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arrrrrrgggggg! The white page sits here. Some words have just appeared, noting this and... now the page is not entirely blank but... what to say? What to say? No... said that. Said that too. Uh yeah... that also. Thought about that but didn't say it because it seemed a little too obvious; uncertain, melodramatic and potentially an expression of hyperbole that didn't meet expectations after all. Was it an expectation? Was it a great expectation of something grand or terrible, where I could have found myself surfing on an emergent wave that took upon itself a life of its own, concerning some predicted event that didn't materialize and that seems to be the most noticeable trend going; whether it involves a blood moon or some scriptural interpretation, or troops massing at some border; martial law exercises like Jade Helm, terrible conditions in whole countries or ghettos or... runaway fires, tsunamis, earthquakes and world extinction comets or... large planetary bodies with names like Niburu that we keep hearing about but never see and... the ever popular Enki, Annunaki and Archons (Nag Hammadi anyone?) and whatever. I can't distinguish them or remember what they are supposed to be most of the time and no one seems crystal clear, with a box of hard and confirmable facts, about who they really are, or where they are, or what they are going to do next. They seem like some of those most likely suspects to blame everything on, when we don't have the courage to blame those that we ought to be able to clearly see are a big part of the problem all over the world and who have been for centuries.

If I am confronted with an obstacle in the form of some individual or collective that stands in the way of my free expression of my being; freedom of movement, freedom to interplay on the wider field of existence with my talents, presuming I have any... I don't start thinking... “Hmmm, I wonder if they are being controlled by space aliens, or governments or whatever.” I take the measure of their nature according to their appetites, their weaknesses and strengths and how they explain what it is they believe in. Now it could be that they are being controlled by space aliens, or governments or whatever but that still comes down to who and what they are and what it is about them that made such a thing possible. I didn't explain that properly. Let me just say I measure people and am confident that life will also do the same during whatever period of time I am honored or challenged by their presence. Challenge covers a wide area of experiences.

This situation in Syria is pretty remarkable. Russia is, no bones about it, flying right up into the face of the Israeli banker controlled western powers. Anything could happen. As it has gone so far, there have been some truly tragic and terrible events and all of them have been the diseased brain children of Israeli bankers and those who work for them, for whatever their reasons might be. Now... some are fighting back. Some are saying, “enough!” Arguably, they know more about what is happening than those of us who are outside the corridors of power. They know details that are denied to the rest of us. Whether they understand them rightly, as they should be understood, is another thing but they know things we don't know. We know that the hegemonic and avaricious drives of the Israeli bankers know no boundaries and we have seen the force of their financial seductions and arm-twistings the world over. We know they are set upon destroying the lives of everyone in the Middle East except those who are in cooperation with or subjugation to them. We know that they are a vile influence in Europe, the USA (USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!), Canada, Australia and other places and we know their power (as predicted here some while ago) is waning, as best exampled by the defeat of all their efforts to kill the Iranian accords. Netanyahu just stood in a glaring silence at the UN. Nobody likes him or them but they've put up with it for a long time. That time is over. The world is changing.

{Let me be clear that I don't know whether Putin and Obama are both Satanic clowns of the same stripe. At the same time, I am not compelled, like many people are, to believe the worst about everyone. For me it is a movie directed by the ineffable and the power of the players in the movie is all borrowed from the ineffable and all the seeming evil and good among us, are just playing roles for the purpose of demonstration. I don't give any of them any power in my mind and if you do that, it is your lookout. It is possible that some world leaders are well intentioned. It is also true that it is easier to get shanghaied and mislead in that business than anywhere I can think of.}

How is the world changing? We'll see.

One thing comes to mind. One thing comes to my mind anyway and that is that there is no power in the manifest or unmanifest that can match that of the ineffable. If that is where your loyalties lie then you are going to be alright, whatever happens, even in cases like mine, where one is mercilessly hammered for no understandable reason, the beauty of the situation is that no matter what happens here, it all gets resolved, Elsewhere.

I've tried to reason it out; this sort of process where no matter what you do, it leads into a further tangle of entropy as destiny ...and it seems that it has something to do with becoming still and detached and uninvolved because the only way that you can be affected is if you are involved and that can only be the result of being emotionally affected or mentally engaged in some preference of outcome or... well, there's always those or's that hang out on the periphery and are not easy to identify and might not mean anything anyway.

