Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dragons are not in the Diplomatic Corps.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Hopefully we can clarify some things today; for me and for you, or maybe only ‘about me’ for your benefit, at least as far as interpersonal things go. I am not a lamb. I am not a fluffy bunny or a cuddly cat. I am not a Saturday morning cartoon character. EACH OF US has characteristics and qualities with supernatural association; HOWEVER... in most of us these features are LATENT. We have to awaken them and this; I and some others have managed to do. For me, it came about through an intensity of brutal trauma, aspiration, powerful psychedelic experiences and periods of Brahmacharya and other physical austerities. I also had the good fortune to be brought into the presence of a powerful master on a timeless beach years ago and was able to see the very characteristics of which I will refer to here today, operating in him ...in an unmistakable fashion.

Unless we are some kind of cosmic blockhead and archetypal dullard, we all come out of a tradition that is connected to us at some point in our lifetimes. You can find out what this is by subjecting yourself to whatever it takes to strip away the veneer of your self conscious assumptions about who and what you think you are. There are various ways to initiate suitable trauma or favorable conditions to bring revelation about but I do not recommend many of them in general ...because, I HAVE SEEN that most people cannot handle this when it happens. It takes a certain type of person to be able to just drop all of their ideas and attitudes about themselves. In my case, I had all sense of self beaten out of me to begin with so there wasn't anything much to get rid of. Occasionally, our lives are geared in an unavoidable fashion to a particular end. This was the case with me. What any of that means, overall result wise, I have yet to discover but I suspect that time is much closer than it was.

My traditional archetype; which came out of the intrinsic yoga that followed my initiation, is that of the dragon and also the cobra. From its most ancient genesis; out of which evolves ALL traditions and faiths, that being India, it is the cobra. From the further evolution of metaphysical thought as it passed into China it becomes the dragon. That is the essential variation of force as it is expressed through the snorting technique, as well as the dynamic tension yoga forms that I practice. None of this is being articulated or defined with any precision and can’t be effectively in the verbal medium. These things are best explained to the consciousness through the intuition but that is not the purpose of this posting to begin with.

In the course of my traveling from the events that have had the most significant impact on me, I have met the occasional mysterious stranger and had the occasional serendipitous encounter where someone recognized what it is that is at work in me particularly and they have confirmed this to me. Out of every tradition, there are certain typical roles that an aspirant will move to and sometimes ‘through’. At some point I might cease to be a dragon and transmute into a tortoise. It happens. Even within the particular archetypal expressions that any of us might ‘personalize’, There are also differences in ‘magnitude’, ‘intensity’ and ‘application’. There are complexities of definition. Some of the personalized expressions of the cosmos through the individual in ALL traditions are; prophet, saint, sage, guru, adept, exempt adept, ipsissimus, intoxicated madman, masts (naked renunciates, wild eyed wild haired madmen) and Buddha/Bodhisattva etc. There are combinations. In my case the personalized expression is that of ‘sage’, with a more specific title of ‘madman, mystic, sage’. By this time, it has been demonstrated to me often enough for me to be fairly clear about the overall role. For those with multiple designations, the individual is in the process of a passage of ongoing refinements of the type, whereby the crazy aspect, or whatever ancillary aspects, are transmuted into a polished and rooted singularity.

In my case, it is not me that is significant at all but that which ‘rides upon or within me’. This link gives some insight into what is under discussion. There is plenty more where that came from (internet). I am a water pipe channel, or a horse, or a conveyance of the type already mentioned.

Why am I talking about this today? It is so that, hopefully, the reader is not seduced into thinking that I am something I am not, like a cuddly kitten, a bunny, a sweet and light- “how pretty the flowers, how pretty the hours, how pretty you, how pretty me”. I am not that. I am more forceful and direct and for good reasons. I am not a peacemaker. I am a warrior. I may not be a very good one but despite that, I am that. There is and will be conflict between myself and those hoping for and/or expecting something different from me. This is why I routinely say, “Take what you find useful and ignore the rest.” I am not here to play pattycake, or to make people feel good about themselves. I am not here to appear all wise and knowing because I am not all wise and knowing. Occasionally, real wisdom may pass through me and occasionally I may know something in the moment that has been made accessible to me and I might not know it moments later.

