Monday, October 20, 2014

The Sesame Street Cookie Monster and the Architects of Evil.

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I know I am not the only one who thinks so. The sense of imminence concerning some large and terrible event, manifesting from a government sponsored act of terrorism is making itself known to some number of us. Previously I stated that I had a positive feel about the imminence. I take this to mean that they are going to do it but they are going to screw it up and get caught out. This has to be the source of my optimism because... what else could it be? The time is as right as it can get with the rigged election cycle coming up.

Looking at the various distractions being thrown out for public consumption, with the anticipation of creating fear and confusion, one can surmise that this is all by design. Into the midst of it will come one more act of national terror, similar to what Israel and corrupt intelligence services did on 9/11. Of course, the same people will be behind this effort as well AND... you can trace all of it back to the bankers and corporate fiends in high places. In the boardrooms of banks and multinationals the world over, every time there is war or any other disaster, the members of the corporate executive branch and the heads of operation, rub their hands together with glee at the prospect of all the money they will make. Pharmaceutical companies are ecstatic about Ebola and all of the rest of the plagues. They’re going to make money. They may not cure anything but they will make money, the same way snake oil salesmen used to make money when yellow fever and other epidemics of the time were going about, slaying at will.

Whether something is right or wrong... whether millions might suffer and die... whether extreme tragedy is visited on large numbers of people is of no consequence to these people. This is how business operates in The Kali Yuga.

In the meantime, all over the place, due to the tension generated by so many causes; hard economic times for those being fleeced by the higher ups, fear of pandemics, the unfortunate housing market, the high cost of health care that doesn't even result in successful healing; oh there are loads of negatives in abundance. Because of the high state of tension, people are in a surly and irritable mood. There’s contention all over the place. It all originates in the human mind and it is being consciously generated by psychopathic Satanists.

That there is an international network of Satanists is beyond dispute. They have signature behavior traits and we see the evidence of these things, even when we are unable to see the players involved. In addition, we are witnessing the efforts of Mr. Apocalypse in exposing highly placed individuals in UK government and entertainment, as well as other spheres. It’s not just happening in the UK. As I said, there are signature behavior traits that are identifiable as Satanically inspired; the ritual violation, torture and murder of children is a known aspect of their operations. The truth is; these things generate power. They generate force to be used in various unpleasant ways upon the comatose public. This is the reason that Israel, often gratuitously, attacks defenseless groups of people on their religious holidays. They harvest occult power, which aids in the creation of divisiveness and discord among the peoples of the world and they profit... accordingly.

None of us are going to suddenly mount Pegasus and come galloping out of the clouds tossing thunderbolts upon the wicked. Despite it being something all of us would greatly desire the ability to accomplish and despite our hopes that someone, somewhere, will do exactly this... so far we haven’t seen any of it. I want to point out one thing that we can do and which demonstrably will have an effect on the wider world. The main intent of the Satanic/illuminati elite is to splinter the will of the individual. When we are unable to focus or concentrate, they can go about their business unhindered. When any one of us manages to consolidate our will we become a force to be reckoned with. When any number of us acts in concert with each other, the power becomes exponential in force. Look at what has been accomplished in this world by just a few individuals with common purpose.

Do you doubt that this is so? Look at the response by the government when protesters sought to encircle The Pentagon. Look at the effect of people exposing prime time moments for terror activity and how the perpetrators back off from their plans. Surely they would have been at it already were they not under such scrutiny. This is an apocalypse and by no means has it intensified as it is going to.

One has to realize that the servants of The Dark Lord are well aware of the power that can manifest out of a public that is joined together in common purpose. They are well aware of lightworkers who operate in opposition to them. They know that there are other forces at work on this planet besides themselves. They are aware of rival operations of darkness, whose objectives conflict or differ from their own. They are basically black magicians, who work with symbols and rituals that enhance the impact of their actions. What does it tell you that they are so engaged? It has to mean they are well aware of forces counter to their own. Would this make any difference whatsoever if these other forces were not capable of effective resistance and potentially capable of frustrating their plots? The exercise of pure logic confirms this to me. Everyone else is welcome to whatever conclusions they come to.

I have zero interest in my perspective being proven out. I have a 100% interest in my perspective being in alignment with what is so. I did not set out with any preconceived notions about what is what and who is who. My conclusions and beliefs all came about through relentless inquiry. When a line of investigation consistently proves the same thing over and over again, I am inclined to accept that as being what is so. When the same protagonists come up over and over again in relation to heinous acts and policies, I take it to mean they are responsible for them. I look in every direction seeking... who else could it be? What other results of reasoning are possible? Is there a cabal of individuals that exists invisibly and which uses these poor unfortunates for its intentions and designs? The only thing I have found in all my searching is... yes, there is an invisible lowarchy of disembodied entities but... the individuals they are working through are ‘fully in accord’ with their objectives.

There are some numbers of people who do not want to believe that those conclusively PROVEN to be the architects of evil, are, ‘in fact, the architects of evil. In some cases this is because they are members of this demographic. In some cases it is because of fear that they will be ostracized for truth telling and so it is better to blame it all on some group that is less likely to respond in the manner this group is known to. It can be from ignorance too. They have allowed themselves, due to possessing no more than a borderline intellect, to be convinced by the shallow and ridiculous claims of the architects of evil, in acquitting themselves of those acts which they most certainly have committed. I suggest that one look at the very high number of Tribe participants fully engaged in nefarious activity and then consider the REMARKABLY tiny number of them in residence planet wide. Then... why not take a few weeks, or months, or years (as I have) and look at their historical record.

Certainly it is not a good career move to call attention to this but it is a really, really bad move, career wise, in a cosmic sense NOT to call attention to these things because... after all... they are true and reluctance to do so... proves you false, weak willed AND of weak heart. Certainly one would prefer that the culprit turn out to be the Sesame Street Cookie Monster, or some aboriginal tribe, whose only media is the coconut telegraph. Most telling is who has near absolute ownership of the media and to what ends they turn its use. You really have to be stupid not to see it and a coward not to call it. I can understand cowardice. That is also the product of a divided will.

I digressed away from my original intent of commenting on the force that can be individually generated by the possession of a unified will. If you want to make a difference, unify your will. You will discover that all of the policies of the servants of darkness are toward splintering the individual and collective will. There HAS TO BE some reason for this!!! We have recourse to powers unguessed at. I could list quite a number of single individuals whose lives impacted on the entire world but... so can you if you choose. All of then were in possession of a unified will.

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