Monday, December 15, 2014

Moving through Darkness in Search of the Light.

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Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! Why Merry Christmas? Here’s one good reason. Starting off here with a little terrestrial observation and thinking... hmmmm, I don’t want to talk about this garbage, which is there to be seen, behind the scenes and right out in front too, if you want to see it; if you permit yourself to see it and consciously accept the responsibility that comes with seeing it. I know it’s there; a great big steaming mess of runaway madness, seeking whom it might destroy. It’s the last gasp of the Zio Ogre Empire, in search of another Communista killing orgy, in the land of lumbering meatheads (just like the did in Russia), caught up in the fires of materialism, dancing in an agonizing frenzy of self immolation. Materialism is a supermarket of pain; a one stop shopping center of non stop torment and the worst of it is in not knowing why it hurts. It hurts all over but... why? The confusion about this observable truth is a big part of the reason for it. There is something in the human psyche that absolutely refuses to see why something done over and over, consistently has the same result. There is something in the human psyche, while caught up in the raging waters of a Grade Six force flow of seriously magnetized Materialism that says, “I don’t care what the cost is, I WANT IT. I don’t want to hear any arguments about good or bad, I WANT IT! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Materialism is not magnetic in relation to metal. It is magnetic in relation to ignorance, greed and appetite and the force of it increases in direct relation to the siphoning off of personal fluids necessary for ones resistance to the power of the fascination and lure of the whole lurid spectacle. If you don’t have control over the subtle fluids of the mind and emotion then you won’t have control over the physical fluids which, when routinely drained from the body, leave one in a seriously weakened state. This accounts for the ubiquity of porn and the terrible fixations and consequences that come with it. It also accounts for the motivation of those who are the manufacturers of it. Sure the money is good but... it is the devastating effect of it upon those consumed by it that is the real payoff for those who trade in it, along with blackmail and other mediums for profit and control. It is a purely satanic area of influence, whose currency is death and spiritual devastation. It is a horrific bardo of burning confinements.

It may be that in some vanished age of which not even the memory survives to this day, that this world may have once been an Okay place to live but... in these times, those rewarded are the most rapacious and twisted of souls among us. The greatest and most actively pursued pleasures here seem to be about physical indulgences, the acquisition of wealth past any possibility of actual need and a fierce joy taken in causing harm on as wide a level as it is possible to accomplish it. The awful tandem of indifference and mendacity is a wonder to behold. They don’t care who they hurt or how much and they are positively ingenious in the intricacies of offenses visited upon all and sundry; excepting themselves.

It is impossible for one to maintain any semblance of balance if they are squandering their vital forces. The result of this is ill health and guaranteed infirmity, as well as various forms of servitude and enslavement. It also drains the mind and the higher emotional arc of all capacity to function. It deposits one in a well of torpor. It activates negative emotion. It generates confusion, a lack of will and purpose and generally messes you up big time.

Modern day psychologists will sneer at my suggestion of this here. They are paid by the same interests that own the corporations that make their living sucking the population dry. They are verified and licensed by the governments that serve the interests of the corporations that suck them dry. The descriptor for this condition, in my own words is, “burned out from within”. You become a husk and you lack everything needed to function and exist on those planes of being where certain protections can be secured. Let me put it this way; when your vital forces are leached away, you exist in a space not unlike those abandoned neighborhoods in Detroit where the police don’t go. If you have your tank topped up it is more along the order of a gated community with an armed guard at the gate. Any informed yogi can verify what is said here and certainly this would be corroborated by Hermetic scientists and anyone informed about physiology as it was once understood before every area of science got corrupted by the necessity to whore for money, as well as denying the actual truth, while in pursuit of gain... because those handing out the money demand it. They insist on it, as a requirement of the funding.

What, to my mind is the most critical awareness... that should be held uppermost in any mind that is ‘capable of doing so’; ONLY because it has not squandered all the oil in its lamp, is that all of the seeming complexities of this material age; the intricate agendas of governments, corporations and banks, all the external conditions are about one thing and that is the war for the individual and collective souls of humanity. I don’t care under what guise any of it presents itself; this is what it is all about. Imagine a graphic done by the artists, Dore or Escher. There is a corkscrewing spiral going up and going down. A different form of luminosity attends each directional aspect and the aspect of the travelers on each spiral is different as well or... you might look at it as something like this. You may be sure that regardless of how strange it may appear to you it is a highly accurate depiction. You may also be sure that regardless of how invisible the invisible realms of existence may appear to be, they are most certainly real and in the sense of enduring permanence, they are more real than this plane.

The idea is to seduce every mind, which can possibly be seduced, into believing that what we see around us here is real and also important; important enough to risk one’s welfare and spiritual being for. The force of all the dancing glamour of this world is about distraction and it is about a specific distraction and... that is to take your mind off of the ineffable; only that. All the strife and struggle to survive and prosper is about occupying your attention in the period between birth and death. That is ALL it is about. It has no other meaning and no real importance otherwise. Nothing here is of any value except what lies within and the only way what lies within can be accessed is by taking the mind off of what lies without. Some will say... “That’s impossible! I have to feed and clothe myself. I have to have somewhere to stay. I have responsibilities to this one and that one. I have no intention of being reduced to the state of a homeless vagabond” and yadda yadda yadda. Well... that’s not necessary. It is perfectly possible to take care of everything that needs taking care of without becoming an indentured servant to it because... that... doesn’t end and it only gets worse. After a certain point one forgets that there ever were any other options and by that time there is a good chance that there aren’t any.

It should also be understood that no matter what ones perception of their circumstances here, they actually are a homeless vagabond and they will find this out fairly shortly after they exit this plane. On the following plane, ones former position, ones level of wealth, prestige, power and currency of appearance et al mean nothing, except insofar as how one used any of them and to what end. No one you will encounter on the following plane is going to be impressed by any of these former possession; they are nowhere to be seen, except on the big screen, where the highlights of ones tenure here are played for the benefit of whoever is going to be passing judgment on you and routing you on to your next port of call. Of course, it plays for you as well. It is important that you get to see what you thought was important by comparison with what is truly important and which, should you be unaware of what that is, you will surely be informed of at the time.

Life is somewhat easier to manage and negotiate when one realizes how little of importance anything is down here and that the only importance that can be attributed to anything is to what end you used it or were used by it; chased after it or ignored it. What is important is the degree of service and devotion rendered. It really is all about how you played the game. Winning and Losing in the cosmic sense is utterly dependent on that.

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