My tradition and lineage comes out of the very long ago and for all I know, my teacher has been alive through all of this time. He certainly looked the part. I have NEVER met anyone who looked like him and bristled with the power and energy that he did.

People’s feelings are going to get hurt around me. This is not because I generally enjoy doing something like that. That would be very far from the truth of the matter but... I have a plain way of speaking. I am direct and in this age of touchy feely, there are all kinds of overly sensitive souls who don’t care for that and prefer to be stroked and coddled and patted on the head. That’s not my job. I pay the price for it too but the benefits of this far outweigh the liabilities. The New Age has done significant harm to the way we have come to view ourselves and the particularly perverse environment of ‘self discovery’ that these money monger hucksters are engaged in; “I’m okay, you’re okay”, weekend intensives that lead to certificates designating you as a master, ridiculous seminars that result in you being enlightened, westernized charlatan gurus who anoint the criminally mercantile with a few pedestrian parlor tricks that make it possible for them to milk the dairy cows.

During my time I ran across any number of insufferable ‘teachers’, goddess types, guru whores and layabouts whose sole objective was to get laid, paid, worshiped, or housed for free. My tune “New Age Twinkie” is about actual conversations I overheard while lurking about the entrance of the Paia health food store; Mana Foods I think it was called, it’s been awhile. I used to highly enjoy standing nearby to empowering dialogues, going on between professional airheads and listening to some of the unintentionally hilarious exchanges that would occur.

I know I have tried to EXPLAIN certain things about me and how I go about what I do, MANY TIMES before. I do not do this to emphasize how unique and ‘special’ I am. Believe me, even if it were true, just about all of you do not want to have to go through what it takes to get there, or here, however the case may be. You don’t have to. There are certainly less explosive and torturous ways that you can travel to get to wherever it is you are hoping to get. If there were anything exceptional or special about me it would only be the amount of shit I got put through to only get as far as I have gotten (grin).

I know that there are people who want to feel like we have some kind of friendship; an enduring relationship with me and in some cases that may be true. Exchanging emails and coming and going around here for lengths of time does not constitute a relationship, nor do I owe anyone anything relative to whatever investment they think they have with me, based on being around here for any length of time. I did not initiate this, nor have I continued at it in order to build some kind of extended family of mutually sympathetic souls. I’m not going to trash anything that comes out of this particular time slot but then again I might, as it may seem I did with The New Shangri La. I’ve explained all these things ad nauseum.

I am NOT going to pussyfoot around or go into Chinese acrobat contortions to keep everyone amiable toward me and it never crosses my mind that we are going to find ourselves in some kind of fairytale circumstance of happily ever after down here. I have a few simple duties and that is to strive as hard as possible to maintain a certain level of informative discourse and to channel that discourse free of charge, until I am called to do something else. If... in the process of my moving about here, I occasionally offend some of you, or (and it would be, almost without exception) inadvertently step on your toes, I am not a professional ballroom dancer and I am NOT employed in the business of getting you to like me. If I can only be of use, here and there, that is enough for me and if accidents happen, or people feel I didn't stroke them as diligently, or with as much devotion as they may have come to expect well... too bad. Take what is useful and pay no mind to the rest.

Hopefully this clears it all up wherever it may not have been clear before but... I doubt it (grin). Let me conclude by saying that there is nothing exceptional about me that cannot be true about any one of you. Simply do the work and take the licks and you will get wherever it is you may presently think it is you want to go, or... you will get wherever it is that you allow yourself to be led to, which is more along the lines that I operate according to. If... for some reason... you are still unclear about any of this or you are confused about where you stand with me, you are welcome to email me and when I can get around to it, I will reply. May good fortune and the light of the ineffable both shine upon you without pause.

End Transmission.......

Sunday’s radio broadcast is streamable now.

Addendum; There are many, many paths, especially at this time. Some favor the shamanistic course and usually because they are fascinated by phenomena or want to perform magic. The Castaneda ‘novels’ operate in this sphere and so do the traditions of most indigenous peoples, which most of you are not genetically the offspring of. These kinds of system can be found all over the place; in Shintoism and in Aghora Tantra, Wicca and other forms of paganism. We are in an age where the pursuit of magical powers and the use of bad magic upon the minds of the susceptible and ignorant are everywhere to be seen. This is not my course, though I have brushed up against it and any of us that persist in our determined course will acquire certain powers as we go. Whether we acquire the discipline and acumen to use them properly is something else.

