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Memory Lane can Intersect with Amnesia Road.

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“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”

It occurs to me now and again that if our evolved self could see us as we are in the times of the moment we would be thoroughly embarrassed by ourselves. We are kept in a certain degree of blindness so that we can live with ourselves. It makes it possible for us to do things we shouldn't do and evade what we should do. We're given levels of logic and reasoning, which make it possible for us to explain anything, however we need to, in order to rationalize our course. This is an unavoidable byproduct of Karma and the attendant samskaras that accompany our Karma. Samskaras have been likened to scarves tied over our eyes and they come in various stages of thickness, from near transparent, to entirely opaque and this accounts for why some people cannot see at all (metaphorically speaking) and why some people can see better than others.

Karma sometimes puts us places where we do not prosper for the purpose of learning; because our Karma insists that we be there, also for reasons having to do with learning and sometimes for debts owed. Sometimes it is for the greater good... if we should be so employed and some of us are. Sometimes we are put into prisons; both actual and what is experienced in a similar way- a measure of confinement that obviates a greater freedom which might distract from whatever it is that we are there to accomplish. I've been in both permutations of this more than once.

When it became clear that I was going to Europe for what might prove to be an extended stay, I was somewhat excited at the possibilities, especially since I had been announcing I was going to go for some months before the opportunity came about to make that possible. There was no reason for me to think or imagine that I was going to actually go to Europe but somehow I knew. My life is not my own and hasn't been since I met The Man on the Beach. It was probably so always but I was much less aware of it. There were many times that I was unaware of this after but the knowledge of this would intrude here and there... sometimes dramatically.

My certitude that I would be leaving came about during my observation of a news report on Bushligula running for president. I knew that horrific bad shit was going to happen and... it did.

Suddenly, in the late summer and fall of '99, things came together to make Europe a reality and in the very country I was announcing as a destination, prior to my knowing anything about it. For some weeks before it became a certainty I was discussing the exact circumstances that occurred to bring it about with Lady Nature; speaking into the foliage at the jungle resort that I was managing at the time.

I thought I would play my music in Europe and it would all happen for me there. I knew it had happened to others and I wrote many songs as soon as I arrived but... it went very wrong for me there or it didn't move at all. It seemed like bad luck was tattooed on my being. My economic situation went from being upscale and comfortable, to making me reliant on others because things just would not move for me. The torturous agony of getting my books to print was gruesome. I was a displaced person in every sense. It was as if I were behind glass and every decision I made went south on me. It was not pleasant and there was an ancient darkness that did not like me at all. My consort could not understand what I was going through. Near the end, a very intuitive and elderly man who had been my consort's elementary school teacher, showed her how to test the room I worked in and she said the negativity reading was off the charts.

Regardless of the invisible resistance I was up against, I got a lot of work done and some of you have been around for a good part of that. I tried very hard to make it work, even to the point of deciding to stay in Germany, even after my life, such as it was, was no longer such as it was. I wound up at the mercy of a psychopath and had a bad accident, which served to send me on my way. In the process of trying to get out of there, I wound up at the mercy of another psychopath, who stole from me and caused me to lose a good portion of my possessions as well. I soldiered on because that is all you can do, or you can just perish by the roadside. Still, I remained and went through the changes necessary to pass the language test and be granted permanent European citizenship rights. Now a reader wants to fly me in to Europe this summer so that we can share some time together. This means I will likely travel to my former locations, however briefly that may be. What kind of sense does that make?

Out of the blue, a reader, offered me a landing place here. It seemed initially that I might have to stay with him for awhile but in less than a week I was mobile and had a place, which has proven to be a very, very nice place. It was difficult at first, seeking to integrate into this location, where I had never been, though I had lived on a nearby island for some while before I moved to Europe. It got extreme for a time here and then? Then it has since gone from good to better and better. I am eating food in amounts that are astonishing. I am working out intensely. I am gaining significant weight. I am focused in a very serious way and the forces of light here are much greater than the forces of darkness I was used to before. I hardly know what to say about any of this. I'm certainly not taking it for granted that it will just always be like this but... maybe it will be, more so than I have seen in awhile.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful talk with my good friend, Patrick Willis. The conversation revealed things that I was very glad to discover. Tomorrow I will have a talk with my good friend Ken O'Keefe. I've been keeping to myself for three months but that seems about to change I kept to myself for 15 years before that, once I saw how it was with the social interplay.. It seems that a lot of things are about to change but I am looking only directly in front of me and intend to maintain that.

