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The Empire of Heaven and the Buddha of LSD

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Be The Person your Dog Thinks You Are

How deep is the sea? How high is the sky? How boundless the world of that tear in your eye? Somewhere, I came across the idea that the space between the atoms in our bodies is relatively the same distance between the bodies in space. I don't know how real that is but it sounds interesting, if it should prove to be so.

The more that I retreat from the speculations, arguments and patently observable bullshit of the various media, spinning their webs of darkness, like squids dispensing ink, the more absurd and off base it all seems to me. The next fixed election looms, as they set the stage for one more hijacking of our collective well being. Our well being took off with the swallows of Capistrano a long while ago. It's cruising with the invisible bees that used to be and shimmering in the soft summer air with all those Monarch butterflies that swam across their own Rio Grande, somewhere, once upon a time and not so long ago.

When humanity has fallen past a certain longitudinal line in the sand on its way south, metaphorically speaking, Nature gets the cue and takes a hike of its own. It begins to wash up on the beaches and fall from the skies. It manifests death dances, like animated crop circles and instead of wheat and whatever, flattened against the Earth, you got endangered species twisting in some kind of Native American ghost dance. So many things are waving goodbye. Features of humanity have turned into stateless refugees in search of a home. There's some kind of cosmic, 'use it or lose' dynamic at work. If you've no need for compassion; honor, dignity, integrity, or any of the other homies or rap partners generally associated with them, they're all leaving town in search of new horizons. What's left? What's left? You're looking at it, provided you can tear yourself away from that cellphone.

My cellphone sits on my desk here. It usually runs out of battery before I get to use it and when I need to use it, it says 'mobile network is not in service'. I walk around the driveway and out to the highway, searching for a signal. Yesterday I couldn't get one in downtown. No one else seems to have this problem. Here's an article on the state of the times as it relates to electronic media. I had no idea it was as bad as it is, even though I can see it right in front of me, if I happen to be right in front of it.

I'm guessing that the general state of consciousness is worse than I think it is because I tend to project my own awareness on to others and I have come to understand in recent times that I don't think like most people and I don't share the particular kinds of interest shared by most people. This becomes very clear to me when I go into one of those meganormous shopping complexes filled with things I have no use for. Somewhere in China there are meganormous assembly centers, where millions of Chinese in white vapor masks, are bent over tables that stretch so far it looks like you are viewing them in some barbershop mirror of endlessly replicating images.

We can't see how seriously out of wack it has all gotten because it surrounds us and it's playing some kind of subliminal soundtrack that bolsters the whole visual thing. The world is a projection of the whole of human consciousness, woven under the spell of a small handful of psychopaths, driving with no brakes and their lights out. This would seem to be an exaggeration were it not actual. Sauron is watching;


You can get an idea of what's going on by studying the seven centers of the human form. Each of these is a plane of existence and depending on how crowded it is in any one of them, you may judge the public participation in whatever takes place there accordingly. It's not like you can just blame the human race for being led around by their appetites. This is an age of darkness, struggling into the light. Only a few bulbs are burning and this is due to the preponderance of the activities that take place in darkness, as opposed to what takes place in the light. The light serves the interests of the light and the darkness serves the interests of the darkness. At the moment it is very dark and that accounts for few being able to see where they are going. What confuses the issue is that it doesn't look dark and that is because everything is being illuminated in a false light, which acounts for people being unable to see, even though it is right in front of them. False light will only light up what is false. It conceals or does not register against what is real. This false light is as much within as it is without, so the same thing applies to self awareness. "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

The Amitabha Buddha has been compared to The Christ and called also The Buddha of LSD. He is the one who has sworn not to accept enlightenment/liberation until every other sentient being has passed through the door before him. He's been at it for a good while and has created a heaven called, "The Western Pure Land" where you can go and live out all future incarnations simply by having his name on your lips at your passing.

Amitabha Buddha

He is, it can be presumed., one of the good guys. I've had some contact with him here and there.  He's around. Well, of course he is. We are his project. All of these beings that we have heard of, from one period or another, are around. It is a matter of being able to tune in to their wave length and this comes about through persistence, as the elements of your body are changed into a vehicle capable of registering their presence. You have to be able to perceive on a wider bandwidth. When you can raise your vibrations, you can come into contact with beings of light who are resonating on the level you are capable of perceiving them on. Psychedelics can give one a temporary passport into these regions but you still have to have the capacity ...and the comestible needs to be of a high order and the environment and other features need to be amenable to the hosting.

If you are eating at McDonalds and watching crap TV and internet porn, while dreaming of pneumatic breasts and other bimbo accouterments, this is your field of perception. This is the gas you are putting into your car and your car, being adjustable by influences, becomes the sort of conveyance that runs on the fuel you need to get to specific locations and... only those. Our beings are fluid and they are changed and shaped by what influences us and that is a matter of the direction of our attention. Focus on the world and the world will focus on you. Focus elsewhere and the same applies, according to The Mirror Principle. The Akashic Records are an open book if you know where to go and how to get there and have your library card.

If you work hard at the things of the world you get certain perks; exclusive cards and identities that grant you entry and the economic force to enjoy what you desire for as long as your cassette is playing for any particular go round. You see these people in the magazines and on the news, going about what they consider to be their business. If you work hard at the things of the spiritual realm, eventually, you also get certain perks, certain permissions of entry and gifts of facility at one thing or another, either conferred or the supernatural result of persisting in your particular direction. It's a big big place and there's a lot going on there. Some of the things and occupants are so unlike each other that it is a stretch to imagine they are both residents of the same Empire of Heaven. "In my father's house are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so."

Do your best and hope for the rest.

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