Some of us are traditionalists and seek to evolve within an established religion and that is perfectly fine. Some of us are iconoclasts, or of a philosophical bent and ANYTHING can be fine depending on your ability to step out of any of the systems when the times comes for it... should it come to that. Some attain illumination right within a particular schematic. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW. One thing is for sure, if you are a dilettante you will get what dilettantes get and if you are a serious and sincere aspirant you will get what they get. Whatever the case, insofar as it applies to what happens here; DO NOT expect chili to taste like pound cake, or expect barmaids in dirndl or polka music where it is not the environment for it. Decide what it is you think you want and go there after it until you find it is not what you want, or you achieve it and find that you do. Do not look for plants that are not generic to the place where you are looking for them. Go where those plants are.

One is not wrong to give you what they have when you came looking for something else and didn’t get it. That’s not their fault. Go where what you want can be found and if you don’t know what you want then you had better think about identifying what that is or you will surely find unhappiness and a lack of fulfillment in any case.

By Way of Explanation; (boy, we are getting a bit long here) Yesterday, I replied to a comment by a reader concerning a recommendation I made. For me, what he said was somewhat humorous given my response as you can see over at Petri Dish, if you are of a mind, and some of you will remember my original statement. I was simply being (for me) matter of fact and when I said, “Perhaps you should not follow my recommendations; meaning in that area, because they might not be for you, it was straight up without emotion and sincerely meant. And maybe only ‘some’ of the recommendations will apply. Certainly you should read a review or two on whatever it is that I recommended. I didn't recommend the books as books of wisdom, when that happens I will state it as such. I recommend them as engrossing or informative reads. Some of us read for pleasure. I am one such and of course I read for information too. I am quite certain that that commentator was at the very least mystified by my response and quite possibly felt wounded, which should not happen. People need to be less subjective here and also more resilient. Now as for how come I know this kind of thing, I am an empath and I often feel the results of my statements and my work as it affects listeners or readers. This should not be a cue for those opposed to me to send me bad vibes, which does happen, because I am protected most of the time in that regard (grin) and they will come back upon you, as some of you already know.

Over time, all kinds of weird things go on and sometimes people believe lies that were told about situations in which I was set up for the purpose of diminishment. I figure that people lame enough to go that route are not going to be missed AND... often when people are wrong and they later realize it, their ego or pride will not allow them to admit it. This I have observed directly. One reader in New York is a prime example of this. Nothing that happens around here is an accident. It is all arranged to determine one’s continuing access to whatever it is that goes on here. No blame as far as that goes either way. I’m not for everyone and god help me if I were. Okay... I HOPE this clarifies things in some small respect.

I have no problem being truthful, in as far as my recollection of things go. I don’t lie. I do my best not to. I might not always be comprehensive and clear but I try. Over time there are people who have come around here and deliberately lied about events for whatever their reason was. If you are not disposed to accept my version and ESPECIALLY when I offer a number of eye witnesses in support of it then I don’t want anything to do with you anyway. I have even had people come in and say that what was presented by some was not the truth. Even these things are not enough for people who are just looking for something bad to believe. There is a limit to the degree to which I will bend over backwards. The wise move, if you haven’t even met me in the first place, is to be inclined toward what the majority of those who have, have said.

Finally, let it be known that I am, most of the time, very busy and even when I do take time away from all this, those things I have to do will have increased in the interim. Therefore, sometimes I am speeding through actions and do not take the time to be obliging to the readers emotional expectations. Sometimes I bypass niceties and just get matter of fact. It’s nothing personal (unless it is-grin... but that would be so defined so, since it seldom is, it seldom is). I suggest everyone learn how to be important to themselves and then it will not matter if they are important to me. I love people. I do but... I am a very private person and am most comfortable when I am alone. I understand this cannot even be most of the time and once I am in Hawaii I will be also going into practice as a kind of therapist. People used to come and ask if they could pay me to listen to them... really. It has happened several times. I do have some amount of ability to trouble shoot other people’s problems; would that I had that ability when it comes to myself (grin). So... I am suspecting I will be around others because there are plenty of problems out there and my Shiatsu practice will start up again too. Good grief! I’m out of here.

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