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Finding our Way Out of the Deep, Dark and Dangerous Woods.

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A big snow storm, no doubt a product of global warming, is hammering the Eastern Seaboard; probably a metaphor for something. A whole lot of forces are going to hammer the US in coming times, for a few reasons. One of the reasons is that nearly every policy in the country is under the control of poisonous viper-like, Satanic bankers and an outgrowth of this is that the rich are consuming everyone and everything in their sight. Another reason is that the general public is aggressively indifferent to the truth because of the courage it requires to see it and the courage and responsibility that follows that. You may include in this; moral decline and the legitimization and enforcement of perversity... it is safe to say that the people and their leaders have lost their way.

The one lost their way a long time ago and the other has been gradually led astray until now... both of them are in the deep, dark and dangerous woods; probably also a metaphor for something. The real problem with losing your way is being unable to find your way back. Some of this has to do with not being able to remember where it was that you were before you got lost in the deep, dark and dangerous woods. Even worse is that so many are not even aware of being lost in the deep, dark and dangerous woods. One is never more near hopelessly lost when they are unaware that they are lost.

Sometimes big things come down very slowly. At least this happens slowly up to a point. There is a juncture where the direction downward goes direct and then everything can happen at frightening speed. When the initial and prevailing idea of something... even when a not inconsiderable portion of it was propaganda to begin with, ceases to bear any resemblance to the idea, or ideas, that brought it into being and upon which is was based, it will rot and die. The metaphor of cancer would be fitting in this case. It consumes itself from within. This is observably true at present. It is also true that sometimes something must die so that something else can live. Outworn ideas pass away when the ones who hold them depart. It is most unfortunate when a generation of vipers appears along the way at the critical juncture. That last line is not comprehensive. Sometimes there is a pervasive listlessness, accompanied by segments of collective rage that are focused on all the wrong targets. This is a direct product of the enemy of humanity, whom the bankers serve.

Presently there is all this puffed up and insubstantial anger at the Academy of Arts and Sciences, over a perception that black actors and sundry are not getting their due. In this particular year, neither “Straight out of Compton” or “Concussion” were worthy of notice. They were pedestrian efforts. The truth is that in recent years, black actors and black films are far more prevalent than ever before and far more recognized than ever before. You see black actors everywhere now, often in scenarios where their presence is historical fiction. Political Correctness distorts everything. It is true that Gayness is far more important to the film industry than black issues. Once can't help but notice the films celebrating Gayness this year; “Carole” and “The Danish Girl”. The first one was so boring that I had to switch it off a third of the way through and the second I won't even see, just as I never saw Broken-ass Mountain. There was no significant example of black acting this year. That is the simple truth.

These are all cultural items and probably belong in the most recently posted blog but we're winding our way to some kind of a metaphysical point and merely setting the stage at the moment. Of course, as is typical here, we don't know what that point is at this time (grin) but that is usually the case.

The single most powerful influence for the maintenance of darkness, ignorance and deception is the mass media, also attended by all the other media of various entertainments (if you can call them that); movies, music, art, books, magazines, television, ad nauseum. All of these are under the near total control of agenda driven, Zionist Jews, who operate in concert to push particular ideas and suppress others. This stranglehold on what we see and hear must be broken for any real change to come about. The world bankers and those that run the truly pernicious institutions of the Federal Reserve Banking scams, the IMF and The Bank of International Settlements, to name a few of the big guns. These control everything else because this is where the money comes from. One need only to look at events that went down around the 1913 Federal Reserve takeover and the previous effort before it. One needs also to look at what happened to presidents and others during these focused acts of Satanic darkness. Then one can study what was going on around John F. Kennedy (and what happened to him) and jump forward to what took place during Nixon's tenure.

Destroy the pernicious control of the bankers and take back the media and the world will transform. Of course, corruption and lies will always be with us but they will be made manageable. For the longest time, the rule of law was one of the greatest protections that the first world possessed. Even though it was often compromised it still existed, at least in theory. Over recent decades this construct has been morphed and twisted out of shape so as to be near unrecognizable. The Constitution has also been one of the targets of the bad guys, who are the same bad guys at the top of the pyramid. We are not talking about any of the other alleged criminals like the entrepreneurs; they operate under permissions from the demon possessed stolen cars at the top or they are destroyed or made an example of.

Obfuscation and misdirection are two of the principal tools of the psychopaths and their agents, presently in control of the world as we see it, or who appear to be in control. If you can see this, you are free of its influence to the depth that you can see it and under the control of it to the degree that you cannot see it. To the degree that you cannot see it, you are following the lead of those marching into the valley of destruction and to the degree that you can see, you are in a position to be marching out of it.

In the Bible there is a quote that says something about two men standing in a field and one is taken and one is left behind. Other examples of the same are given. This relates directly to what was just said. The most underestimated power in the world is personal choice. Some think they have a lot more of it than they do and some think they have no choice at all. The idea of 'free will' is one of the most mysterious of them all. In my mind, the only free will we have is to obey our inner truth and the guidance that comes out of it and that is a conscious influence (as I understand and have experienced it), or we can oppose it and that is how we come to have terms like, 'denial' and all the other limitations that arrive out of the idea that self interest is in our interest, or anyone elses. The survival drive comes out of the base chakra. It is a powerful drive. We have much to overcome within ourselves, so much, in fact, that we will never overcome these on our own. This is the most important thing we will ever come to understand, should we accomplish it.

The forces arrayed against our greater awareness and understanding are considerable. Every time one of us escapes the dream net, it is an incredible victory for all humanity. We may not understand the magnitude of this but it is so. Consider the greatness of the efforts that are devoted toward keeping us asleep and under the control of Satanic force. It is truly impressive. It seems out of proportion to what is necessary. This is precisely why it is so important. It is all about the allowable amounts of human freedom and the relentless push toward the enslavement of humanity and this is because of the harvesting of souls. It is the only war of any importance and it is certainly far more important to each and every one of us than we realize ...because keeping us from this realization is job one. One of the fiercest limitations that we struggle against is 'depersonalization' and it is ubiquitous in the modern world. We feel as if we can have no impact on the wider world and this is where we are seriously in error. We affect the wider world with our every thought, word and deed. The impact of these, ripple across the entire lake and are directly proportionate to the degree that we reflect the will of our creator and express the personal truth that is within us. Each of us has a unique version of this.

We affect every person we come into contact with. We affect close up and at a distance. We may not see this ...but it is true... and there are many examples of people who have influenced the world in remarkable fashion. Follow these examples and be an example. Be conscious of your every encounter and let it leave a positive impress upon the world around you, as you move through it. You do this when you touch a shopkeeper on a personal level, knowing it will brighten their day. You do this every time you project a positive impression upon others about themselves. You do this when you celebrate the divine in everyone else; Namaste!

The world seeks to bring us down and also to entangle us in its many illusions and enticements. This is the job of the world. However, this is only the manifest plane of being and the manifest plane of being is controlled by thought and represented by what precipitates down to the manifest plane as the result of thought, both conscious and unconscious. We see the evidence all around us, or we could, if we bothered to look and concentrate.

Yes... we are inconsistent in our efforts, until such time as the greater will is able to work more throughly through us. This more we give way, the more it has its way and it changes and refines us accordingly to the degree that we allow it to. One can note this in the lives of masters and the incredible humility they bring to everything they say and the consistent fealty they give to the ineffable. They know something and that is the result of what they know and their recognition of what they do not know. They have understood their place in the scheme of things. May this prove true of all of us.

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