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Naked and Afraid and Dumb as a Fence Post.

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The greater the force of Material Culture, the more the general mind is imprisoned in the turbulent soup of it. It's not my place to pass judgment on whether that is the best place for it. My continuing observation is that it is probably not, for one cardinal and critical reason ...and that is due to all of the lives and minds so engaged being of a temporary duration. It is the inescapable truth that those minds and lives and all that is attendant, must take their leave at some point and due to the consistent nature of attachment, it will not be a pleasant separating when it happens. If every reference point in the minds of those under consideration here is in Material Culture then... where does that leave one when they leave?

It's all about the bandwidth and it could be measured and understood should the scientific community take any interest in that. However, the scientific community is an employee of Material Culture. They get no salary and no positive recognition, unless they serve the interests of Material Culture and it doesn't matter how ridiculous their fumbling about in the dark might be, all of it receives the imprimatur of Material Culture. It doesn't matter how horrific their experimentations are. It doesn't matter how dangerous to the population of the entire world their efforts become, it all has the favor of Material Culture. What isn't always known in a wider sense is that Material Culture is suicidal. It WILL kill itself at one point. It always has. Before it kills itself though, there are stages it passes through on the way and one of those stages is the point at which it goes stark raving mad. This is not merely a possibility that may or may not occur. It is a certainty.

There are a number of certainties about Material Culture, one is that its technical capacity will outstrip the state of its moral evolution and there will be Hell to pay. Material Culture is, in its essence, all about SELFISHNESS. What this eventually leads to is a small minority of the most selfish taking possession of the majority of the world's wealth and... because these individuals are clinically insane, they will not stop appropriating until they own and control all they can own and control and they will use ANY means necessary to accomplish this. If that means turning the entire planet into a combination prison camp and global graveyard, that is fine with them. They are not human in the way we classically understand that word (those of us who do understand the meaning of it). Because of this they do not behave as you would expect a human being to behave. They renounced their humanity for the purpose of personal gain at the expense of humanity. The proof of this is patently obvious.

Everyone has to make decisions for themselves about what they will pursue in this life and that will be determined by what has influenced them from an early age; what they brought with them into this life, their values and whether they possess any integrity. I should mention that whether one has any appreciation for truth and whether they possess a spiritual nature will be a factor. The absence of these will result in a complete magnetizing of one's being by the force of Material Culture.

Every successful culture, unless it is a rampaging dictatorship, or one of those kingdoms built on 'the great man' principal, succeeds because it employs functioning archetypes that give, at least the appearance of fair function, despite differentials in the wealth and position of its citizens. Justice is not only done but when it falls short, it appears to be done; if that makes any sense. The least among the populace is cared for, which means there is always some aspect of socialism. This isn't my field so bear with me, given that. In all cultures that continue on the level of general satisfaction, or thrive, the appearance of it sets the standard for the pervasive vibe of the people. When that gets lost, and when there is no longer the appearance of justice done and all the other archetypes have lost their gyro, the populations enter a wide split, concerning degrees of privilege and access to the fundamental life needs. Then the necessary socialized aspects of health care, housing and inexpensive food, increasingly become one thing, while appearing to be another. As appearances further and further diverge from actuality, insanity becomes commonplace and social transformations like riot and revolution become inevitable and then... the odds begin to favor those who are not afraid to die against those who are too porcine to dare to die. The party of the first part has been pushed to their limits and death is less of a concern than the desperation of each passing day. On the other hand, those who are too porcine to dare to die are destined to tremble on their percale sheets of a night.

Okay... enough of that. I'm not all that good at those forms of theorizing in areas I am not educated in.

Suffice to say that the writing on the wall is not graffiti. It's prophecy. Even the graffiti is prophetic in the way it is indicative of the consciousness at the street level. You can learn all you need to know about a culture by what is promoted in entertainment and what passes for government policy and how the two interact and that brings us to the tie that binds which is political correctness. In Hawaii, apparently, they are now going to tear down the changing rooms at the beach and make them unisex. How many transsexuals are there? There are not many. It is less about accomplishing anything than it is about confusing every issue and blurring the line between all our former ideas of what holds society together and what tears it apart. None of these things has anything to do with being fair and understanding, or bringing the whole of humanity under one wide tent of common need and opportunity. It's Satanically manifested horseshit. It's meant to mentally and emotionally subjugate those whose objectivity has been compromised to the point that they can't think and chew gum at the same time; thinking is definitely going to be taking a back seat in the order of priority.

Okay... maybe it's not all bad news, maybe they only report bad news because it has a two fold advantage over good news. That is, if you happen to be a Satan Junkie, which the people who run the ass media are. One advantage is that it keeps the populace in a continuing state of woo woo and WTF(?) It also advances the continuing agenda of sturm und drang that is the hallmark of those pressing for ever greater and greater control over the day to day perceptions of the common mind.

Every time the trends indicate that the public is catching on to what is being done to them, those who are in the business of doing what is being done to the public, trot out one of their mind control robots and engineer a dramatic kill, like what just happened at a church in Charleston or... they arrange a staged event that never even happened, like Sandy Hook or the Boston Marathon.

My car is starting to exhibit ominous signs of mechanical need and so, in the midst of one of these signs, I pulled in to Firestone to have them look at it which they said they would do, right up to my spending an hour and a half waiting, at which point they said they couldn't get to it, after assuring me they would. The result of that was that half the time I sat in the waiting room and saw segments of one of those survivor spin-offs called “Naked and Afraid.” By this I can fairly estimate the intelligence of that body of the population that tunes in to this crap. They run around naked in survival mode and from what I saw, it is always a man and a woman. This is so that they can milk the sexual tension and crisis encounters that are all staged. You are given the impression they are alone and on their own in some tropical island setting but... if that is the case then who is filming it all, especially when one of them has opted out and who is filming it when both of them are in the frame? The narrator goes on and on about the dangers in the water and elsewhere but nothing, of course, happens. Though I have not seen network TV in decades, except when something like this brings it in front of me, I'm guessing that most of the programming now is this sort of thing. It's cheaper to produce and shoot this sewage and it also helps in the dumbing down process.

It's out of my hands. It was never in my hands. If you cannot turn the tide, you must swim with it or get out of the ocean because at some point the ocean is going to turn into a giant washing machine and the fish? Uh huh...

One of the most difficult things for anyone to come to an understanding of is that they have no influence beyond the influence conferred by the one who grants all influence and the nature of that influence is what is desired for the total effect of whatever the teaching moment turns out to be. We think we are responsible for what results. We are not. We are players, actors and sometimes it doesn't work out well for those who believe they are at the crest of the wave, riding high. The higher you ride, the further you can fall and will... depending.

I know I have been saying the same things for a bit. The same things keep passing in view. It will not always be so. It will not always be so. Time will tell and we shall see.

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