Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Effulgent Light is More Powerful than Any Shadow.

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Hypocrisy is one of those things that always interest me because there are so many ways it can manifest and here is one of them. Now… I am all for the ethical treatment of animals but how many of these whining Political Correctness Junkies eat meat? You may be sure that conditions for livestock are far worse than they are for elephants and let us consider the amount of African elephants being machine-gunned by ivory poachers. Let us consider all the leather products these people wear and all the other by products that are manufactured by soulless corporations that hide their poisons and garbage by never listing them or listing them as something else because of what they extracted from the primary source. Hypocrisy is pretty hard to avoid in this day and age because it is not always easy to spot it for what it is because of the costumes it wears to conceal what it is beneath them. Self-Righteousness is not the least of these. The more we rely on self-righteousness and justification, the more likely we are to be hypocrites.

Much of the time we don’t understand why we do the things we do and say the things we say. It’s like we’ve all got some shadow soul of a hidden Lady Mary from Downton Abbey, acting through us or a Thomas Barrow who behaves in every kind of despicable fashion, because of self-loathing. Self-Loathing is much more wide spread than we might think because of the hidden lives generated out of all those private vices, so readily available in these times. Of course, the lines of morality are blurred or erased on most occasions these days and there are even large and well-funded movements that applaud every vice and weakness as if they were virtues; so it seems in these times of seeming and scheming. Political Correctness is the chief hypocrisy of the age and one of the major byproducts of Satanism. The reason that Satanism employs political correctness is because of the ways that it skewers reality, twisting it into unrecognizable shapes. As for what reality might actually be, to paraphrase a judge; “I couldn’t tell you what it is but I know it when I see it.” From this we get that archetypal ‘slippery slope’. The various products that act much like skis and snowboards and all the rest, are those vehicles of moral relativism that make your downward passage so much swifter and you can see it all around you. Some of it seems innocuous almost but is in fact extremely dangerous.

Danger is made far more dangerous by being made to appear not only safe but desirable as well. The biggest obstacle to the public being able to see what is really going on is their refusal to doubt the reports of their manipulated and intoxicated senses and to believe what they are told by those in various positions of authority, who operate from all those avenues of contemporary influence, generated out of vampire covens in politics, the economic sector, entertainment and whatever else there is. The blandishments of these industries are the source of the majority of the manipulations and intoxications. The primary tool of black magicians is misdirection and distraction. Most cannot see these efforts in operation and so they are subjugated by them. Even the most transparent lies and deceptions easily deceive a population that has been dumbed down to just above the awareness of livestock.

Perhaps I should not speak of them so. Perhaps this denigration is undeserved. After all, people seem to be able to function in a conscious manner a lot of the time. They get up. They dress and feed themselves. They go to work. They talk about political candidates and football games. They go to restaurants and movies theaters and engage in witty repartee; at least some of them are able to do this. Yet… they will support venomous liars who have, time and time again, told them the same lies and defaulted on every promise and yet they continue to believe these lies and to support these liars, like the current crop of political aspirants who are ALL vile prevaricators and who also engage in perversities and crimes that the public is generally unaware of. They agree to promote and support all manner of horrible actions upon those whom they purport to serve.

They support terrible wars brought about for no other reason than to generate profits for bankers and investors, who are among the most reprehensible monsters who have ever lived. The majority of them are brought into a simulation of life through the schematic of a specific genetic blueprint and the truth is this is easily seen by rudimentary research. Battalions of doomed souls also come into being to serve the will of the bankers, who are the direct offspring of the king of the infernal realm. Surely the presentation of this here seems a bit prosaic if not the product of a warped imagination, not to mention… dated. However, all of this is provably and demonstrably true. None of it can be effectively refuted, it is demonstrably provable. Yet… yet… regardless of how obvious it all is, most people refuse to see or admit it and will even defend the psychopathic behavior of demons in human form. They will even defend them when they act upon these very ones defending them. They put photographs of their dead children on the living room walls and mantles and talk about their great sacrifice for their countries, when they were nothing more than cannon fodder for bankers and those employed by bankers.

The entire world is under a grievous spell and the direct and indirect result of this, both short and long terms is, suffering and death. This is observable. One does need a certain amount of time lapse vision, which is the result of the possession of an objective awareness. Subsequently, this is why one of the main results of the spell, is an applied subjectivity, where what is not can be made to appear as what is and what is can be made to appear as what is not. Turn things upside down and backwards and put them up on movie and television screens, on billboards and bus benches and it doesn’t take long before it looks normal and not even what it bent out of shape to make it this way …was normal to begin with.

There is some peculiar power that is given to a few, which allows them to see through all of these deceptions and another peculiar power that makes it possible for everyone else to be taken in by them. We have read the private thoughts of any number of masters of the art of life and all of them have expressed their frustration at being unable to communicate what they know to others. There is some barrier there that only a few seem able to pass by. Apparently this is the result of Samskaras that veil the true sight of humanity from what is actually taking place, behind the relentless onslaught of appearances, which seem to be …but which are not. These veils are multiple and composed of degrees of thickness and can only be burned away by acts of selflessness and devotion. In times of rampant self-interest, generated by materialism, practitioners of selflessness and devotion are few and far between. This is why the true tenets of religion, philosophy and ageless wisdom are subverted into base hungers and perversions. It is everywhere to be seen and yet it remains unseen because when everyone is doing it, it all appears natural. So it is that we have come to what seems to be an event horizon of collective extinction. This is how it looks and this is how it may be and yet… it could just as well be otherwise too. Time will tell and we shall see.

Our problems have one continuing source that is expressed through a variety of agents and mediums. In the end and all the way there, there is only one successful practice that will result in liberation and that is self-inquiry. It can take various shapes of expression but self-inquiry is the source of them all, whether it be devotion or selflessness or any other because all of them are the fruit of self-inquiry and true self-inquiry will result in true self-discovery because the author of all things, resides in every one of us and that is why evil is doomed and why all the expressions of evil are doomed, regardless of whatever lie they are a manifestation of, behind every shadow of evil is the light. The light is more powerful than any shadow and all of them will be banished from our being, once we have uncovered the effulgent light within. Once that happens we become the light of the world and no shadow can approach ever again. Surely this is a more valuable form of employment than any other that we can imagine here.

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