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The Dawning of the Sun of Reality in the Age of Brotherhood.

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“ If you do not look for God in the springtime of your life, he won't be there in the winter.”

To many people, this world can seem to be a very confusing place. The trends of the moment don't make a whole lot of sense. It doesn't make sense where we are and how we got here doesn't make sense either. Much of what we see around us does not reflect our own tastes and inclinations and certainly, many of us would not have made the world this way. At least this is what we tell ourselves. At the same time, if we look around us and pay close attention to what we see, it makes a kind of sense because there are quite some number of people who seem interested in and fascinated by what is going on and these people are also, it seems, oblivious and indifferent to the wider conditions and circumstances of the world around them and remain so unless it impacts directly upon them, which... more and more it is doing and one could make a case that this is, in some way, connected to a general awakening that is taking place. When you factor in those who don't care, with those who suffer from any of a host of delusions that proliferate and those who look to be actively engaged in making the world the way it is, you come up with a significant number of the population, certainly more than half.

You think a little harder and it might occur to you that, “Yeah... there is a reason that things are how they are. Maybe not everyone is directly responsible for bringing these conditions into manifestation or to fruition but they are passively cooperative in the process.”

Besides what has already been mentioned, there are international trends and patterns at work that are not natural expressions of the vast majority of the public; not natural by ANY stretch of the imagination. A student of history will note that some of these conditions have proliferated before, when cultures fall into decline and I assure you that there are many, many previous cultures, which have been consumed in runaway iniquities and of which no historical record remains. Under the Earth and under the sands of the sea, there are remnants of cultures that attained a higher degree of technical sophistication than we have today. This is the kind of reaction one can expect when they point out the hard truths of history and of the present.

Those who have read Tacitus, as I have, know somewhat of what was and the meaning of what is. One can object to the limited access of wide angle lenses and panorama viewing that leads to a less than clear objectivity on the parts of traditional thinkers but the conclusions they reach are not wrong, given precedence and prescience (should you possess it).

There is a large body of evidence supporting what is said here but you will seldom see these arguments raised in the Crass Media and when they are they are published for the purpose of scorn and ridicule. It was Tiberius who was the emperor in the time of Christ. Suetonius paints quite the picture of this seriously depraved individual who was on the throne of the world during the time of the ministry of Christ. Do not think for a moment that the sort of things going on back in that time are not going on today. They are.

Can you see the will of the cosmos as expressed by the agents of the ineffable in those times? Do you see the amazing timeliness of the ineffable appearing as the Lord Jesus Christ at that moment in time? Here is an example of the kind of research that gets done by some but which you seldom ever see. If you needed historical proof that there was someone resembling someone like who we imagine Jesus was, you got it here. I had even bought into the myth that there was no historical record of a Jesus Christ. Of course, I do not doubt that there 'is' one and was one and will be one...through everlasting. You will note what is said by historians and witnesses from the period and you will especially note what is said by the sleaze merchants who wrote the lies that compose the Satanic Talmud. When it comes to the fabrication of 'chosen people', it's not a fabrication. They are chosen. It is by 'whom' they are chosen that is the fabrication; “For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.” Who said these words?

So when you see the things that are happening in these times you need to know that many of these trends and patterns are being orchestrated by these people and when you check who is behind these things; the organizations and the funding, which you can do, you can clearly see that it is these people.

Now... let us return to the significance of Christ appearing in the time of Tiberius and what was happening in those times. Now let us move to present day times. Do you see the similarities in the moral climate as well as a large number of seeming coincidences in every area of human life, with the only exception being the state of the technology and of course, certain differences in coloration and such? Would this not indicate the need for another world teacher to appear on the scene? It does to me and I wish to assure you that that is the case and for those of you who may have an interest in communicating with this teacher... look into your own heart for that is where he will appear. Because this is The Age of Aquarius and that means a time of universal brotherhood and so it is that the returning Christ will appear in the hearts of humanity, where a place has been made for this. At the same time, those headed for perdition will continue on their way.

It is understandable that the force of this world and the serious lack of spirituality operating in the day to day affairs of the majority of those bound on the wheel of sensation and appearances would overwhelm the awareness of the general public. You take it for granted that what is happening is what is happening around you and... at a further reach, you take it for granted that what you are told by those fabricating the reports of events... is true. However, the only thing that is true is what is happening inside of you, the same way that what you see is actually seen within and not without and the meaning of anything is based on the definition given to it by your mind. It is what you tell yourself it is, not what it really is and much of the time it really isn't at all and never was. It's like a movie playing on a screen. The screen is real. The movie is not. And... what is a movie? A movie is a dream. A dream lasts for the period in which you are having it. When you wake up the dream ends. The residue of a dream lasts for only a short period following that.

We are in a dream at this moment. I am writing to you in a dream. It seems real though, doesn't it? The color and tenor of a dream is oft determined by the environment it takes place in. At the moment, the atmosphere of the common dreams is very powerful due to the number of dreamers who are dreaming in one language or another, wrapped in the costumes of their cultures and wearing the different colors of skin and native perceptions; fondled into a collective understanding by governments and educational systems, drenched in the kaleidoscopic pheromones of the marketplaces; the tantalizing fingers of manipulated feeling and being, just as it would be in a dream. They call them dreams because they seem to be real but they are not. Dreams are like the early morning mists on a field or in a forest. The sun of reality breaks upon it and it melts away as if it never was. All that remains is the moisture on the grass and leaves. How wonderful it will be to have the sunlight of reality fall upon our dreams and how wonderful it would be to have our dreams be true in the magical possibility of that rare occurrence. Dreams are not all bad and there would be very little life here without dreams. We are regardless, of the location, all under the influence of the cosmic dreamer, in whatever bardo; purgatory, Hell or Heaven, in lokas unimaginable, the ineffable dreamer holds sway “ god is asleep and this is his dream”, “but he will wake up, won't he?” “I don't know.”

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