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There is Only One Power that Makes and Permits all Things.

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I once heard someone say, or I read it somewhere, that the wise throw nothing away AND I remember a tale about a spiritual master chasing a leaf of lettuce down a running stream and the object of the vignette was about not wasting food. I consider wasting food to be a serious crime. It disturbs me when I watch a film and people are always leaving food on their plates, even in the Old West, where I am pretty sure didn't happen, except on the homes of those with too much who feel it is their right to be as wasteful as they wish. I also note how people drink hard liquor all through the films and I am talking about most films. It's epidemic but I am digressing and moving away from my original point which has to do with throwing nothing away.

It's got me thinking about what I'm seeing these days and what I am seeing is the human race throwing itself away. When you reduce or eliminate the value or regard that you hold yourself in, or worse, never had any of, you make it possible to live on a level you would never tolerate if you valued yourself. It's not something the human race came up with on its own. It's being fed to them through their media and education system. At the root of the programming is political correctness. Most people don't think very deeply these days. It's frowned upon. Most people aren't curious and because of that they don't look into things as they should. Their idea of political correctness probably goes no further than thinking it is about adjusting the scales of social inequities. Anyone who wants to understand just how dangerous and pernicious political correctness is needs to study what happened in Bolshevik Russia, Communist China and Cambodia. A good image is the pyramid of skulls outside Pnom Pen.

The most terrible thing that any of us has to deal with if; we still have a sense of self worth, if we still value ourselves, if we are empathetic and compassionate, which we would be if we valued ourselves because then... we would value others. The hardest thing is to see the world around you and to have to realize you can't just go out and shake the world by the shoulder and make it pay attention to you. You can't bend it to your preferred dimensions and you can't make people listen. You can only make yourself listen. You can only shake yourself by the shoulder (would that be some kind of enforced shrug?). You can only make yourself pay attention. BUT... if you do, others will pay attention because when you speak to the deeper part of yourself, the deeper part of everyone else hears it at some level.

A big mistake that people make is to think that the point is to reach people in the moment. It might be that one is able to do this but... reaching people and getting it to register is more of a time delay and depth charge kind of a thing. Very often people are not disposed to process certain information in any immediate sense because most people have built in defense mechanisms that war against the information of liberation. They are controlled and all the more so because they don't know it. However, the love in your heart is greater than all of the restraints placed on others by the dark side and it will win out against seeming evil which might, by comparison appear much much greater than your love. Nothing is greater than your love because your love is connected to the infinite love from which all love streams. AND the power of your love is increased to the degree that you employ and exercise it. This is why those engaged in deceiving us are working to lower the frequency of our love into the area of consistency in animal expression. When your love falls past a certain level you lose all of the benefits of a higher love.

You see it all around us, this pandering to the lower nature and the appeal to a deadwood intellect. Far too many take the route of least resistance and for those of us who struggle, or who have attained to that state of grace where struggle is no longer necessary, it has been a hard highway in recent times. You know of my own difficulties, though you may not know many of the details and since I have been discussing them I have heard a litany of horror stories from readers about all kinds of distress that they have been experiencing. A time of serious trial is upon us. The good news is that if we are experiencing such trials it means that the eye of the almighty is upon us. Various scriptures tell us that this is so and I am inclined to believe it.

As we have been saying here, one cannot expect to reach others in an instantaneous way but we can sow the seeds of understanding as we go and if these be true seeds they will grow and flower in their season and come to fruition when the time appointed arrives. Think of Johnny Appleseed. He wandered the land tossing apple seeds to all sides. They did not magically sprout into mature trees immediately.
They grew over the course of time and this is the case with truth dispensed on fertile ground. Slowly but surely it comes to term and one day, a car horn honks, a dog barks, a bird flies across the skies and an awakening occurs, just as it was meant to all along.

The stock market is crashing but that was set in motion in earlier times. Mad freezing frenzies have the aspect of chaos about them. War presses on the Ukraine but... that was set into motion in earlier times. The two halves of Korea are saber rattling. The fuse has been lit around the world and as new beings come into this world, this is what they are greeted with. If you would like to hear from those already thoroughly indoctrinated, here it is. For the ever increasingly smaller amount of us that are relatively sane, such trends are dark indeed. Where do we go from here? Far... far way is my guess.

If one were to seek to employ objectivity in these matters, one thing should become very clear, very quickly, life cannot continue to move in these directions as all of them travel in ways fundamentally opposed to natural order. War is contrary to every higher interest and is an expression of sexual repression and perversity. Bending gender understandings, as well as splintering what is basic into a whirling windstorm of endless variations, serves to amplify confusion. Here is the kicker. Located somewhere within us is truth and essential identity. If this were not so then there would be no point to self inquiry and comments like, “know thyself” would be meaningless. Then all the traditions that have endured for millennia would be nothing more than fabrications and yet the lives of many great souls that have transformed the world in their time have been based on the teachings contained in these traditions.

If there is then a truth and an enduring identity within us then all of these attempts to subvert them both leads to a war within the consciousness of every individual who is 'driven' to be something they are not. Ultimately the truth within and the true being within will overcome but... at what cost in the process?

Behind the physical wars is a spiritual war. The one harvests the bodies of the victims and the other harvests the souls. Behind all this social engineering and cultural devolution is the same collective of Satanic intelligences that are also behind the wars. This is demonstrably true and we have provided chapter and verse more than a time or two here. Obviously these people work for the infernal realm and their power to perform nefarious acts is everywhere to be seen. It is understandable if one feels overwhelmed by it all and courts despair as a result. It is unnecessary. One needs to adjust their perspective and all will be well.

There is ONE source of all power. Quite simply, this means that the power to do anything originates from one location; be it evil, good or neutral, the power to accomplish it comes from one place so ALL POWER is borrowed power and remains in the hands of those exercising it for just as long as the owner of all power permits it- FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. If you are aligned with the will and wisdom of the source of all power, what have you to fear from any of the madness that sweeps the globe? Everything around you on all sides might be reduced to rubble but you would still be standing if that were the will of the ineffable.

Do not get seduced by appearances. All appearances are held in place by the power that permits them to be held in place and only for so long as that will maintains them. Evil is allowed to prosper for a reason and all will be revealed when the time for it comes. One might imagine that we are contained in a room that is filled with luminous curtains and upon those curtains all of the scenes of life as we view them are played out. At some point a mysterious hand reaches into the room and pulls the curtains aside and all of these scenes vanish and the room is filled with light and it is no longer the room that it had been but an entirely different place. This is how I remind myself to look at it all. This is what I must remind myself of, lest I get swept up in the force of appearances. It is only a dream and it will all go away when awakening occurs

For now much can happen and we might be grievously tried. Comfort yourself with this understanding; all power comes from one source. All power belongs to one agency that disburses it for the fulfillment of its own mysterious intentions. There is nothing that can oppose this agency. There is nothing that can stand against it. Align yourself appropriately.

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