The spiritual path can lead almost anywhere in terms of experience. It really depends on what sort of an example the ineffable wants to make of you. For some... for most actually, it's one consistent incline to an ever expanding awareness of incremental gradations of degree. For most it is also something that burns with a temporary flame of aspiration that cools by incremental gradations of degree until it's integrated into some kind of perfunctory engagements by the day, by the week or on whatever their versions of Christmas and Easter are... so for most, that incline generally plateaus and winds up on some kind of flatland or mesa. On the one hand, resulting in the usual karmic interactions with whomever you got put there to go back and forth with... and on the other hand you wind up more or less alone because you find it difficult to tolerate the usual back and forth.

In some cases, the point is to pulverize you like grapes in a press because the ineffable intends to make wine out of you. In these cases you don't get told much. That seems to be part of the deal and everything you get put through is part of the vintner's process meant to affect the taste of the wine. For all I know we're just the subjects of impersonal experimentation and the only thing that makes this- what seems to be cosmic psychopathy- alright is that over the long course of lives and changes, it works out in some remarkable manner that washes away all of the pain and loss that was necessary to make it happen.

I am not seeking to depress you here. I am only seeking to be truthful about it all, inasmuch as I understand or get it and that is surely open for debate, as to whether I get it. What I am trying to do is provide an explanation for all the suffering and loss so many of you experience and to point out that the only thing that remains from all those past lives, that you remember nothing of, is whatever has been built into your lasting character that you take with you from life to life. In other words, you have lost everything else, time and time again and you will lose everything else that you have here when you go, except what you are and what you are will be the determinant of what follows and this part of it is, obviously, far more important than anything else you can see or have here. Now... let's stop in this discourse and consider the state of the world in this moment and what pursuits the masses have gotten up to. Of course, that presents a wide panorama of people living the high life and people living in homeless encampments and the incipient fear that exists everywhere that those struggling and those not struggling, might wind up on the streets themselves, or in a war zone, or any of the darker regions of human experience and on that account, those living the high life can easily afford the price of admission to any of these, though the entrance-way probably doesn't look anything like the exit does, once you've passed through whatever lies between and, of course you are changed in the process so, maybe the exit is a fluid concept and maybe there is no exit sometimes... or so it appears and that is often as good as there not being one if you cannot see it.

One of the great mysteries (it's not a mystery to me but... for the purpose of argument) is how those living the high life are so blinded to the consequences of it and those living on the desperate edge are so blind to the causes that led them there. Of course, both of these require a kind of recognition and that recognition can ONLY be acquired through the process of self inquiry and self inquiry and Materialism are opposing states of being and consciousness. You can't have one with the other. This explains India (or used to) and the United States and the entirely different perspectives that exist in these places. I'm not suggesting that India is any kind of a success story, anything but. Yet there are things that can be found there more easily than in the west and that's not important in many ways because whatever you find of any value will be found in yourself and that can happen in any environment... though there are degrees of difficulty depending on where you are and how it is going for you and that is why... sometimes losing everything... or brutal trauma or extended bad luck is a good thing... if you manage to get some deeper meaning from it.

I don't know what to expect from the future. That's a little ridiculous anyway since the future will be vastly different for many people and it is only a state of perception in the dimension of separated time. It is every day and every moment. The end of the world comes for many people every day and every moment. Does it matter whether it happens from a comet or cancer? Sure it does when you think of degrees of suffering. If you go out alone or you go out with a million people, you still go out alone and you will stand alone in that court of judgment, where your true self presides over your false self and you will see the true implications of everything you said and did and you will pass judgment on yourself because of it. That's how it works and all the players that operate in the process are only extensions of yourself and that is why, if you can annihilate the evil in yourself, whether it be real or unreal or misdiagnosed and if you can seal the door through which evil passes into your being, you will have no difficulty with the evil in the world, be it real or unreal or misdiagnosed. The only problem any of us have with evil is with the evil we carry within us. I know this in very personal ways and I remember what it was like to be consumed with fear and then to have no fear at all.

I don't understand why the things that happen to me happen, any more than I understand why the things that happen to other people happen. It makes no sense, often... but that's not my concern. My concern is just to keep going, even if that means to be still and unmoving and to seek to do and be my very best, even if that means nothing at all. If all we figure out is what to do and what not to do, we'll be doing pretty good and a reasonable assessment of experience should accomplish that sooner... or later.

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