Friday, July 10, 2015

Transiting from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

This is the metaphysical blog and we'll get to that part of our transmission but it might be good to set the stage first. People often think of the use of terms like metaphysical and esoteric as being relatively benign words, terms that deal in the abstract but... features of these words impact on our lives every day, whether we are aware of it or not and in times of Material Darkness, people aren't generally aware of such things and are more prone to get their understanding of such things from psychic hotlines and Tarot cards readings that tell you nothing when you know next to nothing about the meanings of the cards because you need to have an understanding of the basic meaning of existence before you can have any pertinent grasp of symbols that interpret the conditions of existence. If your mind isn't right it is doubtful that your prognostications will be either.

I've studied the Tarot over the course of decades and I can say that the least valuable facet of the cards is fortune telling. I've yet to have gotten an accurate reading from anyone ever and I doubt much of anyone else has either. Coincidence and the repetition in the similarities of routine, accounts for much of what people are able to attribute to accuracy. I can't remember much that I got that was accurate from astrologers either. This isn't a knock on astrology. It's a precise science. It's the astrologers who are too often imprecise. Most of the esoteric sciences are easily as stable and true as anything empirical Those trafficking in them, often are not.

Recently we've been watching this pedestrian series called The Newsroom. It is notable for what is claimed to be the most powerful and truthful 3 minutes of television ever, based on a speech by Jeff Daniels in Episode 1 or 2. It's written by TV maven, Aaron Sorkin; tribe member at large. I just saw the Bin Laden killing episode. Given that his associates did 9/11, it is a craven pack of lies in a bouquet of fabricated tension and phony gravitas, accelerated by slick and tawdry emotionalism. It is excruciating to watch. It explains the general American mind set. Like John Fogarty says, “I know it's true, oh so true, cause I saw it on T.V.” The liberal shtick is suffocating as support for gay marriage and attacks on the right are an ongoing staple. In the true irony of the type, whenever women are talking to each other it is invariably about men and their affairs with them, all communicated in a giddy breathlessness ad nauseum and pretty insulting to the idea of woman that liberals like to pride themselves on upholding. Nothing is more rampant in these times than hypocrisy.

Tribe members hold the rest of humanity in contempt. How that's going to work out I don't know but I'm not going to pretend it isn't so. It is.

They tell you that you don't have to believe in God to be able to be successful at meditation and you don't have to believe in God to be successful at yoga, even though the meaning of Yoga is 'to yoke up' with one's higher self. I use the term higher 'self' instead of the divine, ineffable or god in this instance because it's a critical feature of having a deeper understanding when it comes to what is most meaningful about one's relationship with the almighty. You are one self out here and you have an unseen higher self and the 'real' success of your personal self is directly related to your ability to channel your higher self or put another way, get out of the way of it. You have to be able to link up with your inner toreador to avoid being impaled on the horns of the bull, or covered in bullshit. Both are relevant but this isn't about re-engineering the tale of the Minotaur, or reflecting on the bull in front of the stock exchange, or getting all lyrical about any number of relationships that can be drawn concerning the deeper meanings of that creature or any of the other archetypal forces pictured in The Tarot and resident in Astrology; I'm not even going to mention what creatures wear a yoke and for what reason.

The ordinary life that surrounds us is not ordinary. It looks ordinary because of the programming we have all been subjected to. Some of us managed to break the spell of that programming by a concerted effort to do so. Some, like myself, managed it through a combination of disciplines and a whole lot of psychedelics. Through my own intensities of experience I learned that The Sun is a living creature and that I can speak with it. The Moon is also a seat of consciousness. Nature is filled with devas and other residents of the Devic Realm. Each individual star was once someone like you and me. Our planetary influences are all individual seats of consciousness and the influence of each of them work upon us every moment of every day and our life is summed up entirely by our ability or lack of ability to work in harmony with these forces. You can speak with all of them and even hear back, though that takes a degree of persistence and adjustment; a tuning in, if you will.

Learning to work with these forces means coming into an understanding of each of them to the point that one can sense them in action within their own being; sense their interplay with each other and finally, become aware of their unique nature and the specific individuality of their relationship with all of it. This usually involves both programming and deprogramming and knowing the difference. The Tarot is one of the ways that we can program our minds, principally the subconscious side of it so that we can engineer the automatic response factor and come into resonance with our higher self. Esoteric astrology provides similar and... Tarot and Astrology are interdependent.

These systems interplay with another system called The Tree of Life and which has been attributed to Kabala, which has been defined as a Jewish system of arcane understandings but it is not Jewish. Like the Hebrew alphabet, which is not Hebrew. Both of these came out of the Chaldean tradition and others previous to it and they were purloined by these people and subverted from a means of communicating with angelic intelligences to conversations with demons. If you want to understand what really was and really is, you have to discard almost everything you have ever been told and taught and especially when it comes to history, as most of you well know by now.

Hmmmm, someone named Galiano, a dress designer, just got tagged for Holocaust denial in Episode 9. There is just no getting away from this garbage. You can't even watch a movie anymore where some kind of Tribe mythos isn't prominently cameoed, usually with no context whatsoever. End digression.

Understand this. If you want to come into a higher awareness of what is real behind the scenes and what is extraordinary about what passes for ordinary, it is going to cost you. From my perspective, the cost is no cost at all but that has to do with the fact that I place little value on what most people value. I can't say that I am immune to all of the attractions of the world but I can say that I have been repeatedly disappointed enough to know that what I am looking for cannot be found there. This doesn't mean that a fairy tale face or the magical curve of a part of a human form or... some object of desire does not ping on my consciousness here and there. Even the wise are not immune to this but they handle it differently than the rest of us. Desire is the agent of god's will. Someone once asked Guru Bawa what they should do when they see a pretty girl. He said, “put your hand over your heart and say, “What a wonder.”

Maybe you can get something out of meditation and yoga, or any of these things without god having to be in the equation but I couldn't. I don't get much out of anything that doesn't have the ineffable as a centerpiece of the matter. This is only because everything becomes hollow in the absence of the ineffable... in my experience. There was a time when I didn't know this as definitively as I do now. It was pain and alienation that brought it more clearly to my mind and I suspect that no matter what, it will become more and more and more prominent with the passage of time because there is nothing else. There is only the ineffable and... nothing. Still, I forget. I forget many times every day and then the ineffable will do something to remind me. Most of the time, these days, the ineffable will do something and wait to see if I catch on. When I do, I instantly hear about it. Often I can hear what passes for chuckling in the background. Sometimes it is more sensation than sound. Several times in the past couple of days I have had arresting moments of this kind and oh... what an affirmation such things are.

I realize now that all kinds of extraordinary things have been happening to and for me but I was just seeing the ordinary and notice of these magical phenomena were just passing me by. They came to my attention through a shift in awareness and immediately, in retrospect, I could see clear evidence that I had not been alone at any time. It's a subtle thing. I became aware of this other self moving in me because it had facial expressions and poses different than my own. I happened to catch one of these and though I had experienced this before, it had never manifested in such a strong, visceral way except when I was in an altered state, when I am much more strongly aware of the indwelling. For whatever the reason, it came to me and it's been much more noticeable since. I'm grateful for that, extremely so because having it come and go reminds me that, for me, there is no greater gift that can be given than something of this order. All the passing fascination with the transitory that affects most all of us is just the space junk of magnetized dust. There are better places to be and better ways to be in them.

End Transmission.......

There will be a radio broadcast this Sunday.

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