I'm using the autobiographical vehicle, as I occasionally do, because of the resonance that exists between so many of us here. It seems that, with great frequency, we are often thinking the same things at the same times. So many times that it is ridiculous, something gets said here that readers were just thinking that very day. That has been demonstrated here more often than one can remember. A lot of unusual synchronicity takes place here. I expect that there is going to be an increasing intensity of this that we have not seen before. There is so much darkness and violence loose in the world that it can color our perspective in a powerful way. We can forget that however much the darkness may proliferate in times of darkness that the light also concentrates intensely in certain locales and personas. We forget that, as we are right in the critical phase of the changing of an age, the light is naturally growing and the darkness is breaking up. We rely so much on what our senses report that we forget about the law of precipitation and how everything we can see comes from a place that we cannot see. We forget.

Speaking only for myself, I can say that there were periods where conditions were so bad that I despaired of escape from them. There were times when what stretched in front of me seemed truly unmanageable and beyond my power to do anything about. On some number of occasions, divine agency intruded upon the matter and resolved it wonderfully. No one could believe what happened and often came up with the most ludicrous explanations for why it happened the way it did. When I walked away from a life sentence through legal miracles that had never happened in those environs before and has not happened since, some people said that I, a pauper, had bought the jury. They could not credit any other possibility and some of them badly wanted to see me go down. God has always been there for me and even though god has beaten the living shit out of me for dreadful extents of time- and admitted to it- god has always come through when it was needed and ALWAYS will. This applies no less to the rest of you than it does to me. “By your faith be it unto you.” and if we do not have that faith? If god cares for us, God will put us through whatever is necessary to gain that faith and it might not be pleasant.

I have read in various places certain corroborating things and I have been told directly by my invisible friends, the following; “if you could see how it turns out, if you could see the resolution to all of what you have endured, the way that we see it, you would not mind anything you were being put through in order to come to that end.” “Visible, I can laugh at what you are going through (and you can think me cruel and unfeeling) simply because I KNOW how it ends. I know where it leads so... I do not suffer from the same subjective ignorance of it all as do you. Nor shall that be the case with you for too much longer.”

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”

“The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according to what they had done.”

And my favorite...

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

Things happen to us that we cannot explain. Sometimes we are meanly persecuted, slandered and reviled. Sometimes we lose control over our own behavior and cannot understand how it came to happen. Life can be very hard and it can be very easy. It is impossible to say (except for the elevated and awakened few) which of those two courses are the more desirable in the end. We have to trust and we have to believe, because the conditions of our life will be dramatically affected by the extent of our possession of these capabilities. There is much we might not have to be put through too, depending on that. One thing we can accept as so, even when it does not seem to be so, is that the almighty is exceedingly merciful to us, even in our trials, often more so than we deserve.

I will never forget standing in that construction zone I was living in, in Eastern Germany; working so very hard, when I discovered what kind of a man I was dealing with and then... standing in the middle of that room and crying out with a passionate intensity, over and over, “Lord, get me out of here!” It was a matter of hours before I fell from a considerable height to the tiles and concrete below and I have no memory of how that came to happen. That man was usually always around but on this day he was gone from dawn to dusk, so I sat there or I crawled in great pain, unable to reach the computer and my cellphone was dead. It was none of it accidental. The next day when they held up a mirror to my face, the entire left side of my face was black.

As I sat in that construction site, I knew that everything had changed. Now I know why, too. One day we shall know all of the why and wherefore of our extended journeys on this plane. Peace be unto you all.

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