Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pinkwashing the Pasties on the Teats of Irony.

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You will remember what I said about primitive culture and what gets lost in the translation into civilization. The quote in the picture above says precisely the same thing. I love how it just came to me in passing yesterday in the course of my movements all by itself. This kind of verification is routine in my life these days.

Well... let's see. Before we segue into whatever metaphysical commentary we have coming up but don't yet know about, let's mention two things. First, we have another school shooting on the heels of the Oregon false flag, Satan signing non hero shooting. For all we know this one was real but... until we know better we will just assume it isn't AND...

if you watch football, as I do then you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is the brain child of corporation cancer fund author, Susan B. Komen, Tribe member (of course). She's presently off in Hades somewhere and her sister is running the scam and getting paid close to half a millions a year. Komen was an early supporter of 'pinkwashing'. This is where 'organizations get disproportionately large amounts of publicity for donating very little, and where organizations that use the pink ribbon to promote products that may be carcinogenic.' This would include, besides fracking companies and others of similar ilk, such notable products as 'Komen’s own Promise Me perfume where the label fails to disclose that the product contains galaxolide and toluene.'

'The "pinkwashing" issue is not limited to Komen and its sponsors. In 2007, the Estée Lauder (Tribe Member) Pink Ribbon Collection series used a donation to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to promote products containing parabens, chemicals linked to breast cancer. In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration had connected 5-Hour Energy Drink, a caffeinated energy shot promoted using a Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) sponsorship as cause marketing, to thirteen deaths and serious injuries including heart attacks.'

The whole cancer industry is a scam, run by vampires and it is hugely profitable. Never imagine all those people leaving large sums- that they stole in other places- to hospitals to have wings and things named after them are doing it out of any sense of human compassion. They do it to make money, cheat on their taxes and to get the most high end 'black arts medical treatments' for themselves and their families. They deliberately cause cancer in order to have an ever larger supply of victims for their industry. This is one hundred percent true. This is not an opinion. It's a proven, over and over again, truth. Not only that, they've been killing and imprisoning and exiling people who came up with cures for cancer for a long time.

There was no cancer from tobacco before they started saturating the paper with chemicals; emphysema maybe but no cancer. You didn't used to get cancer from food but now... processed foods and animal fats and sundry are killing folks big time. Cancer is BIG BUSINESS and what kind of a ghoul do you have to be to subject people to it, wittingly cause it in them and then make money off of it? How do you get to be someone, something, like that? I thank my lucky stars and fortunate intentions, not to mention (but I am mentioning) my invisible friends... that I am not like that. I get down on myself for things that don't even appear on their radar. The worst things I ever think or say or do are virtues to them that possess too much light for them to consider contact with. How's that for an analogy?

Sri Satchmo, “I'm not down with that.” Choudhury wants to copyright yoga; not just his process but the poses too. No doubt he owns the patents on the thermostats that make his 'hot yoga' the haps, baby. Yoga is pointless without the objective of what yoga is all about... to yoke up with, to attain union with the beloved. Sure... there are health benefits but if the beloved is not the objective, something else or someone else is what is reached. Bottom line... everything these days is tainted by the desire for control, ownership and soul sucking greed. We will address that all more fully in the next Mirrors.

What are we to take away from all of this venomous and venal psychopathic behavior? The worst qualities in all of us in possession of these qualities and susceptible to their expression are being motivated in the direction of the general intent of these qualities. This is one more indication that if you are not in control of yourself, something or someone else will be. As the poet songwriter said, “You got to serve somebody.” Un huh. People who get arrested for all of the sorts of behavior that has become so common these days, do not sit back and reason out the manner and means by which they will express these outbreaks of pathological behavior. It just happens because they are not strong enough to resist it. They got little in the way of the necessary discipline in these things. In fact, quite the reverse. Their media and entertainment industries are all trumpeting the doctrine of excess. While one manufactured position pushes it with a reckless fury, another manufactured position deplores it. It's like what I saw, near the front of the state at Altamont when Jagger was performing and he was doing the ever delightful and uplifting tune, “Midnight Rambler”. He had his studded belt that he was slapping the stage with and fights would break out and he would stop singing and go, “Peace brothers and sisters' Then he would launch back into the tune. I especially noticed this in “Street Fighting Man.” Back and forth he would go from the violent tunes directed at the tens of thousands who had consumed CIA manufactured bad acid and then return to the soft appeal of “Brothers and Sisters.” I saw it all and I was not on bad acid. We wound up running a field hospital for people who had lost their minds. You had to be there. Of course it would have been better for you not to be.

All this darkness is being created and manipulated and it is world wide now and though the visible agents of this are easily seen by simply observing who it is that is pushing these agendas, it could be argued that they are only misguided pawns but why were they 'chosen' in such numbers? Why are they at the head of every putsch? Why are they so populous in all the think tanks and critical government policy positions? Why are they at the head of all the entertainment complexes and media corporations that disseminate the opinions that are mutated into items of fact? Why are they the creators of all the war adventures and this is easily demonstrated as being true? Why are they the ones false flagging the Palestinians and then butchering them before the eyes of the world? Why? Why? Why? Why are they the acknowledged creators of Communism and the authors of the genocide of tens of millions of Christian Russians? Why are they the ones who were behind the Armenian Holocaust and the Holomodor? Why are they the ones that sit, often exclusively on the boards of every alternative sexual organization? Why are they the names that appear behind the creation of The Illuminati? Why are they in every strategic position during the 9/11 attacks? Yes... I will agree that they are not primary cause. The Prince of Darkness is but they are his children from what I can see and this has been delineated by the book, “The Synagogue of Satan” that now appears to have been written by someone named Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. I could have sworn that the original author's name began with Richard. I can't remember his last name now but it wasn't Hitchcock and now it is and that is all you can find no matter what search engine you use. I must have the title wrong or something or have simply lost my mind. I never remembered anyone named Hitchcock as the author.

Anyway, my friends. I seem to have not been able to go in the direction that I wanted to with this posting. It just did what it did and it is all over the place and probably not very satisfying. It is just one of those things that happens around here now and again. I was never able to get a handle on what I was doing and it just got done on its own somehow. We'll try to be more comprehensive and effective next time (grin). For the moment, that's all she wrote. Hmmmm. What does that mean?

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