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Sipping Dom Perignon in the High Tower with the Dali Lama.

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I feel the need to tread carefully. I don't want to go flailing around in areas that I'm not fully informed on (am I fully informed on anything?). At the same time, I have a problem I can't shake about things going on in the world that has to do with this quote from the New Testament; “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” It seems like every time you scratch the surface of a claimed prophet or world teacher these days that you find a dark underbelly. Maybe if you scratch that the beast will sigh and gurgle with contentment. There are a host of celebrity spiritual icons running about. Many of them you haven't heard about because they service an exclusive clientele but... they're out there, working the rubber tofu circuit. Most of them come out of the New Age sector, many of them are crypto Tribe members. In a surprising number of Buddhist enclaves and at Indian ashrams, the guy called Rama Lama Yakshit is a Tribe member and they also got those Chabad houses around the world too. At one of them they gave logistical support and sanctuary for the Mumbai attackers.

We didn't come here today to talk about Tribe infiltration of spiritual movements. That's a known truth to those who know it and just more false appearances for those who don't. We're here to talk about the Dali Lama today and to, of course, then segue off into something that may or may not relate to the subject we are using to launch off into whatever direction.

I'll admit to being wary and suspicious about the Dali Lama for some time. Initially it was because he appeared false to me. He just didn't look or sound right. I realize there are some who can say that about me or anyone, simply from a subjective vibe hit and all of us will look wrong to someone. Maybe it's not my place to talk about the Dali Lama, or any other ceremonial, high mucky muck. I was first alarmed by the way he smiles. I realize that could be just me but the smile and the way he talks bugged me. Then there is the fact that he is an admitted Marxist. By this time we should know what the impact of Marxism is on the operational philosophy and life actions of a person. Then there are the watches. Any watch on a Buddhist teacher gets my attention because... they are supposed to be about the timeless; yes? Then there is all that celebrity association, all that hanging out with the high and mighty. Then there is the known history of the cat. Then there is the meat eating, which I guess is a personal choice but Buddhists are supposed to be vegetarians, or am I wrong about that? I know that a lot of Tibetan Buddhists eat meat, probably because there isn't much else available in Tibet... or didn't used to be. What I mean is that it's not an agricultural wonderland; is it? I'm just reaching here cause I'm no expert on these things.

It bothers me that I so often wind up in an unpopular position on so many issues. I'm not a confrontational person and don't want to be. I like to get along or else I get on. I've never really found a home in this world. There's too much here that grates against what I would prefer. It's that Kali Yuga allergic reaction that I suffer from. You know what? I don't want to talk about the Dali Lama anymore. I've said what I have to say and what I haven't said is there in the few links given.

For decades I have had to listen to some variation about, “Well, that's his lila” It's used to excuse these enlightened teachers for their obsessions with all kinds of material toys. It means that they are gods and that whatever they get up to is their play. They can be excused for their excesses because they are gods and exist and operate under a different set of standards than those that we might be held to.

I wrote a posting a few years ago about The Eckhart Tolle Booth. It garnered over 200 comments because it was controversial. Fans of the man didn't want me knocking him but... I studied him for awhile before I had anything to say. I watched his hypnotic, droning lectures in which he said nothing that I could find much value in that I hadn't heard better put by the people he took it from and I associated that with whatever drew Offal Winfrey to him.

Then I found that all the front row seating at any of his talks were reserved for celebrity attendees and then I saw where he was charging hundreds of dollars to give his speeches. Okay, maybe he is a lot more dynamic a speaker than I and maybe his information is a lot more valuable than my own, or others like me. One could argue that and maybe that is why I work for free and he doesn't have to. On my behalf, I've never tried to charge for my work, with the exception of books and CD's of which I have given away hundreds of as well, so I don't know whether people would give me a lot of money or not. I can't see the upside in charging because these things are supposed to be like the waters of the spirit freely given and we are supposed to be stewards of the talents and information given to us by the infinite source. How do you put a price on the priceless? How can you charge for spiritual truth?

