Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Little Super Sunday Sermon of Benevolent Intent.

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Be the human being that your dog thinks you are.

I've had so many things go wrong over the last decade or so that it kind of became routine. I don't know why these things happened and I don't know why all those other things didn't happen. All I know is that I am on the other side of it at the moment and I said what I said here to set up a hypothesis; What if you, although possessing near zero, appearance wise, as far as power and influence goes, actually had a great deal of influence and access to the invisible than one thinks. This sets up an interplay with the unseen from the dark zones and corners of the astral plane which hasn't been swept out in a long time... oh... but that is coming; count on it. Bank on it.

In the same way that one will attract the forces of light when one is engaged in the service of the light, one will attract the forces of darkness because it is their nature to reflexively oppose all who do so. So... don't go wondering or speculating about how and when the inexplicably undesirable shows up to harass you; you listening visible? Uh... yeah... yeah.

Relative importance in the spiritual realm cannot be measured by possessions and positions in the temporal. Most of us don't know how valuable or incidental we might be because we are natively prone to measure things by the manifest and that's not relevant. One person sincerely working for the good of all will have more impact and effect greater and more lasting change than an entire football stadium of people paying little attention to any of this.

It is the nature of the forces of darkness to go after anyone who is engaged in actions that threaten the command towers of the negative. If you're getting serious opposition in your course, you could be going the right way (grin). The most important thing that anyone seeking to serve the forces of light has to remember is that absolute and convincing victory may not be the result of one's life efforts. Sometimes in war one winds up on a suicide mission for the greater good. Sometimes one is set out to draw the enemies attention away from a particular flank or strategy. Individual players need always be aware of their individual insignificance over the long course of the near incomprehensible intent of The Logos in its far reaching plan across centuries and millennia.

It is the quality of ones deeds that counts, not whether one wins or appears to lose. We are chosen for the exercise of our best abilities and these can vary significantly from player to player. Sometimes you get people who are so very, very different in perspective and means of approach that for either, the other, looks undesirable, incompetent and sometimes even insane. This is a hard thing to guard against when one person's way of going about things goes contrary to everything we consider useful and effective.

I personally neither like nor admire most organized religious figures and new age practitioners AND... as time has gone by I have seen little to change my mind. The truth is though that I don't see everything that is going on. The truth is that people from these ranks and others not mentioned, can reach people who would neither understand nor be inspired by me, or others like me. I have to respect that. It's true that I have often looked upon these people as the blind leading the blind and it is also true that that is often true but... not always.

As time passes I find myself more accepting and embracing of things that have no relevance to me at all. At the same time, I am of the 'whatever works' school; with qualifications. Sometimes the means to the end perverts and compromises the end result. In these cases... we shall see and time will tell. 'We shall see and time will tell' is something I rely on concerning my own behavior, actions and agenda. Not everyone agrees with the way I go about things or what I say either; we shall see and time will tell. It is without question that I make mistakes. That does not make me the Lone Ranger. We all make mistakes and I would much rather associate with people who are not afraid to make mistakes than with people who seek to avoid that at all costs and who make mistakes anyway; more egregious mistakes even.

It's one thing to excel on the fields of play; win titles, make the deciding score or... triumph in the world of business or the arts. To influence others to be better than they might have been and to be a part of some fundamental change in the human heart is to be valued far above any of these other things. You can't always tell what your impact on life might have been and this is especially hard to see when you are in crisis periods or when you have fallen miserably away from your primary intention and... it happens. It surely does. True humility is one of the most underrated assets that a person can possess and one only acquires it by contact with something infinitely greater than oneself. Ergo, I exhort everyone to see that greater being so that one might gain a true understanding and perspective on ones actual 'mean' worth (grin). I have been lucky. I have had myself reduced to cinders many a time by fortuitous encounters with luminous beings. Even though you should never sell yourself short, you should never inflate your own value and become a victim of exaggerated self importance.

Okay... I think we've waxed rhapsodic enough for one post now on to the truly important concerns of the day and that would be... heh heh, the game!!! In typical twisted media fashion, flaming queen, Johnny Weir is flitting around the gridiron like Tinker Bell and if there is something irrelevant and seriously trivial and unrelated to anything recognizable in relation the game... well then, Johnny Weir is covering it and the forces that run the media want us to know that Johnny Weir is an integral part of the whole shebang which, of course, he is not. He's camping it up with a couple of female impersonators who, I think, are actually women but... I don't really know. This is not to say that everyone doesn't have the right to express themselves according to their own personal tastes so long as they do not injure another; that's my liberal failsafe, public position on it. What I actually think I will keep to myself because that is the wiser course and I have come to that late in the game.

By a certain twist of fate, the good offices of friends here and most possibly, supernatural grace, I am able to watch the game in my home today. That's a big deal to me. It means I don't have to go to a bar filled with noisy and belligerent drunks. At least one friend is coming over and I'm looking forward to the event. I went out yesterday and purchased a lot of ingredients for good eating. It should be fun.

I've kind of said all I got to say about that and I still have a lot of space left in the post. I didn't expect that to happen. I thought I would have more to say but I don't. I hope it's a good game. Of course I want my team to win but a good game will make up for any sense of loss otherwise (grin). I do fully expect The Patriots to win and that is surprising because I tend to be one who likes to analyse things impartially. I can only attribute this to an ongoing sensation that keeps reappearing in my head. This is not the usual for me. Usually I have some idea of what might happen and I got my preferences but this time that is all overshadowed by this sensation I keep getting. Of course, if I turn out to be wrong, the good news is that I will learn from that... hopefully. Still... I've been right so far; not that that means anything and THAT is a good thing to keep in mind... too.

You know what? My back is aching a bit because I don't have my usual ergonomic chair. At the moment I only got this lumpy micro-couch so so... I'm going to bid you adieu... until we meet again. Much love.

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