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The Doors of Perception are not for Everyone.

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I used to think that 'Serenity' was the most enjoyable science fiction film I ever saw; note, I didn't say best, I said most enjoyable. Well... I saw “Guardians of the Galaxy” over the weekend and that was something else. I haven't seen messages delivered like I saw there, at any time in recent memory. It's as if people from somewhere else... some other planet, made the film. There's a character in there, “My name is Groot.” That's all he says, except for the last thing he says ...and the final confrontation with the Satanic Zionist element of the times, is made successful for the good in a way that doesn't usually get pointed out. Sure, some people won't like the film. Some people don't like much of anything and have even more motivation to dislike it if you happen to like it. As difficult and disappointing as life can be at times, I refuse to embrace that jaded cynicism that I too often see.

In this world at this time there are far too many who know too much about nothing of value. In an age of materialism, people know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. The tendency for mockery of everything decent or restrained is an epidemic. Restraint is equated with being uptight. Sensation seeking without qualifying the experience is the in thing. If if feels good do it. If it tastes good eat it and if it looks good, well, whatever it is you do when something looks good and you can get close enough.

There's this thing that happens in times of material darkness, in times of material overload, where those who are too young become too knowing and where the culture sexualizes them before they are ripe (can say that? Sure... I just did).

The fashion designers are very big into this kind of thing. I don't know if sexual orientation has anything to do with that. I know that has a lot to do with reversed Kundalini and reversed Kundalini has a lot to do with Satanism, under whatever guise it is celebrated, in any particular land. There is a very high incidence of sexual perversity in the fashion industry, as there is in government and in the intelligence community. It's as if bent professions are of high appeal to people bent in other ways.

It is a given that alternative sexual expressions proliferate in times of materialism. They usually manifest in much larger number during the decline of a culture and this is easily confirmed historically. When a culture is young and emergent there is far less of that sort of thing. I'm not making judgments, just observations. All of us are permitted to see whatever, however we choose and tolerance is not acceptance. It's possible with relentless programming to get people to say that a cat is a dog. Some of them will actually believe it and the others will be acting out of fear. However, no matter how many people become convinced that the cat is a dog, the cat is still a cat, the same way the Earth revolved around the Sun and not the reverse. No matter how deeply you believe something and no matter how desperately you have convinced yourself of something, what is is and what is not is not. We live in an age when what is not is what is, seemingly. It's only seemingly. Greater minds always see what is as it is. Those who are destroyed by their betrayal of themselves have reaped the reward of self deception.

No matter how dark this world may become I intend to keep my heart light. I could gravitate toward nitpicking and ridiculous precision. One can take the aches and pains of life to be a useful excuse for being unpleasant. One can take the sudden or gradual removal of ones being, as a commodity on the meat-rack of the moment, as reason for a perpetual and seething resentment of those who remain in flower, as concerns the base appetites of the world and some people hate children for that very reason.

When you have put your faith in what is not, because it suits your appetites and desires to do so, you are not equipped to move with grace through the inescapable changes of life. Ageing becomes increasingly uncomfortable and life itself can become a burden. It is not meant to be so. Obstinate refusal to face life with open eyes and to see it as it is is responsible for this. I know I have said these same things over and over in different ways. These things are important. How important is your life? How important are the circumstances you encounter and the mindset you confront them with?

Living in denial will eventually calcify you. It will make you rigid, like some precursor to rigor mortis. This is how one achieves hardening of the arteries and all those other maladies having to do with this kind of thing. This is how you wind up in the dementia chute instead of the regenerated innocence chute. Jesus Christ! It should be obvious. They call senility the second childhood but... when one attains to their childlike nature... that is a horse of a very different color.. I've met people who possess the latter and I've seen plenty that were representative of the former.

