Thursday, March 05, 2015

You... are the Manifest Expression of what You Live According to.

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I tried to get my main computer up and running and it wouldn't go. I took it to a tech and somehow, my main drive got erased. That's quite a trick when it wasn't turned on. All kinds of things were wrong and so now it is housed in an old Gateway work station with the loss of much but I suppose I'll limp along till I can afford a new machine. This has been consistent with negative things happening to me. They not only beat the shit out of this well packaged box but they did other things. I learned you almost need be autopsied to get a drivers license here these days and my finances are under constant assault. What do I do? Nothing whatsoever. It's not in my hands and this is all for the purpose of demonstration. I know that now. When bizarre things happen, it means something, even if I have no idea what that is. Let it come as it will, for it will surely go, as will everything when the time comes, or... at least individual perspectives will. Those who have attained to cosmic consciousness don't have to worry about any of that. My advice is, put all your attention on achieving this because anything short of it is short of it.

Are you going to accomplish this under your own steam? No. Will you accomplish it by being a good person and always doing the right thing; however impossible that might be in this relative world where so much of everything looks like one thing but turns out to be another? No... that won't get it either. Will you be able to make this happen by making the right contacts, as the result of fortunate karma based on previous efforts? Yes... that is one way. Grace is another and there are other ways too. I made the right connection but maintaining a consistent interactive state is something else.

One can say that just about every war is Banker caused but... all those who participate in them do so because they are mired in delusion so... they find themselves there in the conviction of whatever fabricated BS convinced them, until a bullet or a bomb finds them, or they make it home but they are blown up inside and never function properly again, not that they were all that well put together in the first place but that is because they were constructed in their false personal sense by incompetent architects and further poorly constructed by their own hand.

It is hard for many of us to understand how to be completely natural and truly ourselves. Much of this is caused by the really screwed up state of the world that demands we should be something other than ourselves, while hammering us with buzzwords and catchphrases that tell us to be ourselves but that's not what they mean ...because being yourself goes contrary to the marketplace, where they actually want you to be like everyone else; a docile sheep to be sheared who acts out in all the ways that commerce has approved and which amounts to you making a fool of yourself ...but you hardly notice 'cause everyone else is doing the same thing. Sad, pathetic, dehumanizing, undignified, dishonorable and let me say, “doomed” as well. Don't go that way. It may cost you much of the things that everyone else sells their souls and their asses for but... is that a reasonable trade-off? Only you can decide that; comes down once again to what you value. I know what I value. I may not always live up to it but I try and I learn and I will improve, against all odds and I know that you, the reader; many of you, are committed to the same. Once again I will say, “It doesn't matter how many times you fail. It doesn't matter how many mistakes you make. What matters is that you get right back up on that horse and you learn, concerning whatever it was that caused you to be thrown. It can take lifetimes. It doesn't have to but it can.” 'Success is speedy for the energetic'.

I am mystified at the obstacles that continue to present themselves to me and the harder I try the more frequent the obstacles. What do I take away from that? Don't try, just be AND... ironically, that is what I have been told over and over and over in recent times. Although it has often been in my nature to hear things and just go on like I always do, I am now disposed to paying attention and it helps because... as it turns out, that is all I can do.

I have discovered that all of my hard drives were erased. I don't see how this could be a common feature of shipping one's belongings... nor have I ever heard of boxes being partially looted and then having things never sent, show up in the box, like a can full of really strange looking cookies that I am definitely not going to eat. How am I to take the erasure of years of files stored up on my several hard drives, plus the loss of a hi-tech machine, with all kinds of features I no longer have? As it so happens, I put everything of critical importance on a thumb drive some while ago. What I lost is not critical and can be replaced. I just shake my head and move on. I know people who would say, “It's the government; some unintelligence agency. They spend their lives going around in fear, apprehension and frustration over what they imagine must be happening to them. I DON”T KNOW what is happening and it wouldn't matter. I would just pick up and carry on and they, or whoever, can kiss my dust.

What possible good can come by lamenting one's state; by granting power to seen and unseen entities by playing into imagination games with them? They have no power but what I/you give them. They are as big as I/you make them in our heads. The most difficult thing for anyone to get their mind around is the appearance of these bumbling incompetents, who occupy the high points on the world's stage. It is automatic to think they are where they are due to some measure of talent, no matter how small. It's natural to think they know things we don't; that they are a better class of people and that some deference is due them. Actually they are nothing more than living examples of what not to do and they are going to reap the whirlwind; count on it.

It ONLY matters what the ineffable thinks and our fate and destiny is entirely in the hands of the divine and the agents of the divine. The boorish and bottom feeding psychopaths, whose ignorance is only rivaled by their misguided self adulation, are on cruise control to a dark and unpleasant place. It's the law. It's a law that is sourced from the only relevant manifestor of law here, there and everywhere. The only laws I pay any attention to are the ones that make sense to me and sometimes, coincidentally they happen to be human laws; like the rules of the highway, or certain rules of behavior that common sense tells you should be followed. Otherwise it is simply the self styled elite and powerful, making demands on everyone else for the purpose of their profit and convenience. I'm not impressed. The only reason I had to spend the amount of time I had to spend locked up, is that I absolutely refused to admit that I had done anything wrong. I am not the sort to go in front of a judge and say I am sorry for following my chosen course because it violated their insistence that I do what they say, not what they do. Where does that leave you, should you submit? It also puts you in the position of confirming they are right and have the right. They are not and they do not.

Sooner or later you have to make choices and these are ALWAYS based on your values. Sooner or later you have to decide what is important to you and life will force the issue. There is no way around it. You can dream and strive and kill yourself trying to get meaningless things and meaningless status but you aren't going to get either unless they are due you and in that case you don't have to do anything cause you already did.

Don't let the world tell you what to do. Don't let the world tell you what is and is not important. Don't let the world determine your value to yourself and others. That's a mug's game. You make the determinations and you live by them. Time will tell and you will see if you were right or not. There is a mysterious force in the cosmos that shapes our destiny and how that turns out for us is decided by how we handled our end of it.

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