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The Angelic and Satanic Subliminals Working on Maggie's Farm

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A dog in the bush is worth two in the kennel.

As you may remember, if you come here often enough for that to happen, I have said several times that the moving force in relative existence is sexual and that those who manipulate existence work directly upon the expression of sexual force. This is why we are seeing so much of what has been written about in the last two postings. You see it in advertising and fashion everywhere. You see it in music and entertainment. You see it in the boardrooms and executive suites. When you are young it is the driving life force that expresses itself in all manner of ventures besides courtship and copulation. Later (if not before) it expresses itself in progeny and later still it expresses itself in its absence of efficacy and its gradual disappearance along with you as well. It plays a significant role in your health. When you are young it maintains you with its sheer abundance and in latter days it keeps you well according to whatever conservation discipline you have in place.

It is vitality and flexibility. It is poetry and pornography. It is a reservoir of both joy and sorrow. It comes as rage and outrage, depending on how the plumbing is channeled and it blossoms in perversity and piety as well, according to the schematic of the plumbing. The schematic gets built by the contractor, who employs the draftsman, who reels out the blueprints that get impressed on the subconscious by the Satanic or Angelic Subliminals, who program the people according to the way they harvest the collective sexual force for their profit. This happens when they sell you the clothes you wear or the beer you drink. This happens when they get you to dance in their strip clubs or work on Maggie's Farm; fight in their wars, rumble in their streets, or lay on your backs and lurch at the skies with empty hypnotized eyes, as if the creator were above you, instead of inside you and that is an important distinction. There can be a big difference in motive depending on who is running the show; inside or outside. The ones who profit off of the usual plumbing arrangements put all their attention on being influential about who runs the show but they never have any real say in that. Their only power lies in convincing you they do or in getting you to believe in their version of who runs things.

They do this in organized religions. They get you indoctrinated into certain dogma and ritual and you take it as gospel. There is nothing accidental about the pedophilia and buggery of the priests. There is nothing accidental about the exposure of it and there is nothing accidental about its occurrence in every area where it happens because those who participate in these things are drawn to those areas where such opportunities reside. Essentially it all comes down to the plumbing again. Some might not have noticed that the devil is loose.

Some think there is no devil and some think that there is. I'm not going to go into that but I will say that there is evil in the world. Some will say there is no evil either and I will say there is certainly the appearance of it. In the long run it may be that everything works for good but as I remember, everything only works for good for those who love the ineffable and that is why it is the chief and most important commandment. There are other reasons too and one might profit considerably by reflecting on the meaning of it.

What is it that swallows those who are caught up in and captivated by the world? It is the love of the world expressed in the things of the world and experienced in the magnetisms and attractions that act upon the senses as one moves through the world and that is where that other phrase comes from, “In the world but not of it.”

Mr. Visible is watching a film along side the writing of this posting as he usually does. It is a touching film, which is not always or even often the case; one might say that about the lives that come and go here too. The film is, “McFarland, USA.” It's based on a true story and- as I remember- there have been quite a few of these over the years because there are a lot of true stories where one individual made a positive difference in the lives of others. It is to weep and it is surely to weep that there are only as many as there are but... surprisingly, in towns and cities around the world, there are people trying to do what they can. They are the unsung heroes of our world who work in the soup kitchens and various industries, groups and organizations who seek to better the lives of others and unfortunately there are all too many in the charity groups and social organizations who exist for no other reason than to bilk the public and occasionally much, much worse.

I cannot say it too often or in too many different ways, so I will say it again; it doesn't matter how many mistakes you make. It doesn't matter if you went in the wrong direction here and there or if you had no clue as to where you were going and you just kept going until you got a clue. The past and the future are artificial demarcation lines. They exist in the mind in a real sense, until they do not and one might find some interesting connection between the past-present and future and the subconscious, self conscious and super consciousness. We compartmentalize our minds when there is only one mind.

One of our biggest errors is in imbuing the divine with our own human qualities and shortcomings. We presume that the divine is just as covetous and unforgiving, just as petty and spiteful as ourselves. Oh, we may not say these things directly to ourselves but when we act like that as the Almighty's representatives, as ambassadors of our own beliefs, we betray just what we think and understand of and about the almighty. We make the divine into a bigger model of ourselves with all of our prejudices in active expression.

As nice as this movie is in its message, it is also hijacked by nationalist interests and there are other subtle drawbacks to the thing but I ignore them just as I do in real life. It is important to know what you can effect and what you cannot effect. This is the serious failing of all social reformers who set out to change the world and then wind up attempting to remake it in their own image or in the image of their financiers. No social reformer has much effect without financiers. Of course there are those meant to have an impact by the command of the all high and they do, regardless of financiers and we must note yet another truth that is made real here across the ages. Sometimes an individual has an impact in the short term and it can be and has been dramatic and sometimes one's impact extends over the centuries and beyond. There is no way to measure it in terms of the temporary ambitions of the marketplace, except in the context of those ambitions.

Whatever minor or major mountains and molehills we have traversed or fallen from become minor events over the extended reach of time. Lifetimes become minor but oh how important they seem in the compressed time of their passing. As long as time factors into the manner in which the mind views life, life is affected in every respect. Once time is no longer a feature, my goodness. Waterfalls of beauty pour into the eternal present from all sides and one is immersed in it. It intensifies and intensifies until there is no other sense of anything else. The beauty transmogrifies into love and the love moves from the multiplicities of its expressions, into the singularity of its highest expression, which is that which takes place between the individual soul and the cosmic spirit. The soul is the vehicle of being that moves through our lives, from life to life to LIFE, like the strand that holds together a necklace of pearls. The greatest tragedy of being trapped in material concerns is that there is so very, very, very much more and it is lost, sacrificed on the altar of nothing.

Is it lost? Is it temporarily misplaced? Are there vast reaches that must be crossed for one to return for another chance? It is said that a human life is an exceptional opportunity. Does this mean there is some incredible range of life forms that one must be obliged be born in? Must one become a chicken for ten thousand lives to make up for all they consumed? Is it the same with the cows and the pigs, the turkeys, the sheep and goats? I don't know. What I do know is that I am trying to make the best of this lifetime.

I feel confident that I know there must be a connection between us and the lives we affect while here; between us and the animals we eat, between us and the businesses we engage in and the conditions created by them and so on and so on and so on. It is all interconnected. I can handle most any disappointment here if it means that I might avoid far greater disappointments further on. One should be far more concerned with whether they offend the ineffable than anything else.

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I was going through my effects, prior to someone else doing it (grin) and I came across a CD of my hip replacement operation in Senftenberg DE. I've never watched it. Like most things done to me or said about me, I'm just not that curious. I do pay attention to things said to me though. Everyone should. Anyway... since I have a Tribetube channel now I thought I would put the operation up for the amusement of the reader. There will be a bit of a learning curve and the time it takes to Tribetubalize the video but I will get it up when I can, which is not what I said to my last love interest (grin). Anyway, it came as a surprise to find it. It will be a new experience for me.

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