Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The Creeping Understandings from the Fathomless Pool.

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I had a wonderful visit with a Naturopathic physician from the mainland this evening who is in the islands for a wedding and a visit and who was kind enough to travel some good distance across the island just to stop in with me. It was reassuring to be in the company of a resonant mind. He's been a reader of the blogs for a good long while, He's a big hearty fellow, filled with life and that aura of health that comes from right living. It was one of those timeless excursions into thought and conversation that don't come around all that often but when they do they are welcome indeed. Thank you James for the pleasure of your company.

It's funny how the ineffable manages my life. Certainly I am not qualified to do so and the years have taught me this. In recent times I have been bouncing the ball of possibilities off of the wall of circumstance; knowing that if I return to Germany for a month or so, all of my health considerations could be managed for free. At the same time, if I am kept here then it means that somehow they will be managed here. I've come to understand that the door will open in one direction or the other and I must be content with what opportunity and mysterious destiny accord. It seems that one of my most compelling and necessary lessons which need to be learned, is to accept what the man on the beach told me; “Everything is under control” There are moments when it all comes together and I understand both the mystical and practical significance of this. Then there are other moments when the enduring and inflexible reality of this escapes me and I spin round and round until it reoccurs to me that everything is under control and I am once again caught up in the mystical and practical significance of it, like a pro on a surf board who understands the power of the wave he is riding and the dynamic that exists between his sense of balance and the fury of the water that carries him, instead of crushing him and this is always the case, seen or not. We have to come to understand that we cannot fight these forces and win. We have to use them within the context of what is possible. Bend and you need not break. Lean into it and on and so on.

Spending these months that I have spent here in this isolated location has brought benefits around that slipped under the radar of my awareness. Sometimes we are dramatically changed and are unaware of it because we don't know what to compare it against. A great deal can happen in an environ of imposed solitude. Ordinarily, according to my nature, I would have made more of an effort to interact with others and to set my attention upon certain objectives but I did not. I took it upon the authority of the inner voice to just be and wait upon what comes. Some of what has come has been surprising and... seen from any normal angle, unpleasant ...but we never know how things will turn out. Sometimes I feel as if I am in a kind of prison that is not defined by visible bars and oppressive routines. It is a confinement in consciousness, where one cannot rise above certain restrictions in awareness. Think of it like a fish in an aquarium. Though the fish and the observers outside the aquarium might think the fish is one thing and the aquarium another and that there is a kind of static existence of observable limitations that cannot be overcome... the truth is that it is all consciousness and the consciousness of the fish can impact dramatically upon the confines of the aquarium, so much so that the dimensions of the aquarium can change remarkably in relation to changes in the awareness of the fish; metaphorically speaking and I am seeing this but I can't say any more about it because I lack the skill to do so. Perhaps that will not always be the case. For the moment it is.

I am starting to see a very subtle magic that abounds in existence but which is elusive to the perceptions. As one's awareness shifts, those colors that sympathetically vibrate to the colors we are familiar with begin to come in to view. They were always there but they were vibrating at a speed that made them difficult to perceive until one's capacity increased to the point that they could be seen. I am beginning to realize certain things that I already knew a long time ago but they were not viscerally embedded into my being. It is funny how any number of things can mean something all through your tenure in a certain state of awareness and then there comes this shift in consciousness and everything has a new meaning and the old meaning hasn't changed. It is still there but now it has highlights and accents and a new atmosphere of wonder that is communicating something so much deeper than what was there before. It is as if you have moved from black and white to color and then found there was another dynamic above that.

Pardon me as I shift into something more pedestrian but I do not want to forget to mention it. As the reader should know by now, I am usually watching some kind of video along with my writing activities. Besides the functional employment of this as a distraction, it keeps me abreast of what the mind control vipers are up to and over the course of recent months, after exposure to hundreds of examples, it is clear to me now that there is an intention at work that crosses every ocean and every variation in the mediums and it involves certain cultural mores and psychological programming that is set up to wrap it all in a framework of normalcy as if it had always been this way and it hasn't. I remember watching it happen for awhile and it is only lately that I see every example, as it is slipped into the video at different points, in the form of characters or plot mechanisms or conversation and events. It doesn't matter who produces or directs it or who acts in it. These insertions are like commercials for lifestyles as well as weather reports on the moral climate where we are indoctrinated into which weather condition we are expected to enjoy or prefer over another and no matter what, like clockwork, people are having sex and inhaling booze and drugs as well. Though I have known all along that I was being exposed to formulas, I have never seen it quite like I do now because my state of detachment has never been what it is now. It's as if those changes in my being which I have struggled so hard for and aspired after as if it were the very oxygen that I breathe and been stymied, over and over, in my efforts to acquire them are finally beginning to happen. I had nearly despaired of this ever coming about.

Due to the incredible degree of disappointments I have experienced in a lifetime of being put through my paces, I am not willing to leap forth in joy and excitement over these indications of transformation, as powerful as they seem to be. I heard a bird calling my name earlier and I just kind of noticed it and went on to the kitchen for my tea. I didn't head over to the breadfruit tree where it was sitting and I didn't take the trouble to see what it looked like. I just went my way and it wasn't one of those events where it kind of sounded like it was calling my name. It was VERY CLEARLY calling my name; "visibal! visibal!". The same thing happened to me in India one morning and maybe it happened once at my home in Germany but that would be the sum of it. It's been rare. What I am saying is that this happened and these other things are happening and I'm mostly detached. I don't know what it means and supernatural episodes have come and gone more times than memory can recall. I used to get worked up about them like a kid on Christmas morning. Maybe that was the problem.

I am seriously considering now that perhaps the greatest and most fundamentally transformative experiences in our lives often come upon us without our really noticing. It is only later that it dawns on us that something marvelous has happened. The magic of Nature is like that. We don't see a plant break the Earth and one day it's sprouted up all over the place. Years afterwards we look back and there are singular memories that are always there and there was nothing astounding happening at the time and we don't remember anything significant about them but for some reason we remember them. Of course we remember the startling and life changing events but I am talking about those memories that don't possess anything especially singular about them but something about them is memorable. Perhaps we shall yet discover what that was. I am of the opinion that sometimes the ineffable is resident and that is what makes it remarkable. We just haven't made that association.

I have no longing for companionship or some new development of that ever reoccurring cycle of life repeating itself in some new stage set with new characters. This isn't to say it won't come about. This is to say I won't be having anything to do with bringing it about. After all... everything is under control.

That experience with the bird was very profound. It was so clearly saying my name. It lasted for only a few minutes and then it was gone. I do not know what to make of it but I expect more events of this nature for some reason. You could say that my ears are perked and attentive, much like the RCA dog, Nipper (that was his name).

Why not leave you with just a little evidence of some of the mysteries they don't allow you to publicly talk about in our controlled societies. I've come across many another curiosity besides these in my comings and goings, like those viaducts with a laser tolerance, surgically round, monster balls in Peru. This article comes courtesy of Rixon Stewart

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