Saturday, November 07, 2015

Sailing on the River of Life to the Following Sea.

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The natives are restless. They can't actually stop anything and they are at their wits end challenging the credibility of the credible. Pot shots and ambushing hasn't been working so other tactics need to be employed. We have to remember that it's not all just black and white out there, anymore than it is all just black and white inside your head. If life were just black and white then the good guys would always come to a good end and the bad guys would always come to a bad end and though ultimately this is the case there is no real consistency in any of it in the short term. These days it is hard to know who the good guys and bad guys are. A lot of bad things are widely celebrated and a lot of good things are considered undesirable, threatening and increasingly more and more illegal as laws are made against behaviors that go contrary to the will to power as expressed on the big game board of the elite, also known as Planet Earth. For instance, telling the truth is considered bad form. It upstages and offends the comfortable shared lies that give us all something to pretend about.

We've brought up the persona of Shiva before. Shiva is not a welcome guest at weddings and any number of other celebrations because Shiva represents the truth. Truth is almost always at odds with those temporary things we have all convinced ourselves are more permanent than they are. Yet each of us can look at our lives to this point and recognize that many things we thought were permanent and hoped were permanent, turned out not to be permanent at all. Life is a fluid river of change. As much as so many of us talk about change and the need for change, we fiercely resist it when it runs counter to the things we would rather not have change. Change is a whole other thing when it moves from changes we would like to see, to changes we have to be.

The truth is that good guys get knocked around these days even more than bad guys and if you start including things like honor, integrity, a love of the truth and worse... a desire to express it, even though we know that absolute truth cannot be expressed because the truth is a light and our stage of expression is a world of appearances and truth is something beyond appearances, well... you could well turn into a pariah not grata. Truth does show up in a relative sense and relative truth is better than relative lies because relative truth might lead to absolute truth, or at least into some nearby neighborhood and you wind up like one of those Knights of the Round Table who could not look directly at the Holy Grail but could only see the reflected light because they weren't as virtuous as they needed to be.

Of course, as far as I can intuit, the Holy Grail is not an actual goblet but a chamber in the heart. I believe this the same way that I believe the real Bible or any of the inspired spiritual scriptures, are written on the human heart in a living, vibrating flame alphabet and I believe this because I have seen it more than once but not in awhile since I am less refined and other worldly than once I was but I am hoping for a return by grace and I fully expect that to happen.

This is a world where now the totality of what you need is greater than the resources you possess, unless your circumstances are very favorable and they might be favorable for all the wrong reasons and that could mean you are going to pay heavy somewhere down the line. Rents are out of control. The price for everything else keeps rising. Utilities are in the hands of enormous blood sucking ticks. The cost of maintaining your place in this world is great and it is not just the financial cost. I consider the personal cost to be greater and that is where you have to give up pieces of yourself in order to continue at an acceptable level because of the compromises you need to make to continue to be able to afford the unaffordable and this situation you are in has been constructed for you, for the purpose of hamster control.

This requires all of us to play a role. Of course, you can't get around the necessity to do this, no matter what you do or do not do because all of it is a role. If you do nothing, that is a role, so you pretty much have to settle on something that is acceptable to you, or else you play the roles conferred on you by necessity. Sometimes you want to be something more than you are; something better or brighter or more complete and for that you need a role model and I come out of the school where you fake it until it becomes real. This is accomplished by going through all of your moments as if the ineffable were walking in your shoes and- truth be told- he.she/it is. What this creates is that eventually the ineffable becomes the active agent within because all of us have some portion of the spark of the ineffable within; each part is unique due to the lens of the personality it is expressing through and it will express once the dross has been burned away and burning away the dross can be an extended and painful endeavor and just about no one is up to that because it can cost you everything you think you love and don't want to lose and the truth is (cue Shiva the Destroyer), you will lose most all of it no matter what. All you will keep will be the changes and additions made to your soul in the crucible of experience in the world of appearances.

You come into this world squalling and naked and then you develop into the series of characters that play your life, before that portion of the world you have been destined to perform in front of. On the way, you become more and more complex and then you become weaker and your grasp upon a self identifying awareness becomes, in many cases, more tenuous. Your grasp on an understanding of the world around you becomes less certain and secure and eventually you go out in a reversal of the way you came in, only at this point you might be wearing a suit, or some kind of shroud and either be also contained in a wooden box or reduced to ashes. We each have some kind of belief system or philosophical construct that we use to explain it to ourselves, trying to make do on the way to the great yawning jaws of the unknown. For some that is going to be a terrifying experience because they have done nothing to prepare themselves for it. They have no map of that further country to which they are bound. They might have had some kind of a map here but here... is fading while I write these words or... it is becoming more and more present but that... is selten as the Germans would say.

So we come and go, to and fro in this atmosphere that we fill with words that echo away and become the wind that blows in every direction around us and all of these forces of nature become an expression of our thoughts and words and emotions. The rain is tears. The thoughts are threads that are woven into dream clouds and sometimes they are cumulus and sometimes they are cumulonimbus and sometimes they are cirrus tracings and sometimes they are chemtrails. The whole of it is a projection of the mind and herein lies a key to the possibility of some measure of harmony to be gained and maintained here. It seems that what disturbs us most are the things we want. If we didn't want anything... how would that be? Of course, that requires placing an absolute trust in the ineffable and that is no easy matter. We are the fortunate ones where the ineffable has chosen to remove every support and prop of stability from us and reduce us to an utter dependence despite our every effort at avoidance. We may not feel very lucky but we are.

Life can be compared to a river in so many ways. It has a slow and steady course and then it can wind to one side and the other for some time. It has rapids and rocks and things that live below the surface and feed upon the surface and sometimes it is clear and sometimes not and the deeper it is the less clear it becomes. Big rivers are fed by many tributaries and there is some meaning to be found in that and each of them, big and small, all meet the sea and that has meaning in it too. There is meaning to be found in everything, or there is nothing to be found at all. There is meaning to be found in you, or there is nothing. What is to be found in George Soros is not to be found in Siddhartha Gautama Buddha but the seeds of both are there in the other. If was all a matter of what they watered and what got shined on.

You can't find what you are looking for by putting your focus on everyone else. That is just them, as they are for the moment, on their part of the river, sailing on whatever conveyance best describes the fashion in which they understand it and the manner in which they have adapted to negotiate it. You job is to avoid collisions and to take note of that which you are passing through because somehow it reflects what lies within it the other way around? Lao Tzu said something about... paraphrasing... 'whether a man passionately seeks the surface or dispassionately seeks the depths, they are the same...' ah... never mind, let's go get the actual quote and... what do you know? It is the very first one-

Existence is beyond the power of words
To define:
Terms may be used
But are none of them absolute.
In the beginning of heaven and earth there were no words,
Words came out of the womb of matter;
And whether a man dispassionately
Sees to the core of life
Or passionately
Sees the surface,
The core and the surface
Are essentially the same,
Words making them seem different
Only to express appearance.
If name be needed, wonder names them both:
From wonder into wonder
Existence opens.

Ah well, my friends... we try to be an asset of some kind... we shall see and time will tell. We try to go about our days as if the ineffable were walking in our footsteps but we forget as often as we remember and we have been told not to worry about it, that what is to come will come and that all we are left to do is to surrender as well as we are capable and rely on the ineffable for all things. It's been an interesting journey up to this point on the river of life. I can hear the echo of the rapids far behind me in the distance and it is possible that I hear more rapids up ahead or... is that the sea? Is that the sound of distant waves breaking on that far shore? One hopes it is indeed the sea. Time will tell and we shall see.

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