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The High Value Potential of each Living Moment.

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I must admit, I don’t really know what it’s like out there in the places where I used to be. It seems like an entire lifetime ago and... I suspect that it has been. One of the things we have to keep in mind when things change for us is that... it is always a possibility that our whole world will also be changing too, in accord with the force that initiated the change in the first place. This isn’t always the case but... I have been led to believe that when the particular change takes a great deal of time; far more time than one might reasonably have suspected and... when the circumstances within the changes are fraught with serious events that can become almost like watermarks and... when finally, on the cusp of the change FINALLY coming to pass, everything starts moving in uncanny ways, there’s something more than the obvious going on. I used to know that this kind of thing happens but I had forgotten; it involves people and circumstance as well, coming seamlessly together.

Can’t look at the news, since Arizona is at St. Louis this morning and I don’t want to accidentally come across the score. It’s a brilliant sunny day today. The weather here has been magnificent all through the fall. That is quite to the contrary of conditions in the USA! USA!! USA!!!

Torture reports are a big, big deal and the bad guys are really doing that purpose of demonstration thing so that everyone can see where they are at behind it. This news is circulating all around the world as sort of a Christmas gift, after a fashion. We also got the surprising news that the torture psychologists were given 80,000,000 dollars for their contribution to the torture. Imagine that! This article was given us with a picture of one of those ‘torture psychologists’. It’s no big thing for him, nor... according to him, is any of it true either. Why... of course not.

As we have stated here a number of times; there is a dreadful irony to the whole affair, whereby, since it was Israel in concert with various intelligence services who did 9/11 it was truly Kafkaesque for them to torture these people for crimes that they committed and for information that they did not possess. What happened to the so called ‘mastermind’ of 911 was/is really obscene. What kind of people are these who can do something like that? That is truly Satanic.

I don’t want to spend the morning talking any more about these things. Christmas is coming and I want to talk about the birth of the light, not the presence of the darkness. Given that the darkness is a false construct, it cannot endure indefinitely. We, being creatures of light, at least potentially if not partially, can endure indefinitely.

A few days before the day on which we celebrate Christmas, there comes the solstice, which symbolize the birth of the light in those avatars that have come every two thousand years or so. This means we are certainly due at some point soon. That avatar may already be here, or be on the way, or... coming this time in the hearts of humanity, which would be fitting, given that it happens under the Aquarian template which, symbolizes world brotherhood; hard to imagine as things look now. Maybe that is slated for the aftermath, where all those opposed to brotherhood have been dealt with, or have the good sense to slink away into dark corners, till their opportunity for mischief comes round again. This is precisely the reason that the avatar sweeps the planes clear of them when he comes. If he comes in the hearts of humanity, that would mean he sweeps the enemy out of the minds of those presently hosting it.

In our day to day existence, under the cloud cover of the dream blanket, it surely appears to most people that the supernatural doings of an avatar are something remote from anything they have become familiar with. That is one of the characteristics of the divine. The divine is generally unseen and unfelt, for the purpose of demonstration (grin). The populations get into the groove of thinking that whatever there may be of the divine, it is unlikely that he would suddenly appear on this plane and begin performing wonders. In times of material darkness, the very idea of that strikes most people as a fantasy and that includes believers as well. One cannot overestimate the power of the force of illusion upon the collective mind and it should be kept in mind that the power of the collective mind exercises a very strong influence on the collective perceptions of the masses. This is how they are controlled in the day to day.

Anyway... one of the most important things about the time in which we celebrate the birth of the light is that this is one of those narrow windows in the calendar year when dramatic spiritual changes can and do occur. They can occur at any time, of course but... in times of material darkness it is always less likely and even should such things happen; they pass unseen. For those who have been dedicating themselves to the pursuit of the light there is always the possibility that they will be invited to the higher planes where luminous being celebrate this event every year. This is why I am on about Christmas Spirit.

