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No Truer Words; By Their Works Ye Shall Know Them.

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May your noses always sniff out the truth.

There is a reason that you hear phrases like sniff out the truth and how something doesn't pass the smell test. The thing is, the sense of smell is the only one that goes directly to the brain, through the nose and what filters and channels stand between; it goes right up.

If you see all kinds of similar related directed actions coming out from seemingly disparate sources with the same intent, there are various theories that can emerge. One is that these are all connected though the connection may be blurred or concealed. Another is that a mysterious feature in the cosmic clock has been activated to bring something to the public’s attention in myriad ways.

I want to say a few things about The Tribe, before I get into the associations, because everything I am going to talk about is backed and financed by members of The Tribe at some point; obviously so and not so obviously. I use the words ‘Tribe’ and ‘Zionist’ rather than the ‘J-Word’ for a reason. First off, these things do not apply to all members of that demographic. Some of these people are pretty much like anyone else and not a conscious part of the conspiracy against the rest of humanity.

I’m going to state something in clear and certain terms and you can take it or leave it. I believe this to be true and my basis for that has to do with where and how I got the information. These people, in one form or another have been around for awhile and their history is probably the worst of any peoples on the planet, when it comes to regular and systematic abuses against anyone and everyone else. They've been thrown out of every country in the world (just about) and more than once in some places and always for the same reasons. They call themselves ‘The chosen people’. They are chosen, after a fashion and there is a reason why they are generally better at certain things than everyone else. It comes down to what they worship.

There is a god and there is a devil and it’s as simple as that and very much more complex but that’s neither here nor there. That’s for people who like to use convoluted explanations and big words to justify their professions as experts on things they know nothing about.

Members of this tribe are here for a reason. They are given the keys to the candy store to see what they will do with them. They are given the ability to make and hoard money and items of value and certain talents of invention. They are the chosen people of the devil and you can argue till doomsday's brake about this and get all tense and offended about it but it changes nothing. You have to understand who the devil is in the first place. If you say he is ‘The left hand of god’ (correct) then you have to keep in mind that that hand is connected to the rest of the body; “lead us not into temptation”. In times of material darkness, these people are more prone to walk in the darkness and conduct their business in the darkness for dark purposes because the times are what they are.

I do not need to produce contracts between these people and The Prince of Darkness to prove my point. All I have to do is point out their general trends of behavior over the centuries and itemize the conditions and events they are responsible for; “BY THEIR WORKS YE SHALL KNOW THEM.” Believe in Jesus Christ or don’t, I don’t care but I do remember his reference that “they are children of their father the devil” If you investigate the Atheist Movement you will find that they are the majority financial backers of this movement and also the people behind this sort of thing. They are behind this kind of thing too. They own most of the entertainment mediums; the music business, the art world, the print and electronic media and book publishing. What they do not directly own they influence the policy of. They own these to control public thought and they are the financiers and philosophical polemicists behind Political Correctness. They are able to own all of these things because they control the world banking industry and can print ‘money for nothing’ and buy whatever they like for the purpose of the control of public perception and global mind control.

When you study the business of Vice, they are deep into that as well, in every field. They have built up a false history of being the victims of the very things they accuse others of and they use the Antisemitism slur principally because they are NOT Semitic, which is scientifically proven by DNA tests. They do this to lay claim to the so called ‘Holy Land’ and to supplant the actual people, with the genetic claim to the land, whom they are presently in the business of genociding. The country of Israel was created for one purpose and that is to provide a sovereign country from which to operate a world wide criminal enterprise and also a Kingdom for the proliferation of the will of The Dark Lord, whose interests they serve. This is all cut and dried and there is more proof of this than anyone could need, who is not compromised by fear, confusion and propaganda and... of course, self interest.

Their so called holy books directly state that they have the right to kill and enslave everyone else. It’s right there in print. They work all ends against the middle. By example, they owned the slave ships but they position themselves as agents of civil rights. They have insinuated themselves into governments and religions the world over and at the slightest whisper of criticism, they mount international campaigns of manufactured outrage over being exposed for what they most certainly are doing.

