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Gazing into the Pool of True Recovered Memory.

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Greetings my dear friends. Here we are at Origami again and I feel compelled to continue in the vein of the most recent radio broadcast concerning self inquiry. We hear a lot of talk about all kinds of paths to spiritual illumination. Each and everyone, nearly all of the time, lets you know that their way is the way. Some of them have been around a long time and some of them just popped up out of the cosmic toaster. Some of them are fronted by charismatic leaders and some of them are just doctrine and dogma driven. Some of them are financial scams. Oh... there are all kinds of things out there competing for your attention but there is only one fruitful direction to put your focus on and that is the undiscovered country of your own being. It is there that the truth of yourself resides and where all of the answers that you seek are to be found.

The most important thing to realize is that you are the thing you seek and all the separation that drives you, is in pursuit of a unity with your own being. Once you have achieved this, longing and hunger end. There is only one longing and only one hunger. We may collectively confuse this with a myriad of permutations and if you study humanity you will see that they have identified their primal hunger with any one (and sometimes more) of all of the options that are out there. In times of material darkness, the objects of potential satiation are more lustrous and intoxicating than they have ever been. It is difficult to turn the mind to a contemplation of that which cannot be seen. We are addicted to external fixes. We are addicted to the idea that what we are after lies beyond... somewhere out there. It a sense it is out there because it is all around you and in every thing but none of it can be seen in its true nature when viewed as something set apart.

Here is just a brief extract from some things said by Patanjali. His Yoga Aphorisms is the definitive text on how to develop supernatural powers of the mind;

“1. Dharana is holding the mind on to some particular object.

Dharana (concentration) is when the mind holds on to some object, either in the body, or outside the body, and keeps itself in that state.

2. An unbroken flow of knowledge in that object is Dhyana.

The mind tries to think of one object, to hold itself to one particular spot, as the top of the head, the heart, etc., and if the mind succeeds in receiving the sensations only through that part of the body, and through no other part, that would be Dharana, and when the mind succeeds in keeping itself in that state for some time, it is called Dhyana (mediation).

3. When that, giving up all forms, reflects only the meaning, it is Samadhi.

That comes when in meditation the form or the external part is given up. Suppose I were meditating on a book, and that I have gradually succeeded in concentrating the mind on it, and perceiving only the internal sensations, the meaning, unexpressed in any form — that state of Dhyana is called Samadhi.”

He goes on and on about these things and about how the ability to restrain 'chitti' or mind stuff leads to remarkable abilities. I prefer the Alice Bailey translations and I have read the book many times as I have also read The Kybalion and others. Personally I am not after powers or anything connected to that side of things. I am only after a full understanding of the indwelling self. It is one of the reasons that I admire Ramana Maharshi who came up with the “Who am I?” mantra.

 Of course, if you go by Ramana's ashram in Tiruvannamalai and you nose around, as I did, you will find it is run by The Jesuits. It doesn't matter which of the ashrams or different faiths you inquire after, you are going to find that one of the black arts cabals has either infiltrated and taken it over or is working on it as we speak. Head off to any of the Buddhist or Zen Buddhist monasteries that are sprouting up all over the US and you will likely find a Zionist Jew with a Buddhist name running the place. They certainly did a number on The Hare Krishna movement and I will gladly email a copy of “Monkey on a Stick or The Hare Krishna Murders” to you. Make sure you have something like a Gmail account where you can accept a file of around 7 megs.

What I am saying is that this is not the time to go around looking for some sort of safe haven in some religious or alleged spiritual fellowship because they are all suspect. The place to look is within yourself and hopefully you don't run into some yarmulke wearing entity who has already taken up residence inside your head (grin). Cast out all thought. Empty your mind entirely and allow nothing to reside there. Only that which is intrinsic to you will remain. If you can maintain this emptiness for the necessary period of time then that which is intrinsic to you will reveal itself. It will communicate with you. It already does, whenever you get those hunches and leadings that turn out to be uncannily accurate. The thing to realize is that your higher self is trying to talk to you all the time but it is very difficult to hear it because of all of the extraneous chatter. That chatter will go away if you drive it from your mind and then stand at the gateway and prohibit all thought forms from entering into your mind.

There is a great deal of chatter being generated intentionally by those forces seeking to overwhelm us. The time is critical and they know it. Their capacity is slipping away. The clock is running out on them and they know it. They are driven and compelled to do as much evil as possible before their reign ends. Even now the avatar is sweeping the inner planes free of their influence. There is a spiritual war in progress and the agents of the dark side are seeking to conceal themselves in any available nook and cranny besides those hiding in plain sight under whatever wrapper of false definition they are using to display themselves as positive beings faced with difficult choices when, in fact, they are owned and operated by The Dark Side. Over recent decades, more and more of our public figures in every area of enterprise have become thoroughly compromised and only those so affected are permitted into the public view. The rare exceptions are marginalized or made to appear deluded or ineffectual. It's no wonder that the rank and file of humanity have little clue as to what is taking place around them.

One of the key features of self inquiry is the certain knowledge that you are powerless to change the world around you but you have significant power to change yourself and that, by extension, changes the world around you. Of course there are people practicing all sorts of Tom Foolery in an attempt to change the world for better or for worse and they possess the illusion that its working but often it is working only on their mind and their perceptions and nothing changes in any essential way. On the one hand you have them believing in the efficacy of what they do and on the other hand you have those effected believing that they have been changed somehow accordingly but underneath all of these appearances there is the enduring reality and that does not fluctuate except at the mere touch of the ineffable who causes it to vibrate and manifest according to its will and ANYONE who appears to be able to do this, does it only under the authority of the ineffable to the fulfillment of the will of the ineffable, which is so far reaching that no human mind can see all the complex woven ends of it and the bright destiny it is directed toward.

Life is all a play of dancing cards that demonstrate the roles and activities of that master shuffler and dealer with all the aces up his sleeve. We are dancing to the music of what inspires us, whatever that may be and the quality of the tune we hear is determined by the level of understanding we have, concerning the truth about ourselves. The more deeply we press into an awareness of our intrinsic nature, the more we begin to comprehend the workings of the cosmos and the intentions of the mind behind it. Of course, we are unable to fully comprehend the workings of that mind and so our pursuit of understanding leads inevitably to a greater and greater surrender to the divine, or a more furious and defiant rebellion and even these directions taken have everything to do with the will of the ineffable and that is why Jesus said, “Father forgive them for the know not what they do.” Yes, we play a conscious part in what happens to us but we never know to what ends we will be pressed to manifest in the cosmic play because we, all of us, contain all of the seeds of good and evil within us and that is why it says, “Lead us not into temptation.” in The Lord's Prayer.

The more we come to know about ourselves, the more we share in the command force of the ineffable as it applies to us and the world around us. We become conscious servants of the divine and this is why it is said in the Bible that there is one teaching for the masses and one for the disciples. “Many are called but few are chosen.”

We are all familiar with the quote by Nietzsche; “when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” One might also say that when you gaze overlong into the divine, or overlong into yourself, the divine, or your self, gazes back. Consider the sun and the moon. Everything you need to know you contain within yourself. It is finding the location that is the problem. This is why it is said that memory is key. 

We have forgotten the most critical truths about ourselves and they can only be recovered by the process of self inquiry. We are the thing we seek and we will find it not only in ourselves but in everyone else once we accomplish this. There are all kinds of recovered memory. Some of them are real.

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