Most of us, when we were young, had the experience of being filled with the wonder, awe and joy of Christmas Spirit. These days, so many people are turned off by the crass commercialism of the season, that they wind up throwing the baby out with the bathwater. This is a stupid, ignorant and self defeating thing to do and all of us have been guilty of it here and there or all the time (grin). We have to learn to ignore outward appearances and simply focus on our inner being and this will open us up to that Six of Cups thing. Maybe some of you are afraid to look ridiculous in front of all those cynical souls who have tossed it all into the dustbin of their lives. Certainly there is a particular segment of the population; a very small by powerful segment that are making war on Christmas and one of the intents of the war is to kill the natural upwelling of feeling, to reduce the moment to a pedestrian turkey day holiday ...but the real turkeys are the ones buying into this shit. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those living in the relative Tao of their culture, there are all manner of things one can celebrate. This does not mean that one is blind to so many other aspects that apply to so many other people. They don’t have to apply to you. When you celebrate the birth of the light, not just on Christmas but in every day when you awaken into the darkness of this plane, the time will come when that light ignites and is in residence within you. Following that there is no challenge, nor length of grayscale existence in the surround, that can deter those in possession of it. Consider the word, ‘possession’ and remind yourself that everything identified in certain terms by the nasties of the day, have their counterparts in the world of light so... just as one can be possessed of evil spirits and MANY ARE; if not possessed then certainly influenced and guided by them, one can also be possessed by the light. Just as one can take the escalator down, one can take the escalator up. You simply have to want it and if you want it more than anything else, it becomes a fait accompli. That is one of those cosmic truths that any time ones desire is supreme for anything, the positive result of it is certain, regardless of the moral status of it.

Manly Palmer Hall wrote a treatise on Black and White Magic and identified in the process, something called ‘Gray Magic’. This is what is practiced by that large body of the population that is often unconsciously under the influence of those performing the black arts. What he said was, more or less, if you are not in or seeking after the light, you are in a gray area.

If I am ever able to communicate ANY of the ideas that I seek to communicate, one of the paramount concerns is for one to recognize that they are right here right now and that nearly all spiritual progress is made on this plane. Here is where the significant things happen. The afterwards of the process is more about being informed of the consequences and rewards of what you did down here. So... it is critical to keep in mind that this very moment is important to that later time. Every single minute of your every day is filled with potentials and possibilities but... we often don’t act on them. We have to be ‘in the consciousness’ of going about our every moment, as if we were hosting the divine. The truth is that you are in any case, given ‘the witness’ who resides in all of us. At no point are even the most evil of us without some minuscule particle of light. Constant practice of hosting the divine, results in hosting the divine.

Back in the 30s of the last century, there was something called the ‘I Am’ movement, which was a mystical Christian thing that emphasized positive imaging. This was a part of the much larger appearance of the new thought movement that broke around the beginning of the century and expressed itself through many different windows and which was attended by many books and pamphlets like Ruby Nelson’s, "The Door of Everything". also the works of Joseph Benner and others. Here is a list. I've no connection to or awareness of what goes on at that site. I’m just giving you a list.

Here is an example of what I mean about the myriad of activities that frustrate and in their own small way, act to diminish our spirit. The Door of Everything is in the public domain and I must have gone to at least half a dozen sites and each of them wanted me to install advertising or sign up with them to get the book. Perseverance furthers because I finally found a site where it was posted online. I’d like to add that despite the howling outrage of those who view everything connected to Alice Bailey as evil; her works are fantastic examples of a clear mind and a clear channel. I can’t argue with what she says and how she says it. She even made the best translation of Patanjali’s aphorisms. Where I find value, I seize it. I don’t stand around in nervous disorder about who and what might be associated with who and what. I drink the water if it is nourishing and sustaining. I don’t know anything about Lucis Trust but I will say that all kinds of evil publishers have published all kinds of valuable books.

Let me not get too far afield from the message I am determined to give and which I mentioned in the third paragraph above about communicating something. RECOGNIZE that you are in this moment and that this moment is POWER. You can go anywhere and do all kinds of things from HERE. You can certainly meditate on things and creatively visualize. You can spend your time wisely because... I ASSURE you that if you do not, it will come back to haunt you. I realize that this effort will cost you. It costs me every day but think of it as an investment. Realize that you are an investment banker too. Invest wisely in the eternal.

I see that lately I have been going on at greater length than has been normal for me for all of the time before. So it goes. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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