The sticky wicket here is that not all of the members of this demographic are so engaged but a good (wrong word) number are. All of what they have been up to and are up to is being exposed now due to the presence of Mr. Apocalypse. Judgment time has come. All members of this demographic who defend the behavior of their evil brethren are on the game and those who embrace silence, are guilty by omission. Period. Those who know about massive lies that have been told and do not come forth to declare these things as lies are also ‘in on it’. It is only the level or degree of involvement that is different but... with Evil, it’s the same as being only a little pregnant. Evil, once in residence, eventually takes over if it is not fought against in the struggle for control over one’s own being.

They seem incredibly powerful and most anyone with a survival sense steers clear of confronting them. Their power is illusionary. Given the right, they can dishonor and kill you but only whatever vehicle you are running around down here in and that’s no great loss. The great loss is the loss of all of your spiritual qualities, due to knuckling under to them. Some of us don’t ...and care nothing about what harm they may temporarily visit upon us. Some of us work for the true master of all things and whose power is far greater than the shadow they work for.

They are the ones making war against Christmas and Christianity, Islam and all others. What they did in Russia is a clear example of what they have planned for America and other countries.

Sure... it’s no picnic to be locked out of ones profession by these fiends. It’s not easy to negotiate the world when every door is closed to personal enterprise. If you don’t comply you are excommunicated from the marketplaces which they control. All of this is to force those who have not abandoned their integrity to rely on invisible means of support. It’s all to the end of building your faith in the invisible. I’ll repeat myself again as I have a habit of doing; “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.” And; “if God is for me, who can be against me?”

We've heard that the love of money is the root of all evil. We have heard ‘cui bono’ and ‘follow the money’ and it is visibly obvious who the main bankers and money changers are. They hated Jesus Christ and sought to destroy him because he stood for all the things they are opposed to. I don’t care if you believe in Christ or don’t, it’s clear where their efforts in the matter have been directed, in this war against all that is good and decent. Think of Christ as the emblematic example of all that is best in us. This is true. Christ is a state of consciousness, not a person. Jesus is the person. Whether the historical Jesus existed as the tales tell is irrelevant. Of course there is such a force and it was personified in some way because history is chock full of examples of people who have exercised this force in marvelous and miraculous ways. There’s no question in my mind about any of this and I can prove, many times over, the truth of what I say. People may not want to hear it, for the usual reasons but... it is so.

Were I to go on listing the crimes and offenses of this small group of psychopathic devil worshipers it would turn into a book. That book has already been written several times. One of them is “The Synagogue of Satan”. The tribe founded Google is filled with references. It is truly ironic how evil works to both expose and destroy itself.

I don’t know how long I am to be permitted to continue in my work. That’s up to my employer, not them. My only concern is that I do my job well and that what I say is true. It’s not an easy road, this road. There are much easier roads ...that is obvious. Just look around at the other roads taken. Materialism IS Satanism. Materialism is the operational living philosophy of Satanism. Materialist ARE Satanists; card carrying members or not.

I don’t know what to tell you. I could tell you to keep your head down and your mouth shut but I don’t know where that leads. I could tell you it all works out and it does ...but maybe not here. You have to listen to your conscience, should you be so disposed.

I've no doubt that my own situation is going to be very much different than it has been, pretty soon. We’ll see what that amounts to. I’d like to think that maybe I can focus on other things; things that might prove to be of value to others. I haven’t a clue as to what lies ahead but I am supremely confident about whose hands my fate lies in so... whatever... whatever.

Though we are all a part of the body of God, we are not all the same parts. We do not have the same duties. We do not have the same faces or the same voices or the same interests. The creator expresses differently in each of us. I wish you well in your individual efforts to sort it all out or... allow it to be sorted. It’s been a privilege to be so employed as I have been. We’ll see.

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