In the Bible is says things about a workman being worthy of his hire and that those who serve the gospel shall live by the gospel and I've tried to accomplish that through donations but that has hardly been a factor in my personal maintenance, for whatever the reason that is ...but somehow I have been allowed to continue in my work and sometimes I can't see how it is that that happens. Now... this isn't about whether my work has value or whether those slicker than myself are able to amass fortunes by repeating the things already said by others- now long gone- who lived by the gospel and... when I say gospel I don't mean the output of any particular creed. I mean simply living truth, no matter how it comes to a person and I believe that the oracles that dispensed it are still very much consciously connected to their message at this very time. I believe that truth and ageless wisdom endure forever and that those connected to it do too. What it is about is that this all confuses me. I become perplexed sometimes about how a person is supposed to proceed in this world simply on faith. Somehow it seems to work out but sometimes it can get tense, if you let it.

I must admit that it offends me when I see people raking in large amounts of cash and other swag in their public performances. I at least expect them to live modestly, regardless of what comes in and to pass on the excess to the needy and less fortunate. This is what I have observed or read about in the lives of true teachers.

The same applies to artists who have, due to what I believe is the temporary investiture of talents and inspirations; of whatever quality, given that sometimes they are appreciated by a certain audience but leave no good impression on others, are the beneficiary of considerable largess. Last year Bon Jovi made around a hundred million dollars and many another made tens of millions writing pornographic rants that mostly involve degrading the feminine and celebrating material excess, as well as random violence dispensed all round. Every year they rake in large sums of capital, some of them shamelessly exhibit big bundles of cash and everyone who is stinking rich remains stinking rich, except when they go bankrupt due to their outrageous lifestyles. Occasionally they make some small donation to a charitable cause and get tons of publicity, when the amount given is next to nothing, compared to what they retain. Money has a fierce power from which all too few escape the damming clutches of. The spell cast upon the mind by money is amazing to watch in action.

Let's end up with a segued digression apropos of nothing. A few months ago this mother hen showed up with about 9 little chicks. Over time to this moment that number has been reduced to 5. I feed them my papaya skins and seeds each day. Until a few days ago the mother was always around the chicks. Some of the chicks are fairly large now. I noticed a couple of days ago that the mother was suddenly no longer attending the chicks. I see her wandering about on her own and the chicks on their own. It is as if some sort of term limit got reached. I found this very interesting. We get looked after in a certain way up to a point and then that goes away. It is to be presumed that thereafter we are looked after or looked in on in a more invisible sense and I believe we are looked after by whatever it is we seek out, as that facility applies to the environment it takes place in. Some minders are less compassionate and caring than others. So it goes.

I honestly don't want to knock those who are experiencing fortuitous karma, if that is what it is. Sometimes it just looks that way and isn't fortunate at all. Sometimes you are being set up for an epic fall because everything that comes to you is in the manner of a test to see what you do with it. Like I said, we are stewards. It is to be presumed that people earned what they now have through the industry of former lives but each life is like a cassette tape put into a tape player and each tape has a time sequence. Once the tape runs out it runs out. Whatever was on the meter is now exhausted, unless the participant was a wise steward and recognized the cosmic value of routine generosity. This generosity can be in many another way besides in the material sense; that being the least of what we have to offer, though we may be unaware of the resources available to us. Everything matters and the most seemingly insignificant event in each of our lives is a special dealing of the ineffable with our souls. We really should pay more attention and- for myself- I try to.

I think about Mozart who died a pauper and got placed in an unmarked grave. I think about Van Gogh who only sold one painting in his life and I think of others who have had a major impact on cultures world wide and whose work is celebrated today but who were reduced to extreme penury in their lifetimes. That wasn't the case with Mozart but given the appreciation bestowed on his work, even when he was alive, it is hard to understand how he came to the end he did. Life is a mysterious thing.

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