crosses my path does so for cosmic reasons. That might be true but... all reasons are not good reasons and all courses do not have to be taken. I have learned this. Hurrah!!! I am believing this has all been an important prelude to my next stop, where it may prove more critical than it is here.

Bloggers? Men and Women of Conscience, people passing by. Please recognize your personal responsibility for what you know. Let's all strive to exercise our inner Thomas Paine; our inner Patrick Henry. The greater the clamor, the more it all comes to the public's attention. Now... we CAN SEE how the government is doing all the wrong things in terms of its actual survival. You would think they would be smarter and simply tone down all this horseshit and rule more obliquely. “a ruler is best when the people barely know he exists. It is worse when they love and praise him, even worse when they fear him and worst of all when they laugh at and ridicule him.” ; paraphrasing Lao Tzu.

Is there anyone out there that hasn't read (at least once) the Witter Bynner translation of “The Way ofLife” by now? Of all the periods of history since well before you got here this time, this period of time is definitely the one where the individual may profit the most from reading this tome. All the necessary life strategy is there and it matters not if you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist; as far as the main, allegedly positive religions are concerned; not to say any of these are not but... the fundie element in all of them is both Satanic and despicable. You'd have to look far and wide to find anything more murderous and unforgiving as this substantially large segment of goons and retards.

You'll note the occasional use of not-politically correct terms here... That is by design. Even worse, or probably comparatively as bad as fundie-world, is the permeation of the culture by political correctness. This is a shit sandwich of a particularly low order. It's not just the shit that composes the main element of this sandwich but... also the truly awful condiments that come along with it. Nothing evil ever comes along as a solitary unit. Every expression of it has its attendants and rap partners.

I'm sure that the majority of us would have rather wished that we were living in other times. You got to be a glutton for punishment to want one like this but... the bottom line is that we are here and there's no arguing against that. It's a lemons from lemonade time zone. We must necessarily rise to the occasion or be plowed under as a matter of course. Each of us is imbued with a different capacity for what we can accomplish and what we can bear. However, none of us are given more than we can handle. We are lifted up, eventually into transcendence, by our unflagging devotion to the better angels of our higher nature. No good and lasting thing come without cost and the pain involved in the acquisition. At times it seems ridiculous that so much would be asked of us so often. I can't speak to that since it is, apparently, above my pay grade.

“Somewhere up ahead”, I tell myself, “somewhere up ahead.” Somewhere the light is shining on a cleaner, greener world, somewhere up ahead. This is a critical viewpoint to never lose possession of. Everything we see and experience and all of the scenery we pass by and through is time sensitive, is temporary. I look back at times so dark I had to feel my way, testing the ground ahead with one footstep after another; checking for the side of the road, checking for obstacles, sometimes literally and sometimes metaphorically, keeping in mind that we are moving through some relative density of Dream. Our sensory apparatus, with it's narrow bandwidth, operates within the Dimensions of Dream and the nature, consistency and ultimate worth of Dream is defined by the value placed upon each thing experienced.

Dream moves in two major directions; deeper into Dream and out of Dream. One road is congested like Bangkok traffic at noon and, no doubt, for many of the same reasons. The other way to go is not a singular way but a multiplicity of apertures and the best indication of one being on any of those routes is that the fabric of Dream through which one is passing becomes ever more and more gossamer. Is it the Dream itself that is becoming less present or is it the eyes and the mind which are so engaged? I'm thinking that is above my pay grade too.

The most important feature of the increasing transparency of Dream is the added freedom of being. There are rules associated with the different densities and they have everything to do with the degree of bondage experienced by the dreamer. There are fluids with serious viscosity, once released into the dreamscape which interfaces with the dream fluid and manifest Sticky Web Syndrome. You want to avoid that if you can but... in these times of Onan run riot, this behavior is not only ubiquitous but internationally promoted by all of the corporations which feed off of the resulting interface.

It's later in life, usually, when one sees the profit in having striven in this direction because one acquires the latitude of discipline that has become ingrained. Otherwise (shudder) as one ages, ones capacity for control over certain magnetic pulls becomes weaker and weaker and this is why there are so many examples of older people disgracing themselves in all kinds of ways.

Too many people find themselves unable to let go of things that should simply be allowed to fall away at the different stages of existence. Out of that you get guys reweaving their hair, people having surgical removal of body fat, plastic surgery, clown makeup; right when one's real beauty is meant to shine through, they cover it up. Of course, in the west, youth is the only celebrated commodity. Observation however pays proof to the phrase, “youth is wasted on the young”. The good news is, if you are walking the alternative dreamway mentioned earlier, your youth could well return to you. Everyone else gets senility.

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