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In Perpetual Pursuit of the Presence of the Ineffable.

Electric has been down all day; why this didn't go up earlier.

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Okay... let's see; 2212 postings. That's somewhere around a little less than two million words. Then there's 217 radio broadcasts, 3 books, 11 CDs and whatever there is elsewise that hasn't occurred to me at the moment. I briefly alluded to this in the last posting. This all amounts to somewhere in the neighborhood of about 15,000,000 visitors. Let's add in some catastrophic visitations, interspersed with a larger number of wonderful encounters. Factor in a fifteen year exile in Europe, followed by a complete closing up of shop and a transition to whatever this is at present.

I'm told a whole knew schematic is now in play and I can see that that is true. I can feel it as well. You'd think I would have gotten a little further in terms of some wider success at it all but... that has not been the case. I've known for awhile that I am closed off from every mainstream area of endeavor and short of a massive change in the power structure, that's going to just go on until something happens, or doesn't happen.

The odd feature about all of this is that there is a pretty powerful alternative media presence; part of that isn't alternative at all but there are quite a few large internet presences and connected sorts that have a lot of influence in their particular ponds of various sizes and I am, for the most part closed off from them too. It's hard to tell just how much of all of this is actually under the control of the other media. It's hard to tell how many of these are government ops or corporate ventures, masquerading as altruistic efforts in the pursuit of truth. Regardless of all that, I have long known what my biggest obstacle to getting anywhere (is there anywhere to get too?) has been due to my putting the existence of the ineffable in the forefront of what I do. This pisses off people on both sides of the fence, because they are in that baby and the bathwater syndrome and they chronically and persistently confuse the ineffable with religion. The two, in essence are mutually exclusive. I know this and most of you know this and that is the reason that the core group here; which changes over the course of time, is made up of believers.

We come from different faiths and forms of practice but... for the most part, to an extraordinary degree, we get along. There is a resonance here. That is undeniable. There is synchronicity here and there is some amount of the serendipity of the supernatural. There is an undeniable congress of talent here. There is a wealth of touched and occasionally tormented hearts. There are those who are fairly comfortable in their existence and there are those living on the edge... close to the squeezing margin of that rock and a hard place. I am one of those but... it doesn't feel like it. There is this persistent certitude that I have now that hasn't been in residence since... since... I don't know when. Somehow... I KNOW I'm going to be taken care of and that everything needed is going to appear when it is needed. This is what I told myself when my car overheated yesterday and it looks like there is some kind of leak where the anti-freeze is making its exit. Of course it had to go critical with the red flashing watership symbol, right when I was caught in that gridlock that we got here most days on the highway out of Hilo. I just relaxed and motored right on home and it didn't even boil over when I went to check it but... it was low and twice yesterday I had to top it up. I didn't go anywhere today. We'll see about that.

My friends. It has been a real pleasure to work with you over these years. Although my own part in all of this has been going on for decades, this segment has been going on for about one of those. It goes without saying that I have offended some of you. In some cases I have deeply offended some of you and no rapprochement is possible... at the moment. In some cases that is absolutely fine. It doesn't make me right and you wrong. It doesn't make you right and me wrong. It is just what it is. Cactus and avocado don't grow in New York State, except in controlled environments and even then, probably never as well as they do where they are native to the location and climate. One of the hardest things in life and one of the most definite expressions of a certain level of wisdom is the ability to be dead certain of your course and also dead certain that there are other courses that are just as valid as your own.

One of my persisting visibilisms concerns the image of a mountain and... you can get up that mountain all kinds of different ways. If you just think about it, you will realize that no one of us knows all of those ways or even most of them. Some people go right straight up the mountain. Some of you will go via some kind of a switchback. Some of you will go round and round the mountain and you'll be coming around that mountain when you come. Some might tunnel into the mountain and follow caverns to the sun but regardless of how you get there, what matters is that you get there. Nothing else matters but that AND... the kicker is, once you get to the top you can see all of the ways up and down. That implies a a form of illuminated awareness and you don't get to that point by arguing about the courses taken by others.

When I got arrested on Maui in 1984 and was facing life in prison, my friend Michael Green went to Guru Bawa and asked him about me after telling him about my situation and Bawa said, “Oh, he'll be fine. He has just chosen another path.” It seems to me he said it almost dismissively but not in an unkind way. It seems to me he was saying, “Oh it's not even something to think about” and then the most unreal series of events took place and I became the only one in Hawaiian history, even to the day, to be acquitted in the fashion that I was. So... even though it has been a singularly hard row to hoe for me, there have been bright moments, faith making moments. I have become absolutely convinced that if the hammer comes down on you relentlessly and you are in pursuit of the ineffable beyond all things, to the extent that you suffer and persevere, you will be answered commensurate with your degree of difficulty. That is how it works. That is how it works. I have been in every state of desperation and have skirted the border of despair more times than I can remember. I realize now that this is all a part of the legacy and even though I have not always been true to my motto of, “leave good footprints”, I have repented and rededicated myself, again and again, and I suggest, in fact, I exhort you to do the same.

Now, there is a reason why I brought up what got mentioned in the first paragraph. Occasionally I wonder about what I do. I especially wonder about people's expectations of me; not wanting to be what I am not, simply to play a role I have not been authorized to play, not wanting to come off as someone who has set themselves up for a fall; ALWAYS be unassuming, never be presumptions. When I was a child, I often read the Bible and I went to Sunday school, where each Sunday we were given Biblical cartoons and I looked forward to them. One of the cartoon/graphic novel stories that I remember was one where Jesus was speaking and he said something to the effect that, “when you are invited to an engagement, do not immediately take one of the prominent seats, rather take a much less prominent seat so that you are not asked to move to a lower place but are rather invited into a higher place.” I've never forgotten that. I consider humility to be one of the 'can't do without period' qualities. It is a MUST HAVE. Why do I say this? I do not say this because it is one more pose one must adopt or that one must be humble because some rule book says so. I say this because humility is something that one cannot avoid if one is to have an realistic understanding about the true relationship between our own insignificance and the immeasurable greatness of the ineffable by comparison. Unless one has this understanding of the relative difference between ourselves and the divine, we ain't going past a certain point and we will most definitely be in line for a purpose of demonstration moment; not a hoped for demonstration either. The proper awareness of what is so in this regard, automatically confers an unshakable humility. Accept no substitutions.

It has never been more true than here that every participant is critical to the mix and our ability to remain always aware of that is what makes everything work here. Some number of times it seemed that the house was coming down here. Sometimes there has been distinct enemy action but the one telling truth is that the majority never paid any real attention to any of it and every effort to paint things other than how they truly were, has fallen short of its intended accomplishment. Here is also where we see the hand of the divine at work and truly... truly; “greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world” and “if god is for me, who can be against me?”

It is clear to me, as I am sure it is to many of you, that what we have here is also for the purpose of demonstration and what that is... We shall see and time will tell.

I want to thank all of you who have stuck by me and each other, to bring us to this point in the movie. The seriously impactful and important moments of it all are on the horizon. This is all headed somewhere, even if it is only where we are, it is going to be completely where we are because that is what we aspire to and intend and that is what the ineffable intends for us as well. Does anyone doubt this? Does not scripture affirm this? Have not all the teachings of the wise confirmed this? Do you not suspect that this MUST be so?

May god in his infinite wisdom guide your footsteps in all ways to the heart of the almighty where we shall dwell forever by the sweet fountains of inspiration and unending love, forever reaching and yet never arriving at the heights of it's possible expression because there is no end to the capacity and power of Love.

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Hoping to have a radio show together for this weekend which is why I've stayed up this evening to write this post.

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