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The Darkness of the World and the Light of the Ineffable.

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The world, somehow, moved in the 60s from a promise of Utopia to a reality of Dystopia, unless the Dystopia is actually a Utopia, according to some kind of majority dream agreement on the part of the population. I'm not sure if what we see around us comes about through common assent, or it get forced upon those too stupid to be unwilling or... this is how they want it. From the degree of participation in this matrix hallucination, it seems we are looking at a coalition of the willing but... it is possible that people have been programmed into thinking this is what they want and due to an incredible lack of imagination, or even less intelligence, they are unaware of any other possible options. This is how it is and this is the way it was and this is the way it always will be- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Sorry... I don't mean to be rude or insensitive. It's possible I am just out of the loop. I've been out of the loop pretty much all of my life. If I don't fit in and haven't been able to fit in, it must be my fault. Everyone else is so well adjusted and I couldn't fit in if I tried. I know this because I have tried and it didn't work.

Earlier today I was in this small (relatively) town and I went to get gas but I had to go through some creative navigation to get to the gas pumps because it was lunch time and there was a traffic jam trying to get into the McDonald's drive through. Ironically, I had been in that same town a few weeks ago at the same time and also needed gas and had to go through the same rigmarole; some rigging and some rolling and then I was okay and out of there. Having had this happen twice, it seems to have imprinted on my consciousness. Irrespective of what toxic and possibly lethal products they provide, they are very popular. There is a larger town a few miles on and there one can find an array of fast food emporiums and also a great deal of traffic moving through the drive through lanes. This I have seen with my own eyes.

On the other side of the street, in this larger town, are what used to be lava flats. They weren't flat at the time, until the Cat 9's and other machinery came in and flattened it and then put in these huge boxes filled with all kinds of things in smaller boxes that are for sale to the people who eat at these fast food emporiums. Why the fast food joints are on one side of the street and the big boxes are on the other, I don't know but I do know that the people who live here go back and forth between them and seem pleased with the process. I can't make head or tail of it. This is what happens when you don't fit in.

Traditionally, not fitting in has been an indication of dysfunction and possibly, even poor social skills, although sometimes it can be brought about by a harelip, a propensity for cannibalism or a lack of sensitivity for politically correct issues. In the past these have been linked together as offenses of equal severity. Now, of course, the latter has far outstripped the others and rightly so, according to the people who rig the polls that manufacture the measurements of public opinion and the only reason you wouldn't immediately recognize the validity of this is if you were dysfunctional, or some sort of misfit too. It's crystal clear thinking to see it this way and the sort of venue that launches the kind of logic that motivates icons like Tibetan leaders to confer the status of deity upon worthy souls like Steven Seagal. I would think it is only a matter of time before the same honors are granted to Richard Gere's gerbil; regardless of whether it may or may not be an urban myth.

No doubt there will be doubters from the scorn patrol out there who might be motivated to believe that I am being less than sincere in my ramblings here so far. Some might imagine that I have devolved into satire; au contraire... not unless, unless all those brought to your attention here are also, in some form, insincere, or possibly, simply clueless ...but I would never imply that kind of thing, given that sensitivity is my hallmark, as any casual observer would know by now.

This will probably be the strangest segue I have ever brought about in my personal blogsphere but... I am thinking it is just a by-product of not fitting in and having to think creatively outside of the box I am unable to assimilate into but... however strange the segue may be, both in topic and tone, I am of the belief that the reader will get it; Christ spoke often of the power and beauty of forgiveness. One of his most potent statements was, “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” This should be seen in the context of all of the issues and individuals mentioned here today and... let us not forget the environments and infrastructures, as well as the cultural states also mentioned.

I have come to the understanding that one's level of spiritual evolution can be measured according to their capacity for forgiveness and there is one particular divine quality that will make this possible for you... understanding. On the tree of life, understanding is the third sephiroth and the power of understanding flows out of the power of wisdom, which is the second sephiroth. The first sephiroth also flows into the third sephiroth but we won't define what that is because it is a light that cannot be defined except by pretentious pedants. The what of it is not the important concern. The 'is' of it is the crucial feature. It IS... sort of an “I am that I am.” The capacity for forgiveness is accelerated by the resident humility of the heart and mind that can embrace it's own inability to know. In other words, one's ability to accept something higher than themselves and to be surrendered before it. In other words, “to err is human, to forgive is divine.”.Do you see where I am going?

To my mind... the totality of one's being is defined by the quality of their love. One's fate, fortune and relationship to the divine is defined by the quality and volume of the love that resides and passes through them and Love in it the higher arc of its being and expression manifests as forgiveness out of wisdom and understanding and equally that which is beyond definition and always will be and I am not even remotely curious about the definitions given by those who think they know because I am one who knows he does not know and has no motivation to know that which I do not know for VERY GOOD REASONS.

Should you ever wish to measure yourself against your temporary enemies or detractors, measure it against your capacity for forgiveness. Do you sincerely forgive but have yet to receive forgiveness? How much better could things be for you? Why is that? Let us employ simple logic to that effect. Of course, you have to take the premises given here as truth. Many will not but... that is not my concern... continuing... GOD is ALL POWERFUL. If GOD is all powerful and all aware, within everything and of which everything is made then there is NOTHING of which GOD is unaware, unless GOD chooses to be unaware, even then, GOD is aware of that (grin). IF this is true and IT IS, then pleasing anyone other than the divine is a waste of time, at any time, ever. AND if understanding, forgiveness, mercy and compassion are at the highest point of the being of the almighty, insofar as a human mind can comprehend anything, where does that leave us? That's a personal choice, isn't it?

There is no point for anyone in possession of this level of awareness to concern themselves with what the world thinks. The opinion of the world is worthless, EXCEPT to the degree that it influences your opinion of yourself. Is your opinion of yourself based on what the divine thinks of you or what the world thinks of you?

There are qualities that the divine appreciates highly in us, for they are mirrored qualities of the divine; understanding, forgiveness, mercy and compassion and of equal rank, if not higher, there is humility. One gains possession of these qualities by the practice of them just as one gains the possession of the presence of GOD by the practice of the presence of GOD as illustrated by that singular tome written by Brother Lawrence.

I hope this posting is not disconcerting ...with the initial opening and the strange segue, along with what followed. It is my hope that some good has come of it all and may the ineffable guide you in all your movements, home to the heart of existence ...and the unspeakably wonderful source of it that resides in the center and gives life to everything that lives.

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