Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Zen and the Art of Cancer and other Living Things.

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The world continues to carousel through space, spinning through continuums of apprehension and threat. Hope springs eternal, like soft grass, routinely trampled by marching hobnailed boots. Then it springs up somewhere else. It’s not springing up here. That’s the ass media version and then we get into maybe a little less ass media over here, where a name crops up and then we get some more over here. They don’t say that the Russian is one of those oligarchs and when you go to search on him you find a very surprising ...nada.

What we do notice is that the central banker heaven of Switzerland is knee deep in blood money and suffering, which you can pretty much assume anyway since that is where they store all the money until they need it for a war. It’s also where they store all the money after they loot the countries that they financed wars against. It’s business as usual from the vaults of Geneva, Zurich and Basel; home of The Bank of Settlements, or is that The Bank of the Dead, Displaced and Refugees? It’s also the home of Zionism which is the central banker undergraduate curriculum.

It should come as no surprise that the Swiss want to approve 2500 francs a month for every Swiss citizen. There’s a lot double talking side of the mouth gobbledygook in this interview but it should be clear where the money comes from. It comes from dirty businesses like banking, pharmaceuticals and operations like Syngenta. I’m sure there are plenty Swiss who will disagree with my insinuations that maybe a whole lot of serious moral corruption is behind all that money but... most of them are very well off and it looks like they are going to be even better off soon enough so... they’re probably on board with whatever.

Any reasonably sane person knows that the international banks are; since corporations now have personhood, psychopaths. Any reasonably sane person knows that pharmaceutical companies are easily as bad and far more widespread in their malignant badness that the gold mining industry. They got plenty more toxic shit than mercury and arsenic. I didn't see arsenic mentioned in the Peruvian tales but nothing that doesn't get mentioned ever comes as a surprise to me for not getting mentioned.

The serious Zen enthusiasts knows that shit both happens and does not happen and one is hard pressed to weigh the relative negativeness and come out with an overall winner.

Any reasonably sane person knows that certain industries; certain policies, certain political movements operating under inapplicable titles, are bad for children and other growing things, unless you are talking about cancer because cancer is a growing thing. I think the actual quote is ‘living things’ but... so what? Cancer is a living thing too. It keeps on living until something else dies and then it dies too, in the zero sum game in which it is a player.

After reading the Business Insider interview about Switzerland, all I could think was that this is something every Bulimic, who might be having trouble bringing something, or nothing up, should be reading to insure smooth functioning of the alimentary tense and flex. I’m guessing it could be a very effective reverse circuit Ex-Lax.

Not our usual Origami fare but then...; there hasn't been a whole lot of usual Origami fare because we don’t live in a usual world anymore. We live in a world of sudden starts and stops with variable lurches to either side, sort of like an alcoholic locomotive with no control over energized and non energized ramps.

This guy is the biggest you tube money maker and I guess you can go backwards and see the others. They’re all in either of one or two audience demographics. I used to have a TV show in New York. I started out with a spiritual program in the morning where I would hold forth on the principles and teachings of “The Way to the Kingdom”. I had an audience but it was small. So I migrated to Saturday night and got the time slot next to Saturday Night Live, mostly because they really sucked in that period and were seriously annoying. I think it was around the time that scatology freak Adam Sandler was on. This show was socio-political satire that skirted the edge of the decency margins and then I had a large audience. If I had gotten really profane I suspect the audience would have been even larger. If I had started cutting myself and doing large canvas creations with body fluids and sundry I might have even had a huge audience. After all, it was New York.

I had started out wanting to mention something that has become more and more apparent over the last decade and that is certain people keep saying you should buy gold and silver but that never turns into what those telling you you should buy it have promised is going to happen with it. You hear all kinds of things about World War 3 and the end of the world and related Armageddon scenarios but nothing ever happens. For a long time an attack on Iran was any day now. Now it is probably not any time soon, if at all. Sure... lots of people are dying in The Middle East but The Middle East is just a central banker IPO that functions as a weapon’s proving ground for bigger conflicts that just don’t seem to happen. I’m not saying they won’t happen, given the sort of people pushing for them to happen. They just haven’t happened yet.

It’s a curious muddle is what it is. Every day I get up and ask myself if this is the day that I see that significant event that precedes the global domino tumble. I suppose I could get up and get up and one day just not get up and never see it come to pass. It seems like it has to, since conditions for the vast majority keep getting worse and worse, while getting logarithmically better for the 1% who are responsible for things getting worse and worse for the vast majority.

The way it looks to me now; bad things, really bad things are going to happen in certain places, just like they already are and will not happen in certain other places. Different bad things will happen in different places and good things will happen in other places. Somehow in the process of this, parts of the world will become much less populated than they presently are. It seems now that whatever is going to happen is going to happen much more slowly than anyone thought it would, except in specific places where it is otherwise. People will live and die; prosper and fall, according to the tensile strength of their beliefs insofar as their beliefs are based on anything real and by degrees, unreal. A life based on nothing real will not have a dependable support structure, nor any kind of potential for continuing. That seems to be elementary. So does the logical progression of people eating shit and being turned into shit; watching shit, doing shit and falling in love with shit; shit being shit.

You got gold and you got shit and people that want to turn the one into the other and most definitely do turn the one into the other, if you are talking what could have been and what actually was. Personally, I’m not going to worry about any of it. I expect to take each day as it comes. I've no idea what that is going to result in but I know I have no choice but to take each day as it comes. In the process, it should all get lighter because I’m not adding anything heavy in so... over the course of time it should all become less difficult and less confining. The reverse will most certainly be the case in other people’s lives because they will be doing the reverse and the result is to be expected in that case, just as it is in my own.

This is one of those postings where I was talking about something but never did address it directly. It’s all been indirect and oblique, if not opaque as well but... that’s how it went. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful day, filled with limitless gratitude that you are not any number of people and things that you are not.

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