When I got out of the military, where they told me I was chronically schizophrenic, I thought to myself, “Hmmmm... Well, if I am crazy then maybe I belong in an institution.” So, by using my not inconsiderable acting skills I managed to get myself admitted to the mental institution in Norman, OK. I should probably add here that it was those same acting skills that convinced the military doctors too. Sure... the tests said I was schizophrenic but what does that mean? I doubt there are many inspired artists who are not schizophrenic. What that means is that you have a wider mind pasture than the usual. Where everyone else has surround fencing in their heads, some of your fencing is gone. How is that a bad thing? Okay... okay I have seen examples of that but it's not relevant here.

What is interesting is what I was exposed to in that place during the six months that I was there. At first I was in a locked ward and then I got on one that had grounds privileges, so I would wander all over the place. I used to wander through the geriatric wards. Remember, this was a while ago. I saw some things that imprinted on my consciousness in a big way. Another thing that happened was that I slowly came to see that the doctors were the ones who were mentally ill. At first this troubled me because I couldn't imagine who was going to help or heal me. Of course, my situation, being chronic was not curable anyway but I doubt I knew that then. Yes... I used to wander all over that place and had many surprising experiences.

An interesting thing happened while I was there. The doctor who was in charge of the ward realized, without my saying anything, that I could see he didn't know what he was talking about and was, like many doctors, of the officious and pompous sort and he took an instant resentment to me, even working to sabotage me during my stay there, which only proved my observations. At some point I was reading a copy of something like Psychology Today; it might even have been that magazine. There was an extensive article on Timothy Leary and his experiments with LSD at Harvard. I was instantly fascinated with what I read and said to myself, “I have got to try that.” Some little while later I was in Washington D.C., specifically Dupont Circle and I did take some and it exceeded all my hopes and expectations far, far beyond anything I might have imagined. My life changed fundamentally and I also knew, instantaneously that I was not crazy, it was the world that was messed up. I saw so much in such a short time. It would be impossible to illustrate what took place. Some while later I was living with people who had been with Leary at Millbrook. We lived in teepees in Riverby, New York, about ten miles outside of Woodstock and had weekly LSD 'sessions' inside a stone circle at night. In combination with chants to the Amitabha Buddha we reached levels seldom seen by me at any other time.

Occasionally someone comes in here and lets me know that they think my taking psychedelics is cheating, even though it's been done for thousands of years and was put here for these purposes. It is widely suspected that John of Patmos was on mushrooms when he had his visions. One can find “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross” free to download in PDF in any search engine. There's a lot to be discovered there. When one studies the legend of Santa Claus it can be very revealing as well. There's similar associations with witches riding broomsticks.

People are welcome to have their unexplored opinions about my or anyone elses relationship with psychedelics. People can believe what they want to believe. It does not make what is not into what is. What they believe may be very true for them but it is not true for me. I have a cosmic dispensation in this regard and that is beyond debate as far as I am concerned and as far as what I have been told and taught internally over the years. Some people aren't meant to travel through The Doors of Perception. It is definitely a consciousness version of The Wild West. Not everyone is equipped to steal those horses. Not everyone is capable of withstanding what might appear in front of them and that can be awesomely beautiful beyond the reach of words to express and it can be terrifying too, depending on who shows up. For me, either side of that is just thrilling and exciting. It's like an extreme roller coaster ride. Some people are screaming in fear and some few people are screaming from excitement. The bottom line is what you know about yourself. At a particular level, nothing can threaten you. I've had pit dwellers appear without appreciable effect. Once you know only one thing is real and that all power comes from one place, nothing else impresses you. That's just how it is. I'm talking about visceral, not intellectual awareness. These are very different and nowhere does one notice this so completely as when the freaky shit comes around. Some of it can be very convincing.

I live for these kinds of things. I suppose I am a metaphysical thrill seeker but Love is always the predominant emotion. And love guards the realm, no matter what realm it may be. I've been around people who went insane under the influence, thankfully that faded, while experiencing these things. Like I said, it's not for everyone but... that doesn't mean that anyone, with zero understanding or awareness of the reality of the matter is in a position to tell me what is and what is not concerning it. I will make my own determinations and I will do it under the guidance that has attended my way all through. I respect people having different opinions but, in the end, this is something they can only measure for themselves. What others can and cannot do varies and the proof is